Skype for Android gets updated: loads faster, new IM view, and video call improvement

by: Bams SadewoApril 27, 2012
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The ubiquitous VoIP and instant messaging app Skype, available on Android since October 2010, has received quite the update today. Available to download on Google Play, the new version brings a new instant messaging view, video rotation support for more Android devices, as well as faster start up times. Below is our quick impression of the updated Skype app for Android.

Starting from launching Skype on our device, there’s a noticeable different in the loading time of the app. This is something that we really appreciate, since in the old version, we always wondered if the instant messaging app is giving up on us before we even got to log in. Let’s just say that the loading time on the old version of Skype could really test your patience.

Thought it wasn’t mentioned in the change log, we noticed some slight User Interface design changes. Aside from a more streamlined look, the menu button that used to reside on the bottom of the app has been moved up to the top. And, as mentioned, the instant messaging view has been changed. One of our main gripes with the old version was the persistent “new” notification that basically told us there’s no credit left in the account every time we logged on. That nag is gone now.

We’ve never had problems with the video rotation before, but we’re sure that those who did encounter issues will now enjoy videocalling more, in landscape or in portrait mode. If only they had provided a detailed list of supported devices…

We’re sure that this won’t be the last update coming to Skype for Android, despite the service being owned by Microsoft, Google’s archrival. Head over to Google Play if you’re in the mood for some IM or VoIP-ing, Skype style.

  • I really dont like the new IM format. The bubbles were much easier to read, but now it is just solid lines of text. And the notification icon is now big, bulky, and downright ugly. But aside from these 2 gripes, I like the changes to it

    • cozappz

      “…the notification icon is now big, bulky, and downright ugly.” You said it with my own words

  • DavidSBarney
  • Guest

    The New IM is just horrible… I don’t like it. The bubbles were so easy to follow and to search. Now looks like an excel worksheet with some text in it. UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  • Usmobil9
  • ali

    i have my skypy camera position problum