Report: Nexus 6 may be Shamu, a 5.9-inch device built by Motorola

by: Jonathan FeistJuly 27, 2014

Google Nexus 5 black aa 13

With the introduction of the Android Silver project, some were starting to believe that the Nexus program might be headed for an end. While that was recently refuted by a Google employee, we have since seen rumor of a new Nexus tablet and are now seeing rumor of a 5.9-inch device, code named Shamu, that may just be the next Nexus phone.

As the evolution of the Nexus line goes, there has been what seemed a silly idea that the Nexus 6 would, in-fact, be a 6-inch device. If the rumors are accurate, this new Motorola built 5.9-inch device may just fit that bill.

This rumor is credit to Android Police, who have reportedly obtained proof of the new device from an unnamed source familiar with the project. All we have at this time is the code name – Shamu, which is consistent with past aquatic naming schemes for Nexus devices – an unspecified 5.9-inch display and the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner. This supposed device is slated for a November release.


If the rumors are true, we are in for an exciting season of Nexus devices. The suspected new Nexus tablet would be the 9-inch HTC Volantis, and this supposed 6-inch Motorola phone could land as the Nexus 6. Both to come loaded with the latest version of the Android operating system, which is currently known as Android L.

An avid reader managed to find a possible reference to the new Shamu device in the Google issues tracker. The issue relates to an SSL protocol error as it exists on a device with build number “asop_shamu-userdebug L…” Check it out at the original issues page if you would like more details.

Do keep in mind that there is very little info out there for this Motorola device. We’ll be keeping tabs on this, in hopes of learning more before things get official later this fall. Certainly, with LG denying they have the next Nexus phone in the works, it is plausible that Motorola could be on deck.

With very few popular devices out there at the 6-inch range, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, what do you think of the idea of Google launching a 5.9-inch Nexus phone?

  • Alan W. G. Meraz

    Pretty big, but, really? a fingerprint scanner? do we really need that kind of crap?

    • Thilan

      hahahahhaahahahahaha let’s start fingering sigh*

    • abqnm

      If I had to bet on it, Moto would put the fingerprint reader on the back where the dimple M logo is on the X. If they get really creative, it could be a logo and fingerprint reader together.

      Also, if they include the E (and potential leaked devices) style metal front speaker grille at the bottom, I wouldn’t be surprised to see dual front stereo speakers on a Moto Nexus.

      • isabelladdavis

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    • alfreduran

      Hi! I agree with U!

    • Will S.

      Its really down to implementation. They are not a bad idea.

    • John Doe

      I have had my share of Note phones, but ended up back at the Nexus5 which I believe is the best solution for MY purposes.. 6″ is becoming stupid for a phone size, and until the new flexi screens come out that can get folded/rolled up or a mixture of both, I will stick with a phone that is an actual phone, and not a morphed phablet with crazy dimensions!

      • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

        Fast forward 3 years later when there are no more smaller phones and consumers are forced to get on with the time:

        I have had my share of Nexus phones, but ended up back at the Note which I believe is the best solution for MY purposes.. 6″ is become the perfect size for a phone. I will stick with a phone that is an actual phone, and not a morphed iPhone.

      • Alan W. G. Meraz

        Yeah, i think so 6 inches its too big for a normal human being, but thats what makes this nexus special; Not that big as a 6 inches phone but no so “little” as a 5 inches phone xD

  • As long as it has an IR blaster, I’m sold.

  • José A. Medina

    Just please have a decent camera & and sold!

  • Arturo Raygoza

    Oh god way to ruin the nexus line.

  • Sharath

    5.9″ is way too much for a phone.
    5″ is ideal.

    • Technician

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Mayne there’s a 5 and a 5.9 inch device coming. Or maybe they just consider the Nexus 5 good enough

      • monkey god

        I wish. Has Google ever launched 2 Nexus phones in the same year before?

        • Chazz Matthews

          NO. they make the best phone for the money and leave it at that.

