A second look at the “Nexus is dead” rumor

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 30, 2014

Google Nexus 5 drop test aa 5

Tectonic plates are shifting in the world of Android. Forces collide deep below the surface, sometimes causing faint rumbles, and, every now and then, massive earthquakes that affect everyone in one way or another.

This year brought us several such earth shattering events: Google bought Nest, an ambitious startup, planning to turn it into its core hardware unit; Samsung and Google signed a decade-long cross-licensing patent deal; in a “sea change”, Samsung will give up on some of its software ambitions; and Google sold Motorola to Lenovo.

We can’t really tell for sure that these events are related, though it certainly seems so.

A plausible narrative that has been making the rounds is this: Google convinced Samsung to stop trying to derail Android. In exchange, the Koreans demanded – and obtained – that Google drops its handset biz, which Samsung feared could affect its business. The two giants signed a massive patents agreement to seal the deal, and they can both move on with their plans. For Samsung, that means securing the top position in the mobile industry for years to come, while Google can move on to wearables, robots, quantum computers, artificial intelligence, smart contact lenses, and so on.

Assuming this scenario is accurate, Android fans have one big question: what happens with the Nexus line?

Motorola was Google’s phone making arm, but the company successfully turned the Nexus program from a niche reserved to the fiercest fans to a popular lineup with universal appeal. Google achieved this by making its Nexuses very affordable, and Samsung probably didn’t  like it one bit.

Was Nexus part of a Samsung deal?

Did Samsung ask Google to kill the Nexus line? Eldar Murtazin, a Russian blogger with huge experience in the mobile industry, seems to think so. Right after the announcement of the Google-Samsung patent deal, Murtazin announced unequivocally that the Nexus line is dead:

Now, Eldar Murtazin has a hit and miss record when it comes to leaks. He sometimes nails them (Nokia-related leaks are his specialty), but he’s also often wrong. So we decided not to cover this “Nexus is dead” rumor, especially since it’s not the first time someone starts a deathwatch for Google’s pure Android phones. However, Murtazin followed up with a claim that Google will somehow give up Motorola as a concession to Samsung, and just a couple of days later, Motorola is offloaded to Lenovo. This gives Murtazin’s first prediction more credibility, hence this post.

There are some clues in Larry Page’s post on the Motorola sale that suggest Google is indeed going to turn its focus from the mobile industry :

[quote qtext=”This move will enable Google to devote our energy to driving innovation across the Android ecosystem, for the benefit of smartphone users everywhere. As a side note, this does not signal a larger shift for our other hardware efforts. The dynamics and maturity of the wearable and home markets, for example, are very different from that of the mobile industry. We’re excited by the opportunities to build amazing new products for users within these emerging ecosystems. ” qperson=”Larry Page, Google CEO” qsource=”” qposition=”left”]

Is Larry Page subtly preparing us for some bad news? It’s still hard to say.

Android on cruise control

Looking at the big picture, Google has pretty much figured out Android. The OS has 80 percent global market share and is commanding most of the fast growing developing markets. Apple seems content with making boatloads of money from the high-end segment, while Windows Phone is still struggling. BlackBerry is gone, and none of the new operating systems seems capable of threatening Android. With Samsung closely aligned to its interests, Google can put Android on cruise control and focus more on new stuff, like wearables and smart homes.

Android itself is mature. We have a feature rich, smooth operating system that looks great and works great. Sure, there are kinks that still need to be solved, like improving the tablet experience. But overall Android has probably entered a period of stability.

In these favorable conditions, Google could drop the Nexus program without risking much, besides backlash from fans, which is unavoidable. Google can still offer pure Android smartphones through its Play edition devices, which sell at market prices, and therefore don’t annoy any partner, especially Samsung.

Pros and cons

The supposed motivation for the Nexus program was initially to give developers a pure Android device to work on. Then it was about showcasing pure Android in a high quality hardware shell. Then about putting quality devices in more people’s hands. Now that Android is mature, these reasons of existence are largely gone. Google doesn’t even need to help OEMs with marketing, because they do a pretty good job by themselves.

Then again, Google could easily keep the Nexus wagon rolling. To appease Samsung, it could increase prices to make Nexus devices less competitive, and keep the program going indefinitely. It’s not that Google would need the money and resources it would save by shattering the Nexus.

And even in the current context, Google could still benefit from stimulating other OEMs besides Samsung, to ensure that the Android world remains diverse and dynamic.

The truth is we can only speculate on the validity of Eldar Murtazin’s predictions. It’s even possible that he’s on to something now, but things are going to change in the future.

Only one thing’s for sure right now: like people, no device is irreplaceable, and losing the Nexus is a real possibility, no matter how much we like to pretend it couldn’t happen.

What’s your take? Do you think Google could shut down the Nexus program in the close future?

  • Victor Who

    It would be cool if Google changed their corporate name to “Nexus”

    • Shark Bait


    • dude

      there’s a company called Nexus which produces underwater housings for digital cameras

  • Kacho_ON

    So everything points to Google dropping the Nexus line. The thing i’m worried is if future Play Edition devices will be available worldwide

  • Shark Bait

    I seriously hope this doesn’t happen, nexus phones are brilliant, plus it could be one of the reasons Samsung is so successful!
    I think (hope) Google will want to retain a small presence in hardware, and selling unlocked nexus phones is a great way to do this !

  • Ziga Radsel

    So where does the “Advanced Technology And Projects Group” project comes into play if not the Nexus line?

