Skype’s carrier billing is now live in Russia, coming to US and Canada soon

by: Bams SadewoFebruary 6, 2013


Last year, Skype inked a deal with Mach — a mobile billing company – to try and take its VoIP service to new, uncharted territory — one that will allow users to pay for Skype credits through their phone bills. The partnership has borne fruit with the announcement that the carrier billing option is now available for customers in Russia.

Those in Russia can now purchase Skye credits and have the amount charged to their monthly phone bills. It also works for pre-paid subscribers, but the amount will be deducted from the pre-paid balance instead.

As to when U.S. customers can take advantage of direct carrier billing, a spokeswoman for Mach said that it is expected to go live in America and Canada later in the month, where the company will be working with Payvia to handle the billing gateway.

While the names haven’t been specified, the list may consist of T-Mobile, Verizon, and Telus. The service is likely to come to European carriers like Orange and Telefonica as well. What’s in it for them? As you might’ve guessed, mobile operators will get a cut of the profit from the sales.

  • Steven

    This was already available in Canada through TELUS (charging Skype credits to your mobile bill) via a page on, but they’ve disabled it temporarily until the in-app functionality goes live.

  • Lara

    I thought Skype was free to use? Or is it only free to download?? WTF?!

    • You can use skype credit to call phones or get a skype number so that people can call youre skype account from a phone. Skypeaccount to skypeaccount is still free