Ever wonder how big of an impact Skype has made since it first touched down on the Android platform two years ago? Wonder no more, because the company has laid down all the essential information on the following Infographic.

Skype for Android — now the most popular video calling app on the platform — has been downloaded over 70 million times from Google Play Store. With 23.36%, the US is the top country on the list, while Japan is a distant second with 6.96%. Samsung devices seem to dominate the top list with the Galaxy S2 coming on top with 8.92%.  Even though the app now works on more than 1,300 Android devices, we don’t think the list is going to change anytime soon.

Check out the Skype Infographic below for more interesting information.

Bams Sadewo
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  • JayZed

    Microsoft is just smiling. 2 out of every 3 smart phone users globally are on Android. And out of the box, there is no video app (like Facetime for iDevices). So people use what is familiar…Skype. Which just happens to be owned by Microsoft. Even though the app is free, many Skype users keep some money in their account in order to call from Skype to phones. So Microsoft is definitely making money off of Android.

    But the more important part is that MS has yet to roll out WP8. This platform (and future versions) will likely integrate Skype in tighter and tighter ways. Think of the tight Google seach integration on Android…or even of Gmail for that matter. As that happens, MS will stand to gain a growing share of users switching from Android to Windows Phone. Plus, by then the same WP will likely have close integration with the MS Surface…which will allow for running the familiar Office on a tablet. This is yet another reason to make the leap to a MS phone, and away from Android.

    Personally I want to switch but it wil be hard for me in a few areas: voice recognition, Google maps, Gmail, search. In fact, if I buy a Windows Phone in late 2012 or early 2013, I’ll probably keep my Android as a GPS for my car.

    Wow, we have some exciting times ahead and the options just continue to grow for us consumers!

    • zak

      I wish they would put as much effort into making it work on the samsung s3 as they did with this chart, then I would be happy, at the moment it is a POS

  • JayZed

    And where is video for Google Talk on my HTC G2?!? Come on Google, this is a great opportunity to defend against the coming MS/Skype onslaught.