      • wat

        Yeah they could always refresh the Nexus 5 CPU, camera and RAM if they wanted and keep selling it in the play store. Time to cater for us large phone users though!!

        • Chazz Matthews

          NO, Google always discontinues previous phone. Nexus is about CURRENT specs not last year’s specs.

          • wat

            Are you retarded? I said refresh specs to this year’s. Unless the nexus 6 is 2k then it will not be current specs nor will the nexus 5 be out of date spec wise.
            Also they sold the Nexus 4 for a while after nexus 5 came out.

      • Chazz Matthews

        google onlhy does one phone per year.

    • MasterMuffin

      There have always been people who say “x amount of inches is ideal” but as phones grew, they changed their minds and now they say what they currently have is ideal, but will again change their opinion

      • wezi427

        I can’t wait until the Nexus 20 comes out, imagine that screen.

        • MasterMuffin

          20″ 8K!

          • wezi427

            I won’t even use Bluetooth, but I’ll use a forklift to hold it up to my ear.

          • MasterMuffin

            Nah by that time it’ll be a transparent and flexible screen that fits in your pocket and weighs 50g

          • wezi427

            It will probably implanted in to your brain, the only question with that is what happens if you change phones a lot?

          • MasterMuffin

            But why does the screen size matter if it’s in your brain o.O

          • wezi427

            I lost wherewhere I was going with this, disregard.

          • MasterMuffin


          • Jayfeather787

            My graphics card can barely watch video in 1080p. Sigh. 8K.

          • MasterMuffin

            Have you tried watching 4K video in Youtube? How many fps? :)

          • Jayfeather787

            Like 2. Clean install of whatever OS I am running at the moment.

          • MasterMuffin

            2 is better than 1!

            You don’t know what Os you’re running o.O

        • Chazz Matthews

          Google’s smartphones, not to be confused their tablets, have NEVER been named after screen size. 3 of 5 times after generation number. Google seems to prefer that. They will have to change for the 7th Nexus phone, but for Nexus 6 they can still do it and it does NOT have to be 6″.

          gen1 HTC One, 3.5″
          gen2 Samsung Nexus S, 4.0″
          gen3 Samsung Galaxy Nexus, 4.65″
          gen4 LG Nexus 4, 4.7″
          gen5 LG Nexus 5, 4.95″
          gen6 Nexus 6, probably 5.0″ – 5.3″

          #1, #4, #5 were named after the generation. There were many 5.0″ Android in 2013, if Google wanted a 5.0″ display for the Nexus 5 they could have specified it. Instead the purposefully went a little less. 4.95″

          • wezi427

            I was joking, but thanks.

          • Fievel


        • smokebomb

          If you can fold and roll it up to transport, hell yeah!

      • kg2105

        Exactly, most people have come around. At one point any smartphone bigger than 4.3 inches was considered monstrous. There are a few people that still want tiny phones with the latest hardware, and to those people I say good luck but you are SOL. Manufacturers care about money/sales, and the money says people want big screens on their flagships.

        • MasterMuffin

          I remember all the buzz about the screen of Galaxy S2 and then Galaxy Nexus with its “huge” 4.65″ screen. I have to admit, I too thought that it was ridiculously big. Also love the fact that modern smartphones are the size of Note 1, a phablet in its time :)

          • Andrew T Roach

            Note 1 had a 16:10 Ratio and was 82mm wide, 10 wider than every flagship around today.

        • Andrew T Roach

          Big phones are easy to design. Lots of room for everything. Every OEM uses the same 3 year old Krait core configuration-of-the-day and has a bigger battery every year; yet still only lasts 1 day.

          Every Android device is on a path to look and perform identical. Big screen, No bezels. Where’s the differentiation? YAWN!

      • Andrew T Roach

        Big Phones are great for people who live their lives with a screen in the center. I couldn’t get over how inconvenient handling a 4.7 inch device was and how it literally intruded on my life. Always poking in my pocket. Too big to handle easily and type with one hand. Clumsy to use as a camera. There are many reasons a large device is the wrong device for many folks.

