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Android 5.1.1 factory images and OTAs (Update: Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 OTA/factory images)

May 21, 2015
Looking for Android 5.1.1?T Take a look at our list of factory images and OTAs for a number of Nexus devices.
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Android 5.1.1 might make its way to the Nexus 5 sometime this week

May 13, 2015
Updated a few hours ago, Sprint's Nexus 5 support page shows the device running Android 5.1.1 with build number LMY48B.
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Deal Alert: Nexus 5 (white) and 1 year of unlimited talk and text for $199 from FreedomPop

May 8, 2015
Deal Alert! FreedomPop is selling a white Nexus 5 with a year of free unlimited talk/text phone service for only $199!
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[Update: White model now available] Deal: Grab a Nexus 5 with one year of service from FreedomPop for just $200

April 28, 2015
Right now, you can pick up a Nexus 5 with one full year of FreedomPop service (unlimited calling, texting, 500MB of data per month) from the AA Deals Store for just $199.99!
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Android 5.1.0_r3 factory images (LMY47I) arrive for Nexus 5 and Nexus 6

March 25, 2015
Factory images have just gone up for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6, bearing the build name LMY47I. So what’s new here exactly? What we’re looking at is Android 5.1.0_r3, which appears to contain a few minor bug fixes.
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It’s official: Nexus 5 is out of the Google Store for good

March 12, 2015
Google has confirmed that it won’t be selling the Nexus 5 anymore, though the device will continue to be available from some retailers and carriers.
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(Update: Nexus 5, 6, 7, 10) Android 5.1 OTA update links begin to surface

March 11, 2015
The Nexus 5 OTA links are now available for those interested in manually installing, with hopefully many other devices to follow in short order.
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Play Store shake up: devices section renamed to Google Store, Nexus 5 is gone

March 11, 2015
Google just rebranded the devices section of the Play Store, which is now called Google Store. The new Google Store page features a fresh design with large, bold fonts, lots of white space, and clean imagery.
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Nexus 5 back in stock, 16 and 32GB models

February 2, 2015
The Nexus 5 is back in stock on Google Play! Both the 16 and 32GB models (black only) are listed, with shipping expected in 1-2 days.
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Google Nexus 5 back in stock via Google Play (update)

December 19, 2014
The Google Nexus 5 16GB black model is now back in stock via Google Play, shipping in 1-2 days.