Second T-Mobile Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update leaks ahead of upcoming release [Download]

by: Chris SmithSeptember 6, 2012

Galaxy S3 buyers, and there are over 20 million of them already, know that Samsung promised during its IFA 2012 Unpacked event in Germany last week that its flagship devices will soon get updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The list includes the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note, although we expect other older Samsung handsets and tablets to also make the jump to the new OS in the future.

When it comes to the Galaxy S3, we have seen a variety of Jelly Bean leaks recently, which allowed anyone that was interested in running the latest Android version on their newly purchased device to install a pre-release Android 4.1 ROM. But most of those leaks were available only for the international Galaxy S3 version, with just one of them compatible with a U.S. Galaxy S3 model, T-Mobile’s.

Today, Sam Mobile reports that there’s a second Jelly Bean build available for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 version, which can be installed over-the-air, via KIES or ODIN.

Obviously, we don’t encourage you to pursue such unofficial ventures and instead wait for the real thing to come out. In fact, it seems that the publication has an idea of when to expect the updates to roll out:

The first Jelly Bean updates will roll out next week.
The American Galaxy S III will get Jelly Bean by the end of this month.

We’ll be back with more details on the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean updates in the near future, in the mean time let us know whether you’re running any of these leaked Android 4.1 firmwares on your device in the comments section below.

  • Tejas

    if i buy galaxy s3 with t mobile so i can use this phone with indian GSM network??

    • tjrchka

      In the U.S. if you buy a T-Mobile GS3 it will be locked to T-Mobile, but they do unlock them if you are a customer, just would have to be a customer for a little while then request and unlock code and they will provide it. Then you could use any mini-sim you want, but just a heads up the T-Mobile variant is made to work on U.S. T-Mobile 3G/4G frequency and may not be compatible with and Indian telecom or any other telecom for that matter.

  • Guest

    I had installed the first leak and things worked OK except for the browser would crash after the first page. I tried to wipe the unit and re-install, browser would work fine with ICS, but Jelly Bean would crash the browser everytime. I ran the new update this morning and everything is working great.

  • Branon

    Unfortunately, everything was very laggy. I think I’ll wait til official update.

    • Brandon

      Okay so after messing with my settings I managed to figure out that disabling HW overlays fixes the lag. This can be an issue, due to the fact that it uses up significantly more processing power. Might be able to help it with a cpu governor. On a side note, I flashed this from stock as stock and did a full wipe. I was able to root it afterwards from the ics method if that’s meaningful to anyone.

      • Hey i have never flashed a rom before and im trying to get jelly bean on my gs3. I have the download links to the tmobile jelly bean ota but im not sure what to do with them. could you explain the steps to me or point me to a website that offers a Comprehensive Overview of the steps for beginners?