    • retrospooty

      Ideal for you and others is not the same thing. There is no 1 “ideal” size, this isnt Apple. Variety is a good thing.

    • Will S.

      What if it has really small bezels?

    • smokebomb

      5.7 is where I draw the line (I have a note 3). I had a nexus 4 and never realized how small it was until I got a note 3. I’m already at a point where I can’t pocket my phone when wearing shorts unless it’s pair that have really deep pockets. Even my jeans pockets are barely big enough.

  • Vishal

    Shamu is my uncle’s nickname

  • I’m doubtful, Google doesn’t add useless features like a fingerprint scanner. They like to keep things basic and clean.

    • looper

      Its not the 6.

      • pseudo

        nah they’ll do an archos and go into specifics the nexus 5.9,

        on a more serious note they should make a nexus max, which would be 5.9, the nexus 2014(basically an upgraded nexus 5 and a nexus mini, around 4-4.5 inches all with the same specs, apart from the obvious screen resolution (720p mini, 1080p 2014, and either the same or 1440p max- and battery size.

  • Fredrol

    Motorola isnt avaleble in Norway..
    But i dont care if the screen is that big.

  • fatspirit

    Are you kidding? Next Nexus should be 7″ then? Or 8″?

  • abqnm

    Only time in my life I will ever say this: Picturing Shamu is kinda turning me on.

  • fatspirit

    Oh, I know! I want Nexus 6 MINI – it should be somewhat like 5″ ((:

  • namesib

    I strongly doubt they’ll release a device that big.

  • Damon Salvador

    This is so wrong !! 5.9 inch Nexus 6 … Fake !!

    • Cam

      Nexus 5 – 4.95 inch screen

      • Damon Salvador

        Nexus 6 .. Max 5.5′ … Less than that is Awesome ..

  • Justin Flynn


  • Ana

    Nexus 5 – 5 inches, Nexus 6 – 6 inches… Good going Google… Waiting for nexus 100 …a 100 inches phone..

    • MJay

      I love the idea of the bigger screen. Bought a nexus 5 (sold note 2) last year and was very pleased with performance; however, the on-screen buttons made the screen even smaller than it really was smh! Sold it in one week for a note 3. Can not get used to small screen phones anymore. Texting, reading, games, are all easier on a bigger screen.

      • ggff

        I prefer on screen buttINS.

        • MJay

          I would not mind them if they did not take up screen space. I am 6’4 so the on screen buttons made the screen really like 4.5 instead of the 4.95 it was supposed to be. I love my screen space because my hands are big. That is why I use the note. Nexus 5 was too small.

          • ggff

            On screen buttons phone’s screen space is fine with me because when you play games or watching videos and movies it does not take any space at all, I don’t mind the home screen space and with 4.4 kitkat make the home screen down to the bottom of on screen buttons and that really really fine with me now.

          • MJay

            With movies it did that and some games, not all. Most games the buttons stayed at the bottom and when I am texting. Went back to note with full screen space.

          • ggff

            most games I play support on screen button s and future games surely support it so I don’t mind that. It’s a Google thing you know.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      If you’ve got the money, UHD touch screen Android TV, I have a 39″ UHD TV, Chromecast, upscaling Blue Ray player, all of it combined only cost $800 AUD, but my Nex 5 FHD 32 GB and 10 QHD cost $770 AUD combined, just started screen casting today, along with all the other Chromecast features, love that House of Cards.

  • Nate Fredricksen

    Okay, I guess I’ll be one of the few not to complain…

    I like the size; it’s good on a Note, and I can imagine that it will be less bulky as bezel sizes shrink.

    The fingerprint scanner isn’t a waste at all; going forward, phones are it. Period. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see that these phones are going to serve as more than communication. They will be our car keys, house keys, and wallets. It will know the way home. It will open our garage door. It will control the lights, the thermostat, the cameras. We will need to carry ONE thing when we leave the house, and it will have access to every single important facet of our lives. Yes, a fingerprint scanner (or some other biometric) is DEFINITELY the way forward.

