[Winners announced!] Series 3 Android Mini Collectibles international giveaway! [6 blind boxes]

October 14, 2012

    Android Mini Collectibles Series 03 Android Authority

    Aaaand the contest is closed. The six lucky winners are:

    • Dylan Zanghi
    • Carlos Bojorges
    • Chirag Thakkar
    • Susanne Daniels
    • Giancarlo Falappa
    • Rahul Ram

    About a week ago, we managed to get hold of the lovely Android Mini collectibles Series 03 for a hands-on review. Since then, we learned that everyone’s favorite Android figurines have sold out at DeadZebra, so you won’t be seeing much of them unless you hit official resellers.

    But fret no more. Here’s your opportunity to own one of these Android Mini Series 03 beauties!

    The generous folks at The Taken Shop have decided to collaborate with us on this fantastic Android Mini Series 3 giveaway. Best of all, we’re giving away, not one, not two but six single blind boxes to six lucky winners! It’s all sealed, so surprise and excitement are guaranteed.

    As usual, this giveaway is international. Android fans from all over the world are welcome to participate.

    The Giveaway

    Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s what you need to do to win one of the six collectibles in our Android Mini giveaway. The contest closes on October 30 2012. Good luck everybody!

    You will be given points as follows:

    • One point for liking Taken Shop’s Facebook Page
    • One point for circling Android Authority’s Google Plus Page
    • One point for leaving a comment below!

    Doing all three will result in you having the highest chances for winning! Do as many or as few as you like.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Good luck to everyone! Let us know how we are doing! We do this for you, every night and day!


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      Personally, I like app discovery, and specially posts on hidden features and easter eggs. Oh, and contests, you can’t have enough of those ;)

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      Other Than That you guys are ROCKING!
      Android for LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Aside from your ordinary everyday news (which are awesome), I gotta give you credit for your AA On Air, which I actually discovered thanks to your Note 2 giveaway. They’re really fun and interesting to listen to, so keep it up!

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        • Twisted247

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          ………………………………………… iOS

          That would be Android SHITTIN' on iOS heyooo!

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