    • Google has many projects – Glass, self driving cars, etc. Nexus devices are probably the least advanced Google devices.

      • Ziga Radsel

        By “Advanced Technology And Projects Group” I meant Ara project that used to belong to Motorola but which Google kept despite selling Motorola.

      • texas2zee

        Yeah but Nexus is right at it’s zenith , and those other technologies, how “real” are they.

      • Arturo Raygoza

        yet nexus is the only project that was working. self driving cars won’t overtake and who wants to be a glasshole?

  • MasterMuffin

    No! NO! >:/

    • WestFiasco

      This year started off a bit rocky for mobile.

      • MasterMuffin

        That’s an understatement :)

    • Bryan Z

      As a nexus owner this news make me sad but with google’s recents moves (motorola) I really wouldn’t be surprised if they just want samsung to make their phones and chromebooks.

      • MasterMuffin

        But now there’s a possibility of Motorola making a Nexus!

        • Cal Rankin

          No one would be opposed to that. Now that Motorola is completely not Google, them making a Nexus isn’t as weird.

        • Obi Alfred

          Not if Google cancels Nexus like the article is implying…

        • hip Sam

          Oh ho gusta!

        • collinpage

          err Moto Play Edition

        • Memphis May [S]unjay

          Not after they were sold to Lenovo.

    • john Sam

      Gusta! Gusta!

  • DonSerrot

    I really hope the Nexus line isn’t dead. If it is I hope that prices can drop a bit so that the GPE phones can match the Nexus price.

    • Ihatehipsternerds

      How will the prices drop or match Nexus price when HTC one cost HTC $273 to produce and S4 cost Samsung $268.

      • C-Law


  • Dustin Crooke

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Without Nexus, Google would just be some company whose services we happen to use. Not a company that we really like. Without Nexus, would we really like Google? Sure, they give us Android but how much would we associate that with Google themselves without the Nexus line. Maybe in 2015, wearables will be everywhere, but it just would be as personal as a Nexus 5. LOL, when you think of the Nexus 7, how much do you think about Asus? I’ll survive without Nexus but I’d prefer not to.

    Nexus is why many of us like/love Google and what they do. Nexus is why we started to really pay attention in the first place.

    Nexus puts Google in our hands.

    • David Rutla

      Well said. Screw Samsung and the greedy asian manufacturing market. Google should just stick to there guns and pulled more fans doing so not selling out.

      • Dustin Crooke

        I’m still hoping this isn’t going to happen or they change their minds. If this IS true, we still have 2 years.

        • David Rutla

          I hope the Courts block it in the US like they did to At&t and T-mobile a few years ago

      • Remes Huang

        Android is on track to sell a billion handset this year. That’s billion with a “B”. Google has a huge market on tap and Samsung is its biggest driver. Google doesn’t need fan, Google just need to keep its hardware partners happy, so they don’t try anything silly like forking Android and building their own app stores.

        • David Rutla

          That’s fine for them, but now what if Samsung were to per say..decide to forgo the agreement pay the penalty fees and make Tizen is OS for all its devices ? Then google just dropped plan B and screwed its own countrymen out of jobs because we all know Asian companies shutdown factories here and being as Lenovo has a HUGE plant back home with a mobile phone manufacturing plant they can use and dispose of the one in Texas. Samsung is the Apple of Android…hideous devices and crap quality to me. The devices feel far from premium and cost less to make then the HTC one but cost evidently more all around for cheaper casing. Screw how Shamsung feels and be your own business and keep your patrons happy, because without fans they wouldn’t have made it this far!

          • Remes Huang

            All of the Nexus phones are made outside of U.S., I have no idea what you are talking about. Motorola is making Moto X in the U.S., but consider how little they made and how much they lost every quarter, Lenovo might cut that. Although the mass customization is only possible with a factory on the continent. Frankly, to create a long term viable manufacturing in the states, Lenovo has the know-how that Google lacks. All of Google’s pet manufacturing projects are utter failures so far.

            Samsung has stop the development of Tizen few months ago. Android has won the mobile war. Smaller players can try, but just as Windows = PC, Android = Smartphone, unless you are willing to pay for Apple.

          • Mayo
          • jerry

            It’s “assembled” in Ft. Worth TX. It’s “made” in China.

          • Remes Huang

            The Moto X are made in U.S., but I said the Nexus phones, which are not made by Google or in the states. You can argue components are from all over the places, but that’s just how everything is since they invented shipping.

          • David Rutla

            Dude I know Nexus is “Contracted” read properly. I’m speaking of the Moto line. Its assembled in the USA parts are brought out of country. Lenovo will drop customization without haste trust me on that. Any business loses money the first 1-3 quarters. How may people were discouraged by Motorola and now you have to earn the trust that’s was lost back..time. Google dropped the ball here IMO.

            As for scamsung dropping Tizen. I don’t believe it for a second, with so many backers involved think about the backlash in that. I’m sure publicly they tossed Tizen under the rug, but I’m almost certain in a few years it will make its mark.

          • DrCarpy

            If that was going to happen then why ratify any agreement if your Samsung? That’s just not logical. If Tizen OS was even close to market ready, there’s no deal to be had. It you’re a manufacturer you see the Moto X and the swift updates maybe that gets you more upset, but it will change the attitudes of some OEMS for the better. Allowing them to pursue more control when dealing with Carriers.

          • raudskeggr

            If Samsung went with Tizen, It would lose much of the Western market. Samsung is the biggest; but only because of marketing power and momentum of its branding; people are not unaware of alternatives to samsung android products, and certainly can and will select them.

