Silent Circle is a “surveillance proof” app that simplifies encryption for consumer use

by: J. Angelo RacomaOctober 20, 2012

Big Brother may have finally met its match. While governments are making deals with telecommunications companies to eavesdrop on users without fear of lawsuit, there are now technologies that the regular Joe can use to ensure communications are secure. One such technology is made by Silent Circle, a startup made up of a crack team of security experts, led by former Navy SEAL commando Mike Janke, PGP creator Phil Zimmerman and Jon Callas, who created Apple’s disk-encryption system.

The encryption service promises to be simple enough to use. Whether you’re 7 years old 77, or 007, Silent Circle should be as simple as making a phone call or sending a text message, for as long as both you and your correspondent are using the service.

Silent Circle is a peer-to-peer encyrption service, which means there are no central servers that hold the encyrption keys. Each device creates a key when a call is made, and the key is deleted right after the call is ended. Users can even use a “burn” function that sets a time limit on messages you send to another user. If you’re a big fan of Ethan Hunt or Jim Phelps from Mission Impossible, then this is the app for you.

The service costs $20 monthly per user, and Silent Circle says their clients are mainly government organizations, media outfits (for protecting sources), multinational companies, and some celebrities. Silent Circle will offer the service free for non-profit organizations, though, noting that some of these — such as human rights groups — are worried about the security and privacy of their communications.

Silent Circle is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and an email service is in the works.

  • Rob

    Great app. But encryption is spelled incorrectly in the title.

    • jangeloracoma

      Corrected. I must have re-titled this post half dozen times prior to publishing, and I missed the spelling in the last one. Thanks for the note.



    Look it u on Google! the results go past page 30!!!!! ITS REALLY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s incredible how we actually have to deal with these threats by government officials. I mean, is it too naive the believe that I’m entitled so have a private phone call with whom ever I choose?

  • puoto

    I think they spell that correctly – encrpytion – because it is not encryption as it have back door to NSA. You say “former Navy SEAL commando Mike Janke”. That have all over written US government. I do not believe in any privet encryption in US. Right now I perfectly know whenever I using my phone big brother lessen.

    • Cliffy44

      Puoto – Atrocious Grammar and Spelling

      Either you did that to be clever; or as I suspect, you need an industrial strength English tutor

      • puoto

        You are correct, I need ” industrial strength English tutor”

      • puoto

        My English is terrible, I just hope that you grasp the essence what I am saying?

  • Jackson4

    They had me up until $20/month.

  • jesse pelletier

    Where se clan download it ?