See precisely how strong Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 is [Video]

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 2, 2012

gorilla glass 2

We all know gorillas are tough. That’s why they use the term 800-pound gorilla to call someone who’s the biggest and baddest in a certain area.

Well, the 800-pound gorilla in glass making is Corning, the maker of the thin sheets of glass that protect the displays of our oh-so-precious devices from nicks and scratches.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass is used in hundreds of devices and has become synonymous with durability. Heck, you can even hammer nails with it.

Yet, there’s something better – Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2, which is used, amongst others, in Samsung’s record-breaking Galaxy S3. Gorilla 2 is even stronger than the first generation of scratch-resistant glass from Corning. Actually, manufacturers can get the same protection for their devices by using a sheet that is 20% thinner. This in turns makes possible the ever-thinner devices that we got used to lately.

The glass specialist has released a nifty video that shows precisely how strong its latest creation is. Check it out yourself and think about how cool it would be if all glass would be Gorilla glass.

  • LavonneDDecker
  • AndreaOdone

    I report a video where you can see a small and preliminary crash tests performed on Galaxy Samsung S3 Samsung directly by the staff of Italy.

    Here it is:

    As you can see in this video the Galaxy S3 performs very well and is resistant to shocks so flawless that I assure you they were very strong. (turn up the volume in the video) Even the cover of the back is shown in its flexibility. greetings

  • Lord Vader

    What phones has the Glass on it ?

  • Nial Pearce

    HTC One X has it too. I have seen a video of an HTC engineer using a One X as a hammer to hit nails into a piece of wood with the screen for about 5 mins and showing the phone and screen working perfectly… Pretty impressive stuff

  • Kevin

    “The glass specialist has released a nifty that shows precisely how strong its latest creation is.”

    I think you missed a word.

  • Ayman Kouzayha

    but why the S3 broke easily! S2 is much tougher

  • i wish they would update all the apps to work on the galaxy s3 though. or is it ice cream sandwich that that they need to work the bugs out for?

  • hardware is great though

  • This is complete crap because I have a Galaxy s3, & I dropped it like 2-3 times and I have two small scratches on the device. They aren’t noticeable unless you really look for them, but it’s the fact that these high end glasses are supposed to prevent this stuff from happening, but unfortunately for me it didn’t.

    • Deon Hamilton

      this is fake mate also the s3 has a thin flim over the glass this is what has scratched not the glass the flim is all part of the body of the phone so your need to buy a new face to fix it but the screen will be 100% fine also you can buy off ebay a thin flim to go over the face to stop most scratches stuffing your face about 2 dollars for 5 free shipping lol

  • Deon Hamilton

    this is so fake his tools didint even touch the screen and he used the crack sceen app to make out he hit the phone with his hammer lol fake fake fake

  • Dan

    This is crap. Dropped my brand new samsung galaxy s4 from around 1 meter high onto the asphalt and the screen shattered. Liars.