Smart Alarm Clock debuts for Android, brings sleep tracking and more

by: Andrew GrushMarch 10, 2014

There’s certainly no shortage of alarm clock apps on Google Play, with one of the most well-known being the critically-acclaimed Timely. Timely received plenty of praise when it debuted last year in large part thanks to a combination of excellent features and beautiful design.

When it comes to standard alarm clocks, you won’t find much better than Timely, but what if you want sleep cycle tracking functionality as well? You might want to take a look at Smart Alarm Clock, which recently made the jump from iOS over to Android. While Smart Alarm Clock isn’t the only sleep tracking or smart awakening app out there, it’s arguably much more attractive than options like Sleep as Android.

So what exactly does Smart Alarm Clock do? In short, the alarm clock monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you up at the correct time “based on the scientifically proven sleep cylces concept”. Using the sensors in your phone or tablet, Smart Alarm Clock monitors the noises we make, how much we are tossing and turning, etc.

These sensors help the app to understand what sleep cycles we are currently in, and can reportedly help you improve your current sleep schedule to avoid under or oversleeping. Smart Alarm Clock also aims to help you get to sleep by including over 100+ relaxation sounds including nature, classic tunes and more.

Get it on Google Play

Now for the downside: there doesn’t appear to be a free version of the app that will let you try before you buy. Thankfully, the premium app isn’t too expensive at $1.99, so it might be worth the risk. Anyone try this one out yet, if so what do you think so far? Worth the asking price, or not?

Note: The app apparently shows the Nexus 5 as incompatible, though it’s unclear why. We’ve contacted the developer to see if this problem can be addressed. Any other devices you’ve found that won’t support the app? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Benkő Zsolt

    Why would you give 2 dollars for an app, when there is Ads Free Timely?

    • Wan

      Does Timely have a sleep tracking/analyzing feature? If not, then that is why this app might be worth those 2 dollars. Personally, I’m waiting for the Sony Smartband (along with the Z2, of course). :)

      • Kim Ole Berntsen

        Gonna try the sleep thing tonight. Got my Z2 with smartband, and gonna buy this app soon :)

  • John Williams

    I’m very interested in this app, for my Nexus 7, but I’d like some confirmation that it works first :-) Anyone tried it yet? anyone know if it’s compatible with Nexus 7?

  • Groud Frank

    “Using the sensors in your phone or tablet, Smart Alarm Clock monitors the noises we make, how much we are tossing and turning, etc.”… Sounds like a battery hog; no thanks.

    • mdrmike

      True… but you don’t normally put your phone on a charger at night when you sleep? Total non-issue

  • Luke

    Makes me wonder just how useful an app like this could be when I have more than one person making noise and tossing/ turning in our sleep. I’d definitely rather use a band that monitors MY movement specifically.

    • Toss3

      That’s why you buy a sport armband for your phone – cheaper than a fitnesstracker and does pretty much exactly the same things.

  • mdrmike

    Why support a company that has been exclusive to iOS for years when others have helped make Android a better platform than iOS?

    I’ve used SleepBot for years, provides same basic featureset, optionally tracks and records movement and has a “smart alarm” based on your sleep cycle. There are other alternatives too…

  • cy

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