Sentry: An Android app for automatic Wi-Fi toggle

by: Ken EastAugust 1, 2012
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One of the culprits that rapidly drain an Android phone’s battery is the Wi-Fi, which, once activated, keeps on draining your precious battery power whether it gets a signal or not. The battery power that gets wasted for that function could have simply been used to give you more minutes to listen to your favorite music or make an important call.

You can deal with this problem by adjusting the screen brightness or simply by turning your Wi-Fi off. However, forgetting to turn it back on could possibly spell disaster; you’ll end up missing important emails or urgent notifications. You no longer need to worry since this classic dilemma now has a new practical solution–Sentry, an Android app that automatically toggles your Wi-Fi on and off.

Sentry doesn’t brag about a fancy interface or being packed with features; it simply provides you with an effective, efficient, and smart way to turn on/off your Wi-Fi toggle. It operates by cycling your Wi-Fi, automatically turning the Wi-Fi off if there is no connection to avail of.

You can configure how you want the app to work for you. It can be set to run in three ways: run on polling interval, which lets it check regularly for any Wi-Fi connections in the area and connecting if there is; set to Check the Wi-Fi status every time the screen is unlocked; and set the app to run when the phone boots up.

To configure the app to run in polling intervals, simply tick the check box for the “Polling” option. The time interval is set to 30 minutes by default, but you can simply adjust the time interval. If you wish to, you can set the app to run the three configuration options simultaneously by selecting them all.

You can also adjust the time frame that you want the app to wait for a connection manually. Unless the “Override when turned off” option is checked, the app will only automatically turn off the Wi-Fi unless it is connected to the polling. In that case, if you disable the Wi-Fi manually, it will remain as is. Just select the “Override when turned off” option if you wish the app to run and check for available connections automatically, even if the Wi-Fi is turned off.

Sentry can regulate and manage your Wi-Fi connectivity round the clock, requiring minimal intervention and ultimately allowing you to save precious battery power. It’s definitely a Wi-Fi application of choice as far as automatic and smart toggling is concerned.

If you want to give this app a test drive, download Sentry free from the Google Play Store today.

  • why do i suspect running this app will use more power than leaving android to do its thing in the background. the wifi doesnt stay on if there is no connection.

    • AndroidJunkie

      Actually no, the radio itself stays on unless you turn it off. The icon just goes away from the status bar. And this DOES use battery life as it’s constantly pinging for a known network.

  • Carlos

    What is the difference between ussing this and leaving wifi on… both ways the phone will be costantly pinging for a network and connect when it is available. Do you mean that android polling interval is not optimall and we need to install this app to override this behaviour? I doubt it…

    The trick to improve out of the box eficciency is to turn it on based on other coordinate different than availability of wifi itself, that is more cheap to know than turining on wifi in terms of batterry consumption. For instance possitioning or time schedule. Wi-Fi Matic does exactly this.