Smart Battery Saver App Review

by: Joe HindyNovember 17, 2013

Having insufficient battery life is a problem as old as Android. Battery technology has risen but a tick in the last few years while the rest of the hardware flies forward at warp speed. There is only so much you can do but with a good app you can squeeze precious hours of a battery charge that you may not have had so today we’re reviewing Smart Battery Saver by Bitdefender. Keep reading for the written review or click the video above for the video review.

Smart Battery Saver by Bitdefender


Like the other Bitdefender apps, Smart Battery is a very simple application to use. It does most of the work for you and all you have to do is configure the settings to your taste. What this app does is change your settings to save you the maximum possible battery.

It does this by allowing you to configure a whole bunch of settings such as WiFi, mobile data, brightness, sync, Bluetooth, screen timeout, audio volume, and rotate. You can then configure a night time setting and a low battery setting that’ll help you squeeze every moment possible out of your battery.

Once you configure it you hit the settings button and active. This creates a profile. There are a few pre-built profiles for you to use if you’re lazy like me but you can also create about as many custom ones as you’ll ever need.

Smart Battery Saver by Bitdefender

How can I use this?

So how can you use this app? As the name implies, you can use it to help you save battery. Now I know there’s really not much here you can’t do on your own. The problem is that doing it on your own is incredibly time consuming and you probably don’t want to tick all those settings on and off manually all day long and that’s where this app is truly helpful. Automating the process so you can just fire and forget.

Smart Battery Saver by Bitdefender

The good

So here’s what we liked.

  • For a battery saver app, this is among the easiest we’ve ever used. The settings are easy to understand and the interface is set up really well.
  • The app does actually work. It’s not as dramatic as saving you days of battery life but in our testing, we got a couple of extra hours out of the charge.
  • The app is free, which means there’s no reason not to at least try it.

The bad

And here’s what we didn’t like so much.

  • There isn’t anything really new here. Turning down the brightness, turning off mobile data, these are all time-honored battery saving tactics. It’s nice this app handles it for you in an easy to understand manner, but again, most of these are things that are known already.
  • There are no root offerings. We know this app is meant for the general user, but there are some great battery saving function for root users and it would be nice to see those options incorporated into an easy interface like this one.

Smart Battery Saver by Bitdefender

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, this app does actually work. It won’t work miracles and increase your battery life by days, but with some aggressive configurations you could easily save a few hours and that can meanthe difference between charging at dinner and making it to the end of the day. If you’re having battery problems, do yourself a favor and try it out. It’s free so it can’t hurt.

Get it on Google Play

  • lalala

    isnt this the same as easy battery saver?

    • jeff

      Are people really that lazy to manually make the setting yourself rather than taking up precious data space and memory? This world has become too dependant on gadgets and therefore has made us all lazy. JMO !

      • JosephHindy

        Gone are the days when we only have 512MB of memory and a single core, 1GHz processor. 4 cores and 2+GB per phone means that everyone has more than enough to spare for an app like this. It’s not 2009 anymore ;) phones can handle it.

        • lalala

          funny but im still using a phone with the exact specs you said. an se live with walkman.

          • JosephHindy

            Let the past go fellow tech nerd. Let it go and embrace the new! That’s a polite way of saying you need to upgrade sir/madam (dunno what gender you are).

          • lalala

            well im still studying and i have like 2 tablets. so im fine for now. maybe when im working lol.

          • JosephHindy

            Well a common thing is people gauging the important or usefulness of apps based on specs of devices that old. If this were 2009 I would have never have recommended this app because phones has precious little memory back then. These days people have to struggle to fill up 2GB of RAM so using an app that uses a little bit all day is perfectly reasonable in my book :)

          • lalala

            male here btw

  • Dairox

    It seem like you’ve missed the link to Google Play for the icon…

    • JosephHindy

      It’s been fixed. thanks for the heads up!

      • Dairox

        Thank you!

  • Justin Flynn

    Is it better than juice defender?

    • marycontrary


  • ehEye

    why is it that i don’t believe a word of what Android Authority says about any bitDefender product? I cannot find any overt disclaimer that AA is either the owner of/ owned by/ or a corporate partner with bD, but it is blatantly obvious in any article about their products,(and their frequency is annoying). In my case if this odd fixation continues i plan to drop my subscription to AA [am i alone?]

    • JosephHindy

      Bitdefender is giving us phones to do this and we’re giving those phones away to you people ;) Two Nexus 5’s and a Galaxy Note 3 so far. See for yourself

      I guess that makes us horrible huh? Doing a few sponsored reviews so we can give our readers nice things?

      • Marius

        Yes, Joseph, that is really “bad” :P. It is very important that software and hardware companies have taken this direction and helps you guys do what you do. Good stuff and good job!

        I personally use Bitdefender on my smartphone, PC and I am very pleased with what it does. For some people it is hard to admit that some companies actually do good software, while some have something personal with them.

        Looking forward to more app reviews. Some people need to understand that the average Android user doesn’t have all the time in the world to try every app in the Play Store to see what it does and if it does it well. That’s where you guys come in.


  • Oli72

    Another battery saver is snapdragon battery guru is one I use on my Nexus. It works well on any snapdragon device.

  • Danni Ouk

    Is this the Note 3 giveaway?

  • Adirolf

    This app is a piece of junk

  • John Garlits

    I’m in my final days with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which has notoriously horrible battery life. I’ve tried a number of battery savers and task killers, but I’ve had the most success using a combination of DS Battery Saver Pro and DU Battery Saver Pro. I don’t know why they are named that way. They appear to be different companies.

    DS is good if you want truly aggressive battery savings but can live with the consequences. The idea is that wifi/data/gps are off anytime the screen is off but are allowed to pop on for a minute (or 30 sec or 2 min) once every….however long you like (at least in Pro version). Free gives preset options and not bad at all. You can whitelist apps you want to stay connected all the time (e.g. streaming music). This means anything not whitelisted will not update until the prescribed interval. (Can’t remember if whitelisting was a Pro feature anymore, sorry.) I find this works well for me. Anything important would come through on text or call, which is not blocked. Probably helps the most when I am in part of my work building where the signal is weak. Instead of the phone burning battery trying to stay connected for no reason while I’m busy working, it’s chilled out.

    DU is much less aggressive but may be more user friendly and tracks a lot of information. The key thing that this does, IMO, is to kill any app that is is active for 5, 10 … 25 min. I have this issue with the media scanner that sometimes runs rampant, stays on forever and drains battery without me knowing. This Auto-Clear feature helps deal with that so I don’t have to remember to go into running apps and kill it manually. I know, this sounds like just a task killer, and I’ve tried some of those as well, but this seems to be the only app that is killing the media scanner I’ve tried.

    Both have handy 1×1 widgets as well.

    This generally gets me through my whole workday, rather than petering out soon after lunchtime.

  • kgb kgbb

    I have the full version of Juice Defender but never use it because it’s worded so confusingly that I can’t tell if I’m telling it TO do something or NOT to do it. And there’s a million things to do this with, I just gave up.

    I’ll just turn crap on and off myself.