Skullcandy Crusher Review [Video]

by: Kristofer WoukApril 14, 2014

Bass. How low can you go? Sure, this might be a Public Enemy lyric, but it’s also a question that a lot of people find themselves asking when looking for headphones. Though it’s easier these days to find headphones with vision-blurring low end, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Skullcandy, a Utah-based company that has been making a serious name for itself in headphones over the last 10 years, has a novel solution to that problem. The Skullcandy Crusher headphones feature a slider on the left cup that allows you to adjust the amount of bass you hear. This slider also adjusts how much bass you feel.

While this is definitely an interesting idea, whether or not it’s a good idea is an entirely different matter. For the verdict, check out the video or read the article over at

  • [S]unjay Burn[s] Red

    SkullCandy is like the iPhone of the headphone industry…..mainly used by kiddies who want to be cool.

  • Rob Triggs

    Great review! Although I’m sceptical about the merits of dual-driver configurations for headphones. Skullcandy probably could have achieved the same results for cheaper with a single driver and a tacked on active EQ to please the bass junkies.

  • The double AA battery killed it for me.

  • fredphoesh

    Any bit of audio kit that boosts part of the signal will have shortcomings… crappy midrange in this case. Who wants a big fat wooly bass that has no definition because it is so artificially amplified? Probably a 14 year old…. not me.

  • namesib

    Inb4 King lawsuit.

    Anyway, I have this feature on my IE80s but don’t use it because it can drown out the rest of the soundstage. The bass is already good.