Second generation HTC Butterfly receives the go ahead

by: Robert TriggsMarch 26, 2013

HTC Butterfly Press Shots 600px wide (4)

The HTC Butteryfly has proven to be a huge success in Japan since it first launch back in December. Both Japanese and Taiwanese markets have experienced better than expected sales and unprecedented consumer demand for the 5-inch smartphone. It’s also been positively received in the US as well, with the chief marketing officer of HTC, Ben Ho, citing the large screen as the main factor for the handsets popularity.

Interestingly according to Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI, the HTC Butterfly was in such high demand that it replaced Apple’s iPhone 5 as the top seller back in December.

Based on this success, HTC announced yesterday that it is gearing up to launch a new generation of customized Butterfly smartphones in order to capitalize on the growing market for handsets with large displays.

However Ben Ho was very careful not to let slip with an estimated release date, and didn’t leak any other details about the new Butterfly handset. So we’ll just have to sit tight and wait to see exactly how HTC’s updated smartphone turns out.

The major motivation for producing a new Butterfly seems to be in order to fulfill consumer demand. The original HTC Butterfly struggled with production shortages post launch, and clearly the company feels that the handset could have sold even better in recent months if it’d had the stock. Back in January Taiwan’s largest mobile phone provider, Chunghwa Telecom Co, complained of a 40,000 deficit between the units ordered by consumers and the number of phones made available by HTC.

This unprecedented demand is certainly great news for HTC, and I’m glad to see that the company is finally finding some success after the recent rough patches.

  • josh

    see HTC ? phone with expandable memory will sell.

    • nivla

      yeah i’ll dig this as my first smartphone only if they include expandable memory and a fair amount of battery life or make it a replaceable would be even better

  • MasterMuffin

    Already? HTC stahp

  • Jim Sorensen

    When will butterfly come to US?

  • Dave Weinstein

    Yet HTC continues to be stingy with their screens. Where other manufacturers mainstream phones use a 5″ screen HTC uses a 4.7″ one, and where others use 5.5″ (or larger) screen, HTC uses a 5″.

    I can’t help but feel that HTC has Apple envy. Of all the Android manufacturers, they seems to REALLY wish to copy Apple; and now with their recent cross-licensing deal, it seems that they’ve formalized their strategy of iLove. Personally, I think I’ll look elsewhere for my Android devices.