Skype updates its terms of service, slips in details about Video Messaging

by: Tanay SoodDecember 6, 2012

While not officially announced, a change in Skype’s Terms Of Service mentioned an until-now unheard feature called Video Messaging.

The guys over at ITWorld caught the change yesterday. To break it down, all Skype Premium users should be able to send (and receive) an unlimited number of video messages. The rest of us however will be able to receive an unlimited number of messages but send a limited number (a specific number was not given at this point).

Also, premium users will never have to endure seeing their video messages get deleted, while for the rest of us messages will expire after 90 days (unless of course they are sent from a premium user).

News on when this feature will launch is still unknown, but it cannot be too far away now that the terms of service have been updated.



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  • David Jeffers

    Wait… people actually read the terms of service?