Sony Lifelog app hits Google Play, Smartband wearable available for $140

by: Andrew GrushApril 8, 2014

Sony Smartband Hands On Red White Yellow Black CES 2014-9

We first learned about Sony’s Lifelog app back at CES earlier this year, when it debuted alongside the Sony SmartBand wearable fitness tracker. A month later, Sony revealed that it would be pushing out both the wearable and the Lifelog app sometime in March to over 60 countries.

While Sony didn’t meet its original March goal, we’re happy to report that both Sony’s wearable and the accompanying app have arrived! At the moment, NewEgg appears to be the only U.S. retailer that carries the SmartBand, priced at $140. Turning to the software side, the Lifelog app can be downloaded right now from Google Play, though at the moment it only supports the Sony Xperia Z2. The good news is that Sony plans to extend support to all Xperia devices running Android 4.4.2 KitKat in the near future.

So what exactly does the Lifelog app and the Smartband do? The Lifelog app (in conjunction with the Smartband) is designed to keep track of your movement and physical activity while also tracking other things “important to your life” such as the books you read, the music and movies you listen and watch, and even the games you play. The Smartband also has sleep tracking, the ability to inform you of incoming calls and much more.

For even more details on the Lifelog app and Smartband, be sure to check out our hands-on coverage from CES:

Any Sony Xperia owners planning on picking up the Smartband? Conversely, do you feel that Sony’s fitness wearable lacks when compared to the competition?

  • Tjaldid

    an e-ink display or a low powered cheap LCD screen would be nice but I would only use this because of the alarm vibration which could be handy otherwise I would use the LG one because you can tell the time

    • Colby Leong

      I agree, I will definitely get the Sony Smartband. Seeing all these wearble tech being released all at once has really stepped up the game. I like Sony’s mainly because it’s simple and elegant, but it certainly lacks due to not having a screen. Samsung has a nice curved screen, but it looks a little bulgy, while LG does have a great design. And more importantly Sony and LG look like theirs are both very comfortable to wear, not so sure about Samsung’s kind of chunky looking screen.
      If and when Sony decides to release another Smartband a paper ink screen will definitely be the best choice, paper ink could mean great battery life, and good visibility in sunlight. But LG certainly beats out Sony and Samsung, hopefully they can also deliver with their smartwatch.

    • Andre Winters

      I personally dont want to screen on my band….I want it to be discreet and already wear a watch. Being discreet is key for me

  • Orrin

    Poor Advertisement Sony! I’ve been waiting for this product since it was announced, and they are saying now it is only compatible with Sony XPeriaZ2! You missed the release date! You didn’t inform the public! It was on sale on before! I’m glad I did not purchase it, but I know people who purchased and they don’t have xPeriaZ2!!

  • Jacob Romlin

    Sony mobile said it will support the Z1 aswell.
    Lifelog app also works on Z1.