Silk Browser No Longer Exclusive to Kindle Fire

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 5, 2012

One of the reasons why the Kindle Fire became overhyped when it was first announced was the Silk Browser feature added by Amazon. Even though the browser was perceived to have a substantial improvement on loading speeds, it quickly lost interest with Android users because it was exclusive to the Kindle Fire. Thankfully, some XDA Developers were able to tinker around with the browser and get it to run on rooted devices.

After being able to use the browser, the end result is actually based on personal preference. But yes, a number of users have mentioned that the browser is by no means any faster than the rest. Many discovered that the cloud-based caching of the browser resulted to more lags which only resulted to a down time of 1-3 seconds. Ironically, one way to make this faster is to switch off its accelerated page loading. We did, however, discover that the new browser is able to reduce bandwidth consumption; an advantage for users of a tiered data plan service.

If you are interested to install Silk Browser on your tablet, you just have to follow instructions located in the System folder. Or you can check out XDA website for the step by step instructions. Take note, however, that the browser does not work well with all ROMs and devices.


If you have used this browser already, let us know how your experience went by posting on the comments below.

  • I have a Kindle Fire and an Acer Iconia A100 (I gave it to my wife for her birthday last week). Silk on Kindle kinda deflated my excitement about browsing with a tablet. The default browser on the Iconia re-inflated my enthusiasm for Android devices. We also put Dolphin on the Iconia and it’s nice, too. So based on our experience with Silk on the Kindle, I wouldn’t bother trying it on any other Android device.