In the Patent Courts: Slide to Unlock Feature Google Vs. Apple

by: Christine TorralbaFebruary 20, 2012
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In today’s battle of copyright infringement cases, we have something interesting that will play as a rebuttal to Apple’s ongoing copyright claims. We know you’re pretty much tired of all this talk about who’s suing who and for what; believe me—we’re tired of it too. We know that this kind of stuff always happens in the realm of business; and particularly in the mobile device industry. But still, we can’t stop talking about them; not this one most especially.

We’ve already talked about past topics where we see Apple blatantly stealing and ripping off the ideas of their rivals, and then pursuing legal action against them. Really Apple, really? While it has happened in the past with Google and its latest Android 4.0 OS, it seems like Apple has done it again!

Our friends from BGR have found a screenshot on Apple’s upcoming March update. And believe us, we really think it is something ICS users are already familiar with—accessing camera functions and also unlocking the phone by swiping from the left to the right. Just because Apple has a lot of money doesn’t mean it should keep on suing others; especially if the idea came from them.

If you’re an ICS user, how do you feel about this? Do you think Apple is copying Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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    The bigger Apple gets, the more it reminds me of Microsoft.

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  • Yesanapplefanboy

    If an idea came from them then why they don’t keep suing on Apple? That’s why we have patent system and this is exactly why Apple keeps suing on them! That’s why we have these great technologies and innovations today even though people keep copying the others relentlessly, including Apple! Yes!

    • Abusing the legal system to delay your competitor is an acceptable practice to you? I assume you are a trial lawyer then. If Apple wants to beat Android they should get back into making innovative new products and giving their customers choices. Apple doesn’t want people to have choices though 3.5 inches for everybody and a law suite awaits any company that attempts to give the people freedom of choice.