        • Alex

          If Sansung drops Android for their own, build-in-house mobile OS, their sales will drop by 90%. Did someone remember the Samsung place on the phones market before they start using Android?!

          • Ugslick

            The Galaxy brand is more synonymous with ‘smartphone’ than Android itself is. There would be a drop in quality (due to Google shutting Samsung out of it’s services) which would result in some lost consumers, but Samsung has the consumer sway to potentially break away, the only issue is the risk involved, and the new 10 year deal they signed that prevents them from doing so.

    • Chris

      Remember the deal Google is making here: Samsung stops with its alienation from Google services (no more Samsung apps, etc.). Google is all over Android at all times.

      • Dustin Crooke

        Yes… but like everything we’re talking about, that’s not yet confirmed. It seems it’s the most likely of all this but I’ve yet to hear for sure.

        • On a Clear Day

          First of all, I think that this article was very well balanced in terms of falling neither on this or that side of what may or may not be the future for the line; Bogdon rounded up all the currently pertinent “facts” as well as supposition out there and pulled it together into a comprehensible whole – without making unfounded predictions.

          I am not going to be quite as responsibly equivocating in my assessment – and that is not a put down of the article’s conclusions.

          I think Nexus will die and here’s why.

          Nothing happens in a vacuum unless you are in outer space or an artificially created one here on earth or somewhere else in the universe where the technology unbeknownst to us has advanced to that point. The fact that you, I and anyone else can’t see and isn’t privy to the almost countless layers of decision making and market forces impacting a move doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

          My contention is that Nexus was not ever intended to be a sustained, on going effort – how could it be? Google was selling it at near cost – nice for us while it lasted and arguably “crazy like a fox” as a flanking attack, but not sustainable as a practical capitalistic, profitable enterprise. Even if Google could “afford” to keep the line going – where would be the sense or fun in that? Android has 80 percent market penetration; Apple and the iPhone will in due course steer itself onto the rocky shores of ruin drawn there by its self-composed siren song of delusional thinking entitled We are the Champions and better than best.

          Corporations – like people – function best and achieve most when they keep their eye on the priorities that best support and empower them because moving inexorably towards those priorities helps make them more of what they are and were born to be – whatever that may be.

          To the extent that we allow ourselves to be distracted and diverted down this pathway or that – even momentarily – the universe will register its dissatisfaction with our lack of commitment, and spank us for being childish, capricious and distracted.

          Nexus is now a distraction for Google and sacrificing it as part of the panoply of “concessions” given to Samsung to get them to lay off development of Tizen, alterations to Android etc is not so much a concession as it is a jettisoning what would soon become a liability.

    • Erico Rocha

      You just said everything that I was going to say!

    • MadCowOnAStick

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. 53 guest votes, seems legit

    • DrCarpy

      I somewhat disagree. The Nexus line started as a developers edition device. Google services are intended for the masses. They want the apps/software in the hands of many, not just a few. Samsung serves this objective far greater than the Nexus line ever has. Stock Android will remain, you just will get access to it on more premium devices.

      • Dustin Crooke

        Your right.. My point is that for most of us who are fans of Google, are fans of Google because of the Nexus line. For me, Google was a search engine and the company that had something to do with my the OS I was tinkering with on my smartphone (originally the HTC Eris and DInc). Then I bought the the Rezound and GNex. Having those two devices side by side was important for me. I liked my GNex more and I wasn’t sure why. 4.0 wasn’t the CyanogenMod 7 I had been running on my DInc. Which I thought was AOSP or “stock Android. When I tried to put that 4.0 on my Rezound, I finally realized what a bootloader was and why the Nexus line was so great. My GNex was free.. Not so for my Rezound. It was locked up tighter than a drum. I can’t say it was for the right reasons, but that is when I became a fan of Google.. Because of that Nexus in my hand.

    • Ihatehipsternerds

      As long as there is GPE, I won’t care if nexus is dead. Unless if you love nexus because of the price, but if you really like Google and nexus as you’re telling us on your post you will do everything to get a GPE.
      Now it will be the time to see the real nexus fans and the posers

      • Dustin Crooke

        First, i buy all my devices off contact to maintain unlimited data. I have a VZW S4. It was running the GPE ROM soon after the GPE S4 was launched. Same price, more options as far as software is concerned. I bought the GPE G Pad when it launched and while it was great typing the command “fastboot oem unlock”, a part of me wishes I had purchased the LG skinned version. It’s cheaper and there are more choices as far as ROMs are concerned (actually, I’ve yet to see one for the GPE). Now, with the trend of the OEMs locking down there devices tighter and tighter, buying retail versions and then ROMing may not be possible but even then, DEV editions will offer that experience.. Just have to nail down availability. Lack of which has kept me from the Note 3. But aside from all of that and to me, the most important, is hardware. The Nexus design. Unique and in the case of the N7 and N5, beautiful and a joy to hold in hand. The best feel available IMO and I’ve had most of the 2013 flagships. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the meme’s that say “the moment you see another person with a Nexus”. That’s rare but an awesome moment. The rarity of it making it so awesome. Something you don’t TYPICALLY find with Samsung or other mainstream retail devices… Again, I’ll figure out a way to live on without Nexus lol, but I think that if that one tweet is accurate and the Nexus line ends in 2015, my enthusiasm with Google/Android, may as well… Maybe not. Maybe I’m being over melodramatic. Hopefully though, I won’t have to find out.

        • Ugslick

          More people have the N5 than, say the G2. I think the G2 feels and looks nicer as well, though the sharpness of the N5 has some added appeal….

