‘Shit Android Fanatics Say’ outs the fanboys (and fangirls) in us Android lovers [video]

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 15, 2012

So we Android fans have had our fun with the “Shit Apple Fanatics Say” mockumentary we wrote about last weekend. Our own Chris Smith said a similar video dissing Android “must just be around the corner.”

Here it is! It seems it’s the Apple fanboys and fangirls’ turn to have a chuckle at our expense. The folks from Giga.de have made a mockumentary poking fun at the stuff Android users supposedly say.

Come to think of it, the video does feature things that Android fans would actually say, including arguments about removable batteries, polycarbonate construction vs. aluminum, screen size, quad-core CPUs and patented rectangles. Oh, and another thing: widgets.

Did I mention widgets?

Check out the video below and tell us what you think. No flames, please. I know most of us here are Android users and enthusiasts. But given that this video was created by fellow Android fans, then there’s nothing wrong with a few good laughs at our own expense.

  • Tolulope Aina


    • u idiot


  • Edward Smith

    Garbage..Apple is trash…. The point has nothing to do with Apple products or Android products being better then others….the point is Apple copies other companies and then abuses the patent laws….they are losings almost all of their courts rulings over seas but because of the patent laws in the US they keep winning. Doesn’t mean they are right, just means the patent system is garbage. On top of that, let your product speak for itself, don’t sue everyone and then turn around and not be innovative on the latest product. Such a joke!

    • In case you haven’t noticed, just about every company copies at least one aspect from another company. That is how it is. I still think Apple has gone pretty crazy with the lawsuit stuff though. Oh, and no, they haven’t lost all their patent lawsuits overseas, quite the contrary. They have managed to get bans in many countries on Samsung devices.

      • Well, you should just read more news.. or change whatever crappy news source you got.. if not your phone.

        • It really comes down to quality. The samsung is plastic and feels flimsy. The ip5 is all metal and glass body and simply feels like a higher quality product. No comment on the technology, just quality. Compare a real Rolex to a fake one sometime and you will understand.

  • Cobravision

    A lame, uninspired copy of the Apple one. I know some iPhone fans are going to call it the Samsung version.

  • Deepak

    Not as funny as Apple one

  • celso

    i hate apple !!!

  • Bob

    I’ve been saying I hate Apple for 20 plus years since my first computer I built. I’ll keep saying it even after Android disappears. I like Android because I hate Apple.

  • the thing is, while many of these are true, you need to explain WHY they are better, also, many things are not true in this video and it was not even funny

  • Piyush

    get lost

  • DingusKahn

    I like android. I was hoping that the Apple fan boys were going to get me rolling on the floor laughing, at myself and you guys. But there wasn’t anything funny about it. How disappointing a-fans. Apple, and now apple fanny boys suck…. And are they jealous that we can stand up to pee???

  • Lol, funny. Dont hate Android people, just be happy with your jellybeans or whatever they are calling the OS these days. Funny how Android fans talk about how great there specs on there phones are and Apple fans just talk about how great there phones work haha.

    • I surprised you liked it since it slavishy copied the original.

  • Apple makes lame phones and their fanboys make lame videos. C’mon guys! I can understand that making phones can be hard so you are just releasing the same phone as a new one. But, making someone funny couldn’t be so hard..

  • Kamal

    The funniest thing here is, that half of the people call us Apple fanboys. Unfortunately, these people dont know what they are talking about, because we are an Android channel… Here again we see that the web 2.0 has its disadvantages (and by that I mean everyone having an opinion about everything without really knowing sh.. about anything )

  • tBs_Battousai

    I wonder if someone will do a “shit none fanboys say”?

    1. it’s a f***ing phone, get over it…
    2. if someone has a different opinion, that’s fine, WE’RE NOT ALL THE SAME!!!

    Etc Etc….