Lets face it, we often here about the iPhone. Especially lately, well, with the recent release of the iPhone 5. But on that note, it looks like Android users are not being swayed by the chatter. Well, at least 63 percent of you aren’t. That detail, along with six others have recently been shared by the folks at Mr Number.

The details arrived in the form of an infographic titled “7 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Android Users, But Were Afraid To Ask.” We are not necessarily convinced about the being afraid to ask portion, however just like the previously mentioned 63 percent stat, the remaining six facts were fairly interesting.

For example, there are almost 60 million people in the U.S. using an Android smartphone every day. And of those 60 million, almost 85 percent text someone daily. Another interesting tidbit deals with apps. We are fairly sure that you, as an Android user, have at one time or another taken slack about Google Play vs. the iOS App Store. And well, according to this infographic, Android users are more interested in a cheaper phone plan and better coverage than they are in devices with larger screens or more apps.

Otherwise, the remaining four facts are as follows;

  • Almost 70% receive calls and texts from spammers and telemarketers.
  • More than 50% of Android users buy new phones just because they want a new device.
  • When deciding which apps to download, only 34% rely on recommendations from friends.
  • 63% said that they weren’t interested in buying an iPhone as their next device no matter the price.

Finally, here is the complete infographic…

Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson can be described as a technology blogger, a new media junkie, a distance runner as well as a proud husband and father. More to the point though, he is just an all around geek who loves to write about Android.
  • banjoonmyknee

    Sounds about right. Although, I would consider an iPhone at $0. It’s just not likely that I would bother to hook it up to any phone service.

    • Marvin Nakajima

      Then that wouldn’t be an iPhone.. That’ll be the iPod Touch. :P

      • banjoonmyknee

        Yup and I already have one of those collecting dust in a desk drawer at home.

  • Randomfactsarestupid

    63% won’t buy an iPhone because a lot of android users came from iOS. Stability, and pretty colors on a 3.5″/4″ doesn’t impress anyone anymore. With the young android slowly climbing to being a well polished OS flexibility and customization will be the new thing. Here’s a random statistic 90% iPhone users that have tried any flagship android device and see it’s potential will switch to an android device.

    • hoggleboggle

      Actually the stability advantage is largely a myth, just like macs are more stable than windows PCs. A report out at the beginning of the year show iOS apps crash more frequently than android. Check out any apple forum for the plethora of bugs and crashes people suffer from. The difference lies in people’s perception and carefully controlled apple brand image

  • naruhokage

    Hell yeahhhh apple sucks!!!

  • So, put another way, 37% of Android users are looking to make the switch. And that’s just to iOS, not including the few percentage points thrown WP7s way.

    • hoggleboggle

      No, it simply means 37% are happy to look at their options and are not married to any particular platform.

      • Marvin Nakajima

        Yep, that 37% at the extreme end WILL switch to an iPhone at $0 for HW AND service. :D

  • William

    Uh, how about: A lot of Android users like the vast customization that it offers.

  • Jean Prado