      • Dustin Crooke

        You hate hipster nerds.. Lol. Don’t take my post as “hipster”. I do what I do for me and no one else. In fact, I don’t personally know a single person who does more than occasionally change a wallpaper so being a “hipster” would serve me no purpose (I’m assuming hipster to you is someone who likes something only to get others to like them)…. Please, do not take this as an attempt to start an argument, I’m just curious, what would you say is a poser? I don’t think I understand how that applies to Nexus..

        • Ihatehipsternerds

          Hipster nerds are people who hate anything popular, even if the Nexus becomes popular they’ll start hating on it because they want to go around saying ”I’ve unlocked, rooted, and loaded the custom ROM on my
          phone and only about 10 other people in the world have it”. Then the posers are the worst they just want to fit in and they’re many of them on this site. They will hate something because they have to, they don’t really know why,
          they just follow along eg hating on oem skins. Then they start buying Nexus because it’s a “cool thing”.

          One day I was arguing with this poser on this site who was so adamant that Nexus is stock android and what made me laugh was that he was calling himself android purist.

      • Memphis May [S]unjay

        GPE phones cost more than the originals, I can get better phones for that price or the original phone and install Cyanogenmod or AOKP. Nexus > GPE

    • Sadness Martyn

      My thoughts exactly. Nexus was great, because google had direct control over the experience and quality and price… So what if there’s a GPE edition of galaxy S7 if it costs 600$. And it is till samsung… LG made great devices because Google had a lot to say about hardware, and now google will not interfere, letting sammy do whatever they wish.

      This is a grim day indeed. I’m not sure what I will buy for my next phone, seems everything is going to a halt. I have an N4, but best get the nexus 5 before they sell out

    • Oli72

      Totally agree. Nexus lifer. Now Google can focus on nexus brand products more.

    • Ugslick
    • Jason

      First, I like your points (of course) being a long time Nexus user. But I do have some issue with your post. First, I liked Google long before Android. In fact, I had one of the first Gmail accounts when it was invite only. Second, the Nexus program has never been a huge seller, but Google has a huge following. It would stand to reason that most people who support Google do not own a Nexus device. The Nexus program is not Google’s only link to Android products. As long as your Google account is tied into Android, there is no way not to associate Google with Android. My photos get uploaded to my account, my contacts are synced, and Google Now is always front and center. Samsung had started to try to hide those things, but have backed off thanks to their deal with Google. Lastly, Google is so many things to so many different people. Whether we are talking about communications (Android, Gmail, Google+), innovation (self-driving cars, Glass), and who can forget information (Google is a verb). Would I miss the Nexus line if it went away? Absolutely, I love my Nexus phone. Would I stop loving Google if it did go away? I’m not that fickle, and I would like to think the people that really love Google aren’t that fickle either. We understand Google is more than just one product. And until Google stops being that really cool company that pushes the envelope of innovation and stops championing social causes, I will support them.

      • Dustin Crooke

        I agree.. Many, like you and me, won’t be swayed but future users? Now, this Android Silver program may have potential as a viable replacement. The rumors make it sound like it’ll cover all my concerns.

  • Riki

    Noo!! Hope gpe sells worldwide. Here in sweden de dont have gpe

  • tharos

    I really dislike Samsung phones and whenever I get a new phone it always ends up being a Nexus, so I’d really hate for the Nexus line to be withdrawn or to be made more expensive. I wonder if this means the sort of waves we all though cheap phones like the Nexus and Moto G were supposed to make will come to naught because Samsung doesn’t want competition.

    • Josh Legoza

      I hope you’re wrong tharos, but that is exactly what I first thought when all of this samsung/selling moto news came out. Samsung saw the growing trend towards low cost unlocked phones and saw a future with thinner margins. They didn’t like that future so they made these agreements and killed it. I can only hope that Lonovo keeps Moto on the track it has been on since the release of the Moto X (incredibly fast KK update, cutting the cost of the device quickly, Moto G release along with the things they said recently about pushing for more customization and a $50 unlocked smartphone). Without google driving the ship, I doubt that will continue. Sad day.

      • Obi Alfred

        Why are we all blaming Samsung? This is Google’s fault!

        • Ihatehipsternerds

          Their hatred for Samsung has made some people to stop thinking. I’m surprised how people managed to turn the blame from Google to Samsung. Now some of them even know the ins and out of the cross licensing deal between Google and Samsung

        • Josh Legoza

          Oh I completely agree Obi, but I think Samsung might have pushed for it quite a bit. Granted Google could have kept pushing and alienated Samsung, but they made what they think is the best business decision for them.

  • Brendon Brown

    Without Nexus … Android will be empty … DON’T DO IT !

  • WestFiasco

    HTC won’t get my money unless I see them give the One support for 18 months, Samsung is a straight NO! Motorola is in the hands of a thick skin using OEM so all I see left is Sony. That is unless the nexus line continues and I can get 64GB internal storage. It’s too early to say but things look a bit bleek for me and my next smartphone purchase.

    • Brendon Brown

      Sony is doing amazing things, no problem with them what so ever.

      • WestFiasco

        I know, in terms of software they’re fine but the design of their phones just doesn’t satisfy me I guess, I really don’t know how to explain it.

        • Brendon Brown

          I guess al glass phones aren’t for everyone :)

          • Ben Edwards

            They’re also kind of bulky and in my opinion far too square with sharp corners.