    But I didn’t hear waterproof. It better damn well be waterproof.

    • MasterMuffin

      Motorola doesn’t make waterproof phones so I doubt we’ll see waterproof Nexus (if it’s made by Motorola, not Sony (which would be awesome!!)).

      • Marc Perrusquia

        They’ve been putting incredibly effective P2I coatings on for a while that work really well, I love in a rainy area and I run everyday killed my old nexus 4, wanted to keep my nexus 5 safe so I bought a moto g, and it’s pretty much waterproof, obviously no phone is waterproof but it holds up really well. If this proposed nexus device has a coating anywhere near as strong it’ll be very water resistant.

      • Nate Fredricksen

        Yeah, Samsung wasn’t waterproof either…until they were. ;)

        • MasterMuffin

          But I don’t believe they’d do it the first time with a Nexus

    • MJay

      That is a little scary my friend. Sounds like a plan for hackers to start getting rich!

      • Nate Fredricksen

        Right now, ‘good’ hackers can get really rich if they want to. The ONLY reason you or I haven’t been hacked (I’m assuming here) is because we’re not important enough. My credit rating is my defense. Any security can be broken, but the idea is how long it takes, and whether it’s worth the time-investment to them. The stronger our encryption and the other security measures (like biometrics), the more peace of mind we can have.

        It’s inevitable that that’s where this is going, it’s not ‘me’ talking…it’s society. Yes, it’s going to be car-keys, house keys, and all that jazz. It’s already ‘my’ wallet, the only reason I still carry one is because most stores aren’t set up to handle tap-to-pay yet, and the ONLY reason most stores aren’t set up to handle tap-to-pay yet is because Apple has thusfar refused to include near-field-communication in their phones, and that’s about to change.

        • Andrew T Roach

          Use cash. There is zero reason to have an online presence still to this day. Its just a convenience, not a requirement.

          • Nate Fredricksen

            …no. I don’t do it because it’s a requirement…I do it because I ‘like’ that convenience, and expect the trend to continue…ushering in new levels of convenience. There are, however, people who are afraid of technology, and they become people who hold back the advancement of technology because of an economic system that promotes what is profitable for shareholders, not what is necessarily ‘ideal’ or what would be demanded in more ideal circumstances.

            I don’t WANT to carry a wallet. I don’t WANT to carry car-keys…or house keys. Much like I DIDN’T want to carry a GPS…a camera…a watch…a laptop…or any number of other gadgets I can now have the convenience of without additional clutter or weight. I like the idea of having it in my pocket…safely…about anywhere…even in a pool. I like being able to find it if its stolen, and I like that that fact deters thieves in the first place.

            Too many people are afraid…trying to live ‘off the grid’ like scared little children. And to each their own. But this silly idea of privacy…as if it exists…with everyone trying to hide their information from their own government yet giving freely to private corporations…is moot. We have debt collectors track us down for overdraft fees, and I can say having worked on political campaigns before…you’d be amazed at how much information private groups have about you that becomes really useful come voting season.

            It’s a joke if you think you’re safer by avoiding the airwaves, and I’m not about to do more work, or be less efficient…to get a false sense of security. With cash…I can be robbed. And after that, I’ve got nothing…no cash…and no way to get that cash back. If I lose my wallet? I’ve gotta cancel my bank-card, order new IDs…go to the DMV…kill me now. If I get robbed and all I’ve got is my phone? I’ll give it to him. (And then hunt him down like friggin Liam Neeson). I’ll make it clear, here, this is what I’ve got…it’s not worth my life, and “I’ll” know it’s not gonna be any good to him when and if he’s dumb enough to run off with it. With cash, I have to keep track. I have to count it. I have to account for expenses, balance a checkbook if we’re going that route, do all of these things that…WHILE THEY AREN’T ‘TERRIBLE,’ are still…an inconvenience by comparison to NOT doing them. And I like NOT doing them, or any other thing that technology has made unnecessary.

