Skype for Android now available

October 5, 2010
Skype for Android

Skype for Android

It has been a long time coming but now Skype is available “on a wide range of Android phones”. The get the bad news out of the way first, Skype has only been tested on HTC and Motorola devices with Android OS 2.1 and above. Right now there are some log-in issues with the Samsung Galaxy S, and Skype are “looking to address these in the future.” Shame, because I have a Galaxy S and wanted to try the thing before I posted. Anyway, onto the good news…

Skype for Android allows you to make free Skype-to-Skype calls as you might expect, as well as send and receive IMs for free, one-to-one or with a group. Skype will also work over Wi-Fi or 3G (including EDGE, although it will be a little patchy with EDGE especially if you’re making or hosting the call). Unfortunately, if you live in the US you can make calls only over Wi-Fi. Boo! Skype is not available in the Android Market in China or Japan. Wrapping things up, one of the cooler features is the ability to synchronise your friends on Skype with your contacts on the phone.

[Source: Skype]


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