          • David Rutla

            Rounded corners are Apple exclusive remember lol. rounded edges on the z1 would make it look like a Crapple device

          • Ben Edwards

            True, I suppose Sony could do without the lawsuit that would invoke :P

      • T.J.

        Rockstar patent troll lawsuit?

    • Chad Vincent

      What about LG? The Optimus G and G2 both were well reviewed…

      • WestFiasco

        Their phones look okay and their UI is easily customized but it still looks kind of heavy, especially the drop down notification tray.

    • trwb

      I use to hate Samsung with a passion, but they are pretty good now. LG is getting there too. I wish there was an American company to buy from though.

      • WestFiasco

        There’s only Apple, i like their device design just not ios. Too many restrictions there in my opinion, Iphone prices are another eye opener.

        • trwb

          Yea I mistakenly went to Apple from Android a couple years ago, I couldn’t get back fast enough. iOS is very limited.

        • On a Clear Day

          Apple makes very little – if anything – here in the continental US, though they have been making noises about making a line of Macs here. Apple designs their products here; builds them there, and then sells them here.

          Apple is not a manufacturer of techno wizardry; Apple is a marketing firm that dreams up ideas for things it feels will sell to markets it discerns are either unperceived by others or which they can encroach upon profitably and then farms out its manufacturing to whomever. All with the goal of using the technology they are so “renowned for” as a way to entice you into their world. Can you say “Venus flytrap”?

          They know, as well as anyone, that the way to get rich is to sell something inexpensive that repeats – and what better way to realize this holy grail of getting richer than rich than to funnel all that repeating businesses through their portal? No one will ever accuse Apple of being dumb – other things maybe, but not dumb. lol

      • digigenocide

        Motorola may not be american anymore, but they still have a ton of employees here. Assembly plants in Texas and corporate offices in Illinois

        • On a Clear Day

          Time for Motorola employees to start shopping around their resumes.

      • On a Clear Day

        How nice that would be; not likely though, given the current anti-capitalistic slant of the powers that be and their insane desire to re-engineer America and make it less, rather than more inviting to risk taking, profit seeking and creative entrepreneurs and corporate investment.

        Oh well, maybe we will one day wise up and sweep the House clean and realize that, as some wise and prescient fellow once said: “The business of America is business.” sms

  • Brendon Brown

    Nexus is the iPhone competition … drop the Nexus and its all up to our OEMs … dropping Nexus keeps pointing to the negatives.. :(

    • MadCowOnAStick

      um no the Nexus isn’t really iPhone competition unfortunately
      I’m sad
      this is kinda true
      The Galaxy S line is really the competition for iPhones…

      • Brendon Brown

        Yes but im talking about like Android vs iOS, then you go to Nexus

  • blairh

    So basically you are SOL if you want to purchase a pure Google phone for less than $400 in the coming future? How is this not terrible?

    • Guest123

      and OEMs will lock down their devices even more, making it harder to flash custom roms, and pushing even less updates than they do now. . . etc. . .

  • wezi427

    There is a sense of status when people have a Nexus. People are proud to show off their newest phones, they like to show off the logo on the back of the phone. I think that it’s the same with other manufacturers within the Android community.

    I can understand if they made a deal with Samsung to kill off the Nexus line. Samsung steers the ship when it comes to overall sales. What makes more sense keeping the Nexus line or Samsung as a driving force? I think the writing is on the wall with the recent news of the patent agreement and the same if Motorola.

  • juanmateo

    It´s clear now that Google/Samsung will be the next Wintel, I really wish that HTC/Sony/LG will be clever enough to move aside from Android and adopt Windows Phone, will be the only way to have real options.

    • texas2zee

      Samoogle? Although it looks like Samsung used a Tizen shotgun to make that marriage happen.

      • Jaime


  • #ohThatdevilSpawn

    If this is true, i will automatically go into Anti-Samsung mode. I never liked it anyways, but this will just piss me off, even though its a deal that both parties that made on amicable terms. This depresses me. :(

  • AbbyZFresh

    Can you give us some more time to grieve first please. This week is already bad enough for us Android users. Don’t give anymore bad news.

    • Obi Alfred

      I rather not live in ignorance.

  • DarrenSaw

    No interest in buying some Samdung for twice the price of a Nexus, with its ugly plastic and relentless need to hang on to hardware buttons. Nexus…. Always.

  • Atul Tiwari

    Hope Google won’t kill up the nexus program completely.

  • Paul Rozee

    Hope not true if I want to start a fire I buy a bic if Nexus is gone I am moving to windows. Samsung phones I can do without along with their TVs

  • Xavier_NYC

    They’re partnering up to Kill Apple. Nexus 5 would def be a big loss though but who knows might get pure android on a GS5

  • deepen915

    unless.. Google can have the Nexus line replaced by Samsung Galaxy phones. They can work with Samsung to make the Touchwiz UI more like Vanilla Android and can support the biggest Android vendor in the world.

  • The Specialist.

    Google rapidly closed down the in store Best Buy program. Google has pushed back the Nexus 10 2 to a point of making the release non relivent.
    Yes Nexus is a great product. Yes Nexus helps us relate to Google and it gives us Android fans options. We may love Android but not so much with Samsung.

    Samsung in my opinion is acting like the little rich girl who wants more attention. I love competition. The Nexus 7 gave Shame son a good run for its money. Better all around and priced right. I hope Google will continue to push this product line. If not… I wonder how LG s doing?

