Sharp 1080p 5-inch display begins mass production

by: Andrew GrushOctober 1, 2012

Sharp 1080p

Earlier today, Sharp officially announced that they have begun the full-scale production of a new 5-inch 1080p display, featuring an impressive pixel density of 443ppi. Sharp’s latest screen is about 1.3 times denser than their existing 4.3-inch 720p display and is a major record-breaking achievement for the company.  Previously, 340PPI was the highest resolution achieved on a smartphone, as seen on devices like the HTC Rezound and Sony Xperia V.

The big question is whether or not the 5-inch Sharp 1080p display will be the ticket to Sharp’s recovery from its current fiscal troubles. Although the company continues to innovate, it has also been forced to make tough decisions and cut thousands of jobs thanks to low profit margins and internal struggles.

While the quad-core Oppo Find 5 is the only official device to make use of the display so far, rumors claim that HTC is working on a new phone that will also use Sharp’s screen technology . The same rumors suggest that the phone might be part of Google’s official Nexus line. If a Nexus phone does end up using this display, it certainly prove to be a very lucrative move for Sharp. Enough to bring them back to a more stable state? That’s hard to say for sure.

The screen will be featured at the CEATEC trade show this week in Japan, where Sharp hopes to attract even more attention to its new high-res smartphone display. Does the idea of an 1080p 5-inch smartphone appeal to you or do you prefer a smaller screen size?

  • MasterMuffin

    Kicks some retina ass

  • Nessim

    1080p is NOT perceivable by human eye on such a little smartphone screen and it’s A FACT!
    Your are pushing forward an iPhonisation of our wonderful Android world coz we users don’t wanna pay for some R&D or so called innovation that bring us NOTHING.
    Don’t wanna be a moron that have to pay for some useless innovations.
    Bigger (useless) resolution = more CPU and GPU needed for keeping everything smooth.
    The same tasks on the UI would have been performed EQUALLY with :
    much less calculating,
    much less battery consumption,
    much less MONEY.
    It’s not a matter of marketing and a matter of getting a bit more of our money for NOTHING, but im not a fool for thinking it’s about “progress” lol

    • guest

      Pixels being not perceivable is the point (which you have missed.) And yes, I’d be able to tell the difference between that and “720p” (how I’d love those buzzwords to be banned!) at my comfortable viewing distance, which is ~100mm.

      • Nessim

        So go buy an iPhone or another Apple product coz each single HW piece is made of 95% Mareting and 5% real USEFUL inovation.
        You’d be clearly so happy with a 700$ iPhone5 between your hands lol

        • Kuladoz

          lol, iphone doesnt has a 1080p resolution, they use a weird resolution i dont even remember