Shadowgun Deadzone

Last month, Madfinger Games released the public beta of Shadowgun: Deadzone to Google Play for our testing pleasure. While it was a beta, the game still managed to attract a lot of attention. Now it seems that the impressive shooter is ready for prime time, leaving the beta stage and arriving as an official app on November 15th.

For those wondering, the game will be free-to-play and will arrive both on iOS and Android. If you currently participate in the beta, it is believed that the game will likely show up as an update and will allow you to carry over your rank and weapons with the official release. Keep in mind that this hasn’t been confirmed and is merely speculation, though.

Like the idea of a highly polished 3rd person shooter but not so keen on using on-screen touch controls? Shadowgun: Deadzone not only has built-in touch controls but also has support for Bluetooth controllers that will help give you better overall control and accuracy when playing this mobile shooter.

Okay so the trailer is more than a little cheesy, still, it gives us a good idea of what kind of graphics and gameplay you can expect with Shadowgun: Deadzone. If you haven’t experienced the Beta yet, you should. So how about it, are you excited for the game’s official release?

Andrew Grush
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