            The fact that I ‘can’ have a device that does all of these things and consecutively protects my information and makes way for the potential to have truly secure financial transactions through biometrics (give it time)…means I WANT that device. Why on Earth would I advocate for something that is more hassle, less convenient, and more risky when compared to the alternative I’ve laid out?

    • ins0mniac1

      Well said @natefredricksen:disqus. Agree entirely. It’s been proven beyond reasonable doubt that a fingerprint is much more secure than a hashed password. Providing that the fingerprint data is securely stored on the device and not shared. I’m not a huge fan of the iPhone, but I have a 5S for work and the fingerprint scanner works perfectly.

    • lisa

      Under normal circumstances i have 3 phones. all different makes ,iphone for messaging is tight but i liked the first version .HTC Google maps still works Great hard wear:::::::::: sound blaster::::::::If you only know the grief and miscommunication all that caused oye I loved those phones had 2 .You owe me period.shocking .and anything that strikes my fancy that’s waterproof .I would spend more on a phone if there where no carrier contracts and there rip off tactics .Prepaid is way more honest seriously ,But the phones are crappy in general . Nexus prove me wrong .Still one always has# 1 for the Caretaker or asst. career all business issues#,1 for Data 4 entertainment ,reading ,social media ,and a #3 only for your very personal closest few pals or gals .keeps things way simpler, as in no drama and no numbers getting passed around . always worked for me until …..well ….Urban Legends of every kind .

  • Joe

    Rocket surgeon.. Lol

  • IDontKnowMyName

    Nexus 5 at 5 inch is just perfect. Anything bigger will be stupid. Even decreasing bezels is not needed. They should keep size as it is and improve everything else.

  • Tazarine Tighanimine

    Leaks pictures of iPhone6 on

  • Vai

    This is possibly the worst news I could have hoped for. I don’t want a phone over 5 inches. I want a 5 inch screen with no bezel, that sounds perfect to me.

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      That bottom bezel.

      • Vai

        That bottom bezel is no worse than the current bottom bezel on the nexus 5.

  • monkey god

    If it is 5.9in, then at least the name fits. I’m sure that’s no consolation for most Nexus fans though.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I’m hoping they got the screen size wrong and it is like 5.2 or 5.5

    • hhgggjjhgg

      That will be LG again.

  • Keef

    Meh. Too big. Can we please have flagship phones rather than phablets?!

  • s2weden2000

    Guess who else has just that 5.9″ screen..lg g pro 2…

    • wat

      I thought that but I guess they want to stop using LG because it would be unfair to their non-bias policy amongst Android OEMs

      • s2weden2000

        We’ll see how it goes…:-)

    • huuu

      I also thought it might be LG again, I don’t know why but I think Google will not do Nexus devices with brands that have availability problem like Motorola but then they could have Lenovo help solve that problem.

      If not both LG and Motorola then Sony please.

  • kostas

    Actually I have a pretty fucking big hand and I have a z ultra so this will not be a pretty big change for me.
    PS: is love huge phones

    • Victor Noel Cory Paz

      Same here, but galaxy mega 6.3 instead.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      That Sony GPE phablet, is to die for, good specs and a decent sized screen, if only I had the money and could get a hold of one.

  • the milkman

    No one else wants 5.9 screen? I’m so game.

  • wat

    Perfect if it is 1080p 3GB RAM and a 64 bit Qualcomm CPU

  • Stephan Hall

    Im a big time Nexus 5 fan. Im ruined because I like the Nexus that much. If its 6 inches . . . I wont buy it. I think that this assumption does not meet the Nexus philosophy. I dont believe this article!

  • Henry

    If the specs are right, id buy a Nexus 6

  • Matt Newman

    So there will be a Moto N..
    I’ll take it!

