Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5 heading to HTC One X in Europe

by: Robert TriggsAugust 19, 2013

HTC One X Logo aa 1 1600

A few months ago we heard rumors that the HTC One X may receive one final update before HTC lays the device to rest, and just last week a similar update began rolling out for the One X+ in parts of Asia. Well the day has finally come, and HTC is indeed updating the One X to Android 4.2.2 and the latest version of Sense. However, the update appears to only be heading to Europe, so AT&Ts One X won’t be receiving the same update.

The new version appears to be landing on the shores of northern and eastern parts of Europe first, with the rest of Europe set to follow over the coming hours and days.

The 4.18.401.2 update comes in at just under 380MB, bringing with it a few features that will be familiar to HTC One owners, such as the Blinkfeed home screen, Zeo HD video highlights, and the updated Camera application.

There’s also news that the European version of the HTC One X+ will also receive a similar update, just like the one which has already landed in Taiwan, which will appear as version 2.18.401.2. Unfortunately there’s no indication as to exactly when this update will be hitting the region, but hopefully it will be rolling out soon.

As always, remember to hit that manual check button if you haven’t received your update yet.

  • blowntoaster

    I know people are getting tired of reading this but….
    Son of a Witch…Samsung, where is my 4.2.2 + Update????
    4.3 better be coming soon….or….or…I’ll buy the Note 3 and sell my GS3….

    • SeraZR™

      you aren’t rooted yet? o.O O.O …..

      • blowntoaster

        I am. but not too impressed with custom roms that are out there. Just running a custom kernel on stock 4.1.2 rom…works fine most of the time but ram management is a bit annoying…
        4.2.2. samsung based roms I’ve tried are too unstable when running apps, navigating UI etc. too much fiddling required which becomes a tedious and time wasting exercise.
        Been there, done them all, got the force closes and freezes and flashed my CWM backup back in under 24 hrs…
        I want an official, or close to official leak, unmolested Rom that works…and performs…now…or I’ll buy the Note 3…

  • Ade

    One X is incredible with Sense 5. Thanks, HTC.

  • Shariq

    I’m living in Pakistan. Is this update is coming here…?

    • Azhar

      yes a gayi ha

  • DDroid45

    Come HTC for oneX+ in U.S.

  • Muhammad Saad

    Yes, Coming in Pakistan, Don’t expect it before End of November though!

  • Antimon

    I live in Croatia, 4.2.2 is here heheheh :D

  • stroboskop

    there is no zoe :(

  • Eucarlo Vicente

    Is this coming to the Philippines?

  • praboda

    Any update when it is in either Maldives or in Sri lanka? Thank you

  • dibonding

    When the update coming here ?

  • dibonding

    In malaysia .

  • jeanmarielepen

    mise a jour reussi pour la france

  • Dustin Marquis

    I was told by Jason Mackenzie and LlabTooFer that the ATT HOX+ will be upgraded to 4.2.2. Further reading located an article quoting Q1 of 2014. ATT needs to finish adding bloatware. Sucks hearing it.