    The G2 and G pad are both pretty sick devices. ;-)

    • JP


    • Dustin Crooke

      I’ve been happy with LG this year as well. I have both the G2 & G Pad GPE (Nexus 5 of course) and am happy with them. I root and ROM and I have to say that buying the GPE was a mistake. I like it, but I should have bought the skinned version and given myself more options.. and saved money. That being said, it was damn nice unlocking the bootloader Nexus style.. my favorite command “fastboot oem unlock”!!

  • John

    This entire article is making a BIG assumption that Google does what Samsung tells them to do because they send boatloads of phones. Disagree with that assumption.

  • Urtho

    Without the Nexus line I would still be on iOS. I hope that Motorola continues in the direction the ship was heading before the sale, especially if there are no more Nexus devices. If Nexus devices continue, I most likely will as well, possibly getting a new one with each release.

  • Andrew T Roach

    Well there goes Motorola/Google’s vision of software integrated with hardware in Android ala Moto X.

  • doode

    If they kill Nexus I’ll probably jump ship to iPhone. I’m over waiting for POS OEMs and carriers playing the carrot on a stick game with phone updates in hopes of bumping up in store phone sales. I will not pay 3 times the amount of a contract price for a phone to get updates faster on a Play Edition device either. Nor will I fiddle around with jumping through hoops to unlock/s-off/root a locked phone to then be stuck with broken ports of ROMs.

    • Obi Alfred

      I hate to say it but Apple is the only one that has it’s shit together right now.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      I agree with you opinion. But still not getting any I device

  • Joachim Nilsson

    Frankly, Android is just a means to an end. To win the hand held market, to own the channel. Who owns the channel controls what tools, search engines, etc. that the user uses … this is where the big money is. Google, and most of the other companies in this niche, needs to continuously expand the reach of their channel and increase the amount of users that use search …

    I bet someone at marketing raised a concern about their biggest OEM turning to an alternative channel (M$ and Tizen).

  • tony solinan

    I am an Android phone fan, now living in Rep,Of Ireland we don’t get same phones, like the Moto X nexus 4or up until Xmas the nexus5, and here we pay a lot more for phones than what they pay in the USA,also on the mobile
    Devices we don’t have what is available in the USA,like Asus padfone, and a lot of mobile technology Acer,oppo,LGG2,they are in UK and Europe, we don’t have the same Choise as many of our European Allies?

  • Jayfeather787

    Dang. I hate to see Nexus go. Nexus has been like a world of freedom for me. Freedom from locked bootloader and retarded carriers. Great hardware at a great price. I really don’t want to see Nexus go.

  • Cal Rankin

    I understand the logic behind losing Motorola to satisfy partners, but the Nexus program is something else entirely.
    Google is the main company that compiles the code in the Android Open Source Project. It also showcases a new phone – and in recent years, new tablets – that showcase pure vanilla Android. The Nexus program was designed to showcase Android as Google intended, which is basic Android with added in Google apps and services. However, that’s only half of it.
    The hardware side of the Nexus program is designed to partner with one OEM to manufacture the device. Google designs the hardware. and lets companies like Samsung, LG, HTC, and ASUS build it. The hardware is designed to showcase to manufacturers where to go. That is what should be expected of a Nexus phone. It’s not just pure Android. It’s about the experience.
    Even for consumers, there is reason for the Nexus to exist.
    1. Low off-contract price (further subsidized by Google when sold through them). This allows the average consumer to be attracted to the product by its low price.
    2. Out of the box access to Google apps and services. There is no S Voice in the way of Google Now. There is no other apps preinstalled to prevent you from using Google’s services, which are definitely pretty good.
    3. Google can afford to subsidize the Nexus (really with phones, not so much with tablets) because Google probably makes enough money from advertising that they can afford to cut the price by $100 or so.
    That’s mainly what Google Play Edition devices are missing. They are still the full retail price of the particular smartphone (which counts against every phone except the Moto G GPE), which isn’t as enticing to buyers (a big reason why contract subsidies are still ver popular in the United States). It’s also hardware designed by the manufacturer themselves, not by Google. It’s not exactly designed to be the best of Google. It’s the manufacturer hardware with the software as Google intended. (That said, I do enjoy having the ability to choose between a number of devices with pure Android out of the box.) The Nexus is special because it is all Google. Software, hardware, and experience.
    That just can’t be thrown away.

  • digigenocide

    I seriously hope this isn’t true. I only buy nexus devices

  • DarxideGarrison

    If the Nexus line dies, I may get pissed off enough to go another OS like Windows or Apple. (Well I really wouldn’t) but that would be a terrible decision for Google. If it does happen, I think Google should do the following: Drop that 18 month rule when it comes to software updates for older devices (i.e the Galaxy Nexus). Give users the option to remove any unwanted bloatware and make other manufactures do the same. Just because I like your phone/tablet doesn’t mean I’m going to use all of your apps that are pre installed on it. And if a device hardware can handle the latest software sometime down the road keep it updated. Crapple does it with the iFail

  • Jack Swag

    Let’s not forget cynogenmod!! This change may open the door for their company and new phones to really take off!

  • I’m a Nexus fanboy, partially for the incredible value of the devices (due to their artificially low prices) but also because I distrust the OEMs for messing up Android. I got my first Nexus after a horrible experience on a Sprint HTC Evo 3D, which was abandoned by carrier, manufacturer, and the modding community alike. For me, the jury is still out about whether Google Play Edition phones will be as awesome as Nexuses, or whether they’ll bork the hardware with frivolous “features” that don’t really add value. As we see, updates are coming slower to the HTC One GPE than they come to Nexus due to the non-standard hardware (camera).

