Over the past months, we’ve seen a slow but steady stream of smartwatches appearing on the market. Some of the more recent ones that we reported on are the Sony Smartwatch, which runs... the full Android OS, and the yet to be released Pebble smartwatch, which is designed to function as a companion to your smartphone, via Bluetooth.

Both the Sony Smartwatch and the Pebble go fo...


Our phones aren’t just for making calls anymore, with the advent of the smartphone introducing the ability to check e-mail, surf the web, watch videos, listen... to music and take pictures. Along these lines, we are also heading for a world where our watches aren’t just for telling time anymore. I personally haven’t worn a wristwatch since I got my f...


Who wears wristwatches anymore these days? After all, we have our phones to tell the time.

People who share this sentiment may want to reconsider, now that some hipper and positively... geekier smart watches have come bursting into the time-telling scene. Two of the most popular offerings were released by Sony, with its SmartWatch, and Motorola’s, with the MOTOACTV. Incidentally...


Do you want to link your MOTOACTV device to your Android-powered Motorola smartphone, so that you can – among other things – sync data and receive notifications on the diminutive device?... There’s an (Android) app for that. If, for some reason, you bought the $250 fitness tracking device and want to download the same app for your non-Motorola phone, you’re in luck. Motorola has anno...


Late last year, we already gave information on Motorola’s MOTOACTV as the company’s answer to the iPod Nano. Now, we have received word that Motorola is working on an update which will provide... more functionality to the fitness tracker and music player watch.

Over the previous months, Motorola has provided a few software tweaks. But the update (set for March) will expand the watch’s track...


During the big special event by Motorola Mobility today, they announced the MotoACTV. It’s basically their answer to the iPod Nano, by Apple. Some of the key features include:

Heart... rate monitor, can track your heart rate through the headphones GPS for tracking, looks like for the same functionality as Nike+ Features a unique music recommendation engine that learns what music motiv...
samsung galaxy gear aa 5

We’ll compare the three — Galaxy Gear, Pebble, and Sony Smartwatch — in a few key areas. At first glance, they all seem pretty much the same, but once you dive into the nuance, they become three very distinct choices.

Motorola Smartwatch patent

Lately, the smartwatch is all the rage. Not so much with consumers, but at Android Authority, where we’ve been beset on all sides by news of wearable technology. The latest comes from Motorola, who filed a “wearable display device” with the USPTO (US Patent and Trade office) back in February. While the big story is Motorola’s “gaze detection” technology, and creepy patent pictures showcasing it, the filing has a lot more to it.