September 8 Launch for Motorola DROID Bionic Final and Confirmed

September 1, 2011
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    It’s no longer rumor. Verizon Wireless will be launching the Motorola DROID Bionic this coming September 8. The confirmation of the date comes from Verizon’s television ad for the much-awaited smartphone.

    Phandroid was tipped a few hours ago by one of its readers, named Edmond, who saw the date “[09.08.11]” clearly appearing at the end of the Verizon’s TV ad named “Rule All Machines.”

    Earlier versions of the “Rule All Machines” ad leaked recently on YouTube, but those versions didn’t carry the final frames that showed the date.

    Here’s the full ad captured from a TV screen:

    Who’s excited now?


    • moved on

      I *was* excited, but have been waited so long, after so many delays, enthusiasm is low. I’m holding out for the Nexus/Droid/Prime.

    • Anonymous

      You can always buy newly released phones from verizon’s website, you just wont have it in your hot little hands quite as quick

    • Jakson Robert

      It is frustrating when Verizon has people sign up to get updates on the
      Bionic via email, but then use their Twitter account to provide
      information. I too have ben waiting since the beginning of the year and
      decided to replace my origional Droid with a Droid X (that I got on
      Craigslist for $100.00). My 2 year contract is up in November but I can
      take my time deciding which of the new phones is the best choice. Or
      wait until the price drops from the reported $299.00 for latest news updates about moto info i would like to share a great source