  • Jonathan Sosa

    how could they possibly kill the nexus line, it just wont work for me

  • Jesus

    Why is Nexus a ‘Program’????? WTF.

  • kuleee

    Nothing compare to Nexus. If Google will push me toward GPE phones like Samsung/HTC or whatsoever for double/triple the price of the old Nexus i will be pissed off. I’ts not all about the money, but a man has to draw a line somewhere. I don’t wanna buy 500-600$ smartphone when i know things can be really smooth on a 200$ phone as well. I’m not willing to go over 400$ per year for a new smartphone. We also don’t need fingerprint, iris scanner or other fancy add on’s, neither do we wanna use Touchwiz, Sense or some other inferior distribution. Give us Vanilla!

  • jetscreamer01


  • Nino

    As an Apple/iOS customer/user, I feel this is pushing Android customers/users to buy Samsung or other vendor’s hardware, which is kinda limiting seeing as the carriers inject the most horrid bloatware into those ROMs (e.g. TouchWiz, HTC Sense). The HTC One is a beautiful device, crippled by Sense. It would be a beauty if it shipped out of the box with stock Android. Don’t even get me started on Samsung’s ugly devices (hardware and software-wise). This is just making people pissed off and I bet many Nexus owners were previous iPhone owners which were frustrated by Apple’s walled garden. Personally, jailbroken iOS is the best, but stock Android is very nice and there are some amazing things you can do with both devices.

    Give people choice in the Android world, without getting caught up with carriers being bitches and having to wait months for updates…

  • Oli72

    Not going to happen. Next article. Nexus is growing slowly.

  • najiy91

    give sony the nexus program.they have 21mp camera high tech camera and ips technology now.

  • districtjack

    I’m going to force myself to believe its only a rumour. My next phone WILL be a nexus.
    My next phone WILL be a nexus.
    My next phone WILL be a nexus.
    My next phone WILL be a nexus.

    Well, it worked in The Wizard of Oz.

  • Shubham Singh

    with android samsung is nothing they are a huge company because of android if they ditch android they would be heading the nokia road and we all know where it leads.

    • AbbyZFresh

      You do realize Samsung makes much more than just smartphones right?

      • Shubham Singh

        dude to put things into perspective before the nexus line i could have considered buying a lg phone and now i have a nexus 5 apart from that the developments that lg has made after the nexus lineup is phenomenal. before android i would have never bought a samsung device they were poorly build and ui was not great either but it changed with android.

    • Noel

      About time somebody said that…As it comes to Cellphone biz Sammy will be NO WHERE near where it is now without Android. If i were Google i will say this is the way things should be…as one of the top OEMs benefiting MASSIVELY from Android…they should stop messing with the way Android looks and in NO WAY will i give up the Nexus line for Samsung. If they think making Tizen devices will bring them profitability and recognition as they got with Android they should go ahead and see where that leads. Some other Android OEM will simply fill the spot that Sammy vacated…and there is a long line of them just waiting in the wings.

      What Samsung really see as a threat in my view… is not the price of Nexus devices…It is that every OEM tapped by Google as Nexus Maker turns to greatly improve the build quality of their devices hence leading to greater recognition n profitability…that case is true for all the OEMs that have made Nexus cellphones thus far ( Samsung n LG benefited for two yrs while HTC did for just 1 yr). Samsung is starting to hear the footsteps of LG and if Sony or Motorola or HTC again were to make the next Nexus, those footsteps will just get loader n loader..which equals revenue drop for Sammy.

      • Shubham Singh

        i completely agree before the nexus 4,5 it was very difficult for me to think of an lg phone. but nexus line changed them they are more evolved then ever and making really awesome (devices LG G and Flex) apart from the note line i didnt think of a samsung phone that i would prefer to or advice someone to buy. would love to see a nexus from the stable of htc or moto. Both are developing solid devices these days.

  • Toss3

    Am I the only one having issues with this site not loading the text(tried both opera and chrome)? Or rather it appears white on a white background.

    • najiy91

      nope.i use both opera and chrome,works fine.

  • Blowntoaster

    maybe their just switching to the term “Play”, and who knows, maybe allow all OEM’s to launch play edition devices alongside their own flagships etc.
    think S4, HTC One, Xperia Z Ultra, LG GPad play devices, but from all OEM’s.

    • LSH99

      I was thinking along these lines as well. Seems like we don’t know nearly enough yet to be jumping to some of the conclusions people are throwing around.

  • monkey god

    Nooo, i’ve waited forever already for the new Nexus 10. Now there’s a chance that it may never happen. I really don’t want to get a Galaxy Tab or sacrifice 2 inches to get the LG G Pad.

  • lrd555

    I guess Google’s happy with 32 bit chips & a 32 bit OS. While Apple’s shipped over a 100 Million 64 bit devices with a 64 bit optimized OS. You’re right, Android has reached the end of the road.

  • tb1

    I don’t buy it. Samsung cannot pull the shots on Google. Where would Samsung be without Android?

  • If Google kills the Nexus line, I’ll be done with them. The Nexus line is what proved to us just how cheap a high-end device can get, while also competing with some of the fastest smartphones out there that cost hundreds of dollars more. Without an Android smartphone that purely represents and provides the real experience of Google, things just aren’t the same, and never will be the same…

  • Lumia Nexus

    I could not have heard a better news. Bye bye featureless and UGLY Nexus and Hello beautiful Feature Rich Touchwiz and MIUI

    Only miserable loosers were buying Nexus. Ppl with no dignity and rude attitude towards others were all Nexus users

    • Vycior

      beautiful Touchwiz? You mean overloaded with bunch of usless apps, non-optimalized piece of crap? No thank you. Sense/SonyNXT is the one!