  • rickrom


  • Mateusz

    Finally Nexus big enough to buy.

  • Erik B

    I think round about 5″ is the perfect size, if it really is 6″ I’ll let it pass and keep up with the (for me) almost perfect Nexus 5 or switch to the Moto G+1

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      When I upgraded to 32 GB Nexus 5, my 16 GB Nexus 4, sold for $200 AUD, in a New York minute, I like QHD, 64 bit, 5.8″, but nothing wrong with 4 or 5, with enough flash.

  • wezi427

    It’s too big for me. On a side note, what’s up with the Playtex advertisements?

  • Alec G

    After my personal experience with the Moto series I would actually love to see a Motorola Nexus good battery, decent screen, and a somewhat good camera experience

  • Roberto Tomás

    Its a long wait, just barely making christmas season where it will be competing for press attention against all sorts of goodies at the premium end of the spectrum (ARMv8 systems, and possibly Samsung’s first Youm systems, apple’s 5.5″ «iPhone 7»). what I know about Nexus tells me this would be yet another Snapdragon 801 … so I’m not sure what they could bring that would help it stand out from any of a dozen other chinese smartphones.

  • Alienjazz

    5.9 in is absolutely a real bad idea. Im a Note 2 owner and very happy with the size. Im 6’3″ and have large hands. Every year that goes by does not mean you need another in. to a phone. I mean in 3 more years should we have 8 in phones??? no way to carry it comfortably, I think it would alienate any potential female buyers. Personally Id like to see if the galaxy mega and htc one max are flying off the shelves. Little market research goes a long way…..

  • Smokey

    If it comes with an IR blaster I will definitely get it!!

  • Alain Lafond

    Anyone here saying that .9 inches are too big don’t know China and its HUGE market. Chinese keyboard needs large screen. That’s why we have large screen in the first place.
    US is a large country but, even if they believe so, they’re not alone one the planet…
    And less and less they’ll be the to consider first, market wise…

    • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

      Chinese is one market, but Europe and US is an even bigger market. And being in that market, I don’t want big phones, and so think many people around me. Nexus 5 has the perfect size.

      • Alain Lafond

        Oh! Then I have nothing to say, if you know what people think…

        • Tarek Ahmad

          I think my Note 3 could have a bigger screen and do away with that home button once and for all

    • hhhhh

      Then answer me why upcoming Xiaomi MI4 still 5″.

      • Alain Lafond

        Because not everybody in China or elsewhere is like me and you…
        And MI4 is cheap… Can’t be cheap with a 6 inches phone…
        But if you like IPhone’s size, that’s your preference. Everybody’s different!

        • hhhh

          No, I mean why Xiaomi still do 5″ phone why not do 6″ and even further by the news they sold out Mi4 in 37 seconds, it should not sold that well if Chinese market want big phone, right?. and the biggest Xiaomi phone have is 5.5″.

          Does that mean Chinese people still want 5″?

          Do you have a source of anything that claim Chinese people want big phone?

  • Will S.

    I think they should also offer a Nexus 5 with a hardware refresh alongside the new Nexus, for those that don’t want a huge phone…

  • xlSamsonlx

    I like how motorola would be making it after they sold them to lenovo. I guess having motorola make it while it was owned by google would make too much sense.

  • shamatuu

    The 5.9 better be nonsense even the Note 4 isn’t going to be bigger. That will be a massive jump from Google which i don’t think they will approve.

  • Usamah Kazi

    Give the features of the MOTO X nd then none can compare it!

  • Heimrik

    I agree with the majority opinion that 6″ is just too big… If it is that big, I don’t care how good its design and specs are… I don’t want a device that large…

  • Nmon310

    I think it’s a great idea for those that want a giant phone. I wish they would continue with nexus 5 though. Selling an updated 5 and new 6 side-by-side would be awesome.

  • Ανδρέας

    I doubt that it will be that big. I’ve had all the Nexus devices but at 6 inches it’s too big for me. It’ll be hard to choose something else after all this time.

