Sharp AQUOS 206SH announced, promises two-day battery life

by: Andrew GrushMay 7, 2013


Today’s high-end smartphones pack quite a few impressive features, including quad-core (or even octa-core) processors and 1080p 5-inch displays. Despite these advancements, there is one area where feature phones still have smartphones beat, battery life.

Imagine a handset that packs a big display and fast processor, yet still offers enough power efficiency to make it through two days of use. That’s exactly what the new Sharp AQUOS Phone 206SH sets out to accomplish.

The latest Sharp handset features a 5-inch 1080p display, a 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2GB RAM. Other specs include a 13.1MP back cam, 2.07MP front cam, and a 3,080 mAh battery. The handset also comes with Android 4.2.


Now for the downside. The phone might get up to two days of battery power, but it requires you to turn on Sharp’s “Eco Tech” setting, which involves some level of processor throttling. This means that there will be at least some sacrifice in performance to get the full two day’s life, though that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, as the feature can easily be turned off and on.

The AQUOS 206SH’s battery power is certainly its biggest “claim to fame”, but it also has a few other cool tricks up its sleeves.

The Sharp handset boasts its own multi-window functionality, allowing you to perform tasks like browsing the web while watching videos. The 206SH also has a water-resistant design, with a rating of IPX5/IPX7. That means you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the rain, and you’d even be safe emerging the handset in up to a meter of water for about thirty minutes.

So when is the 206SH coming? Likely never, unless you live in Japan. The phone is exclusively arriving to Japanese carrier Softbank, and goes on sale in late June. It’s a shame that Sharp doesn’t release this handset outside of Japan, as I could see myself considering this one, thanks to its great combination of durability and battery life.

What do you think of the AQUOS 206SH, would you consider buying the handset if it was made available outside of Japan?

  • Rob Barber-Delach

    Yes, I would consider buying it, if it were available on my carrier, Verizon.

    • pim lists

      Providers in europe are increasingly offering sim-only options with attractive prepaid packages. Electronic stores sell all models also in a simlock-free option. Everybody wins. The US is probably slow to follow because there is no room for little players, everyone has to offer nationwide coverage from the start, whereas in europe new providers often start in small countries with relatively low costs.

  • Dean

    atleast someone who focusses on battery & doesn’t just put a big battery in their phone :D

  • Alex

    The Motorola Razr Maxx had a 3300mAh, and that one its bigger phone.
    If it had something like 4200mAh, them It would be smt to talk about…

    • whoknowswhereor

      Exactly, even my note2 easily lasts 2 days.

  • JGaLaXY

    Yeah I would of definitely considered it too, those big dummies lol

  • vampyren

    …or you buy S4, it lasts one full day when i use it with wlan,bluetooth, surfing, call, moderate gaming and gps, now with power save its almost 2 days with moderate use (it all depends how much you use the phone ofc with any phone). Its much faster than this phone as well i’m sure. You just cant go wrong with S4 :D

  • David Brymer

    htc one last 2 days, 8 hours screen time with trickdroid rom. so its no big deal.

  • I want real better battery life.

  • Ivan Myring

    What does the multi windows consist of

  • Justin Flynn

    give me 18 hours of no compromise usage then i’m in

  • harrold

    looked like a tablet 2 me…

  • Techroll

    Hell yeah I would if I didn’t buy my Galaxy S4 I would definitely buy this one.