      • Lumia Nexus

        SONY UI r u sure? which one is selling Touchwiz or Sony NXT? for you touchwiz may be bloated, but for millions of others all the bloat for you is gold to other millions.

  • iamtravis182

    Google retained Project Ara from Motorola. How does Project Ara fit within this new focus away from phones?

  • mattgoodlett

    I do not believe this rumor…..but, if it comes true, I would switch to an Apple iPhone. I love Nexus for the clean Android Experience and the price…..but, will not buy a play edition device at a higher price……if I pay more….it will be for an iPhone!

  • mankulito

    this russian idiot is just talking shit. again.

  • Pablo Mendez

    Long live Nexus!

  • Mark Draper

    If it’s true that nexus gets bullied out, I wouldn’t doubt that other manufactures will also find a way to render them useless through some kind of proprietary block in future versions of the OS itself. Right now we are willing to replace some perfectly serviceable devices voluntarily for vanity reasons.
    But if you’ve been buying consumer electronics long enough, you know that companies are not adverse to “shepherding” mass replacement.
    On the other hand, if Google continues to have someone else (like LG) produce a model under their guidance, there might not technically be an issue.
    If Ford can make an Eddie Bauer edition…

  • ej

    I never got to own a nexus phone but I would love to just my phone company does not have that choose. I own a nexus 7 tablet and it’s great. I own a note 3, note 2, s4 and tab 2 10.1. Hate to see Google not making there own phones

  • JonDuke19

    I want the Nexus line to die. I find that people are fanboys of whatever Google dishes out. Every tech sites I saw that put up a vote for best Android phone has the Moto X and the Nexus 5 on top. To me, that is ridiculous. The Moto X offers good user experience, yes, but it’s not a top of the line high end phone. It should’nt even be compared to HTC One, S4 or even Nexus 5. And the Nexus 5 is good, not the best tho… but since it’s Google made.. it becomes a legend.. It’s like I’m listening to iPhone Fanboys. Other OEM make amazing phones and the UI are getting better everyday whereas Vanilla as been serving the same thing for 3 the last three updates now and people are amazed! RIP Nexus. Long live the others.

  • Randem

    Please stop the fear mongering, AA. You yourselves said the source of this bogus rumor is hardly ever right, so let’s just leave it at that instead of clickbaiting.

  • Moosa Mahsoom

    I really have a feeling that eldar just said those words to get high on the popularity radar.

  • Moosa Mahsoom

    Why would Samsung be bothered by nexus? It’s not made by Google! Google asks other manufacturers to make it! Samsung can just be given a ‘nexus contract’ for a few years….

  • Bariman43

    Note to self: buy a Nexus 5 ASAP and never buy another Android phone. Especially not Samsung.

  • The only reason I’d move to Android is due to the Nexus line. If this was dropped by Google I would probably stick on iOS! I’m not interested in skinned Android with late (if ever) updates!

  • CheeseMonsterHD

    I already hated Samsung for taking all of the android OEM spotlight. But this? How could you take away Nexus? you went too far this time shitsung, and cant wait for you to leave android for good.

  • Royalkin

    if Google does terminate Nexus, I will most likely keep my Nexus 5 until its impossible to use due to everything leaving it behind. Moreover, the reason I chose the Nexus 5 was, first and foremost, the stock android experience. I am simply not interested in dealing with a manufacturer’s gimmicky tweaks and UI overlays, nor do I wish to deal with incessant crapware which carriers slap on top of that. Secondly, I chose the Nexus 5 for its price. Given its specs and features with that price, there is no better option.

    Yes, I realize that I can get Google Play editions of these devices, but I pay a premium for the privilege, and I see that as highway robbery. Those phones are at the same price level as the Crapple™ lineup, and I’m sorry to say, but I think in that scenario, Crapple™ wins.

    So, if Google does terminate Nexus, I may inevitably go back to Crapple™. I will hate it, but even then, I feel it would be a better value that a cheaply made, gimmicky UI overlayed Samsung POS. Either that, or wait until I can build my own and install stock Android.

  • RSerda

    Nexus has always been THEIR showcase of how it SHOULD be done… as well as being the developer platform.. it was clean, pure and simple.. the Play Editions were OEM stripped down versions of Touchwiz.. etc..etc… still packing OEM specific bloat and UX… I used to be onboard with Samsung from the initial release of the Galaxy line.. it wa my first venture into the smartphone arena… had resisted going with the iPhone for several years… had the Galaxy S.. S2.. took a peek at the Nexus Galaxy S… then fell in love with the G4! Samsung was taking a very strange “hard left” in the road they were on and seemed consumed by the “Death to Smoochie” thing with Apple.. didn’t care for the direction Touchwiz was going by then.. it got SO FREAKIN’ BUSY.. OMG!?!? My wife has the S4… SOOO glad I was on the N4… Touch-Wiz just got WAY to busy for me… DAMN! i recently scored the N5… NICE!! i love it man… very smooth… clean.. light.. bright… FAST!! (running ART)… i will be sad if Goog does do away with the true nexus Line… just one more for old times sakes please!! A REALLY bass-ass MAMA-JAMA of a Nexus phone… SnapDragon 801.. 128GB storage… 3200mah battery multi-band wifi… “everything and EXTRA sauce please!” Time will tell man.. business is.. as business does!