  • Tarek Ahmad

    If this turns out to be true then someone at Google has been listening in to my conversations. A couple months ago I told a friend of mine that I loved the size of my Note 3 and wish Motorola made a device that large that acted like a Note 3. If my prophecy comes true, there will be a sister device like the G2 that came out with the Nexus 5. Whatever that device does differently will be worth any price bump they give it and would have me sold in a heartbeat. If it’s just the nexus 6 then I can keep my note and upgrade to the note 4 when the time comes.

  • Dougster123

    DEAL BREAKER !!! DAMN if this is true. I don’t want to have to replace my Note 2 with a non-Nexus device. LG nailed screen vs bezel size with the G3, but it’s not a Nexus. If the N6 is a 5.9 incher, then I hope they realize an updated N5 will be needed.

    • kg2105

      If they learn from LG’s design (tiny bezel) then 5.9 inches should be very manageable. If they go by Sony or HTC’s design (huge bezel) it would be a little too big.

  • kg2105

    Like the sound of this, assuming the hardware is up to Nexus standards (latest hardware at a good price) instead of Motorola standards (outdated hardware at a bad price). After trying out the G3 at 5.5 inches, 5.9 inches sounds very appealing.

  • Ihavenewnike

    What about the 2015 Nexus 7.1?

  • Ben Edwards

    I hope, if this is true, that they offer a refreshed Nexus 5 as well for those of us who don’t want to go down the jumbo screen route.

  • David A.

    5.9 in my personal opinion is just to big. I have the HTC max it is like a mini tablet with a phone contract. I as a size geek. However, the key word is was. For a tablet I have a 10.1″ and as I said a 5.6″ phone. Neither realistically a hand held device for long periods of time. The Max should have had the kick stand like the HTC Evo series.

  • Andrew T Roach

    Big phones are easy to design. Lots of room for everything. Every OEM uses the same 3 year old Krait core configuration-of-the-day and has a bigger battery every year; yet still only lasts 1 day.

    Every Android device is on a path to look and perform identical. Big screen, No bezels. Where’s the differentiation?

  • too big but i think it will have IRIS scanner too and rumors says as see here it will be made by Google itself or HTC.

  • xdapao3

    No removable batteries, no SD slot, small internal storage options, much fewer SW features compared to my Note 3 (not to mention the lack of the S Pen and the smaller display)… Not interested in Nexus devices in the slighest.
    Design and choice of materials-wise though (I HATE F’ING METAL CASES WITH A PASSION!!), the Nexus 5 is the smartphone I like most.

  • Oliver Thomas Cervera

    5.9inch, please NO
    Stick on 5. It’s already too much…

  • Christian Nochez

    I dig it!!!

  • indio7777

    Yes! I’ll snap one up as soon as it’s available.

  • TrumanII

    I think the fingerprint scanner would greatly benefit the android architecture. If passwords were to be a thing of the past, it would of great benefit and convenience, if not much more secure of an environment. Bring it on!!

  • Max

    Usually Nexus devices don’t have anything brand new or innovative. Google likes to make sure it has features that are tried and tested, to be sure that it will be a good experience. I doubt they will put a fingerprint scanner on a nexus until we see one that works well on an android. Samsung’s fingerprint scanner is hard to use and doesn’t always work. Apple’s is a great example of one that works well.

  • Argis

    I’d go for it. It’s the only computer I use at home.

  • BatDroid

    And make it dual boot with Chrome OS. . . . . . Just kidding.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      Why kidding, their merging Chrome and Android in L, more and more, we’ve been having reliability issues with Android lately, since we may be going 64 bit and remember how unreliable that made the desktop. More project butter, Jelly Bean 1 and 2, speed and reliability improvements, I’m truly sick of my systems crashing just because I want to watch a video and use a Bluetooth headset.

  • 5.9″ screen means nexus 6 will be a phablet.

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    Wait for nexus. 6″