Skype Mobile for Android works with both Wifi and 3G active

by: James TromansSeptember 2, 2010
Skype Mobile for Android still exclusive to Verizon

Skype Mobile for Android still exclusive to Verizon

Skype has been going from strength to strength recently having recently filed with the SEC to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering. Although the Android version of this popular VoIP application is only available to Verizon customers in the USA, updates to the software are looking promising.

It is now possible to use Skype Mobile for Android with an active Wi-Fi connect, which was previously not allowed. All voice calls still make use of Verizon’s voice network as before, best we can tell, but at least you don’t have to turn off Wi-Fi to use the application.

[Editors note: This story originally stated that Skype was now capable of making calls over WiFi and 3G data networks, which is not true. All versions of the Skype client use Verizon’s voice network for voice calls, it is just now possible for the app to work with WiFi enabled.]