It appears as though Google Maps is beginning its next step forward. While Apple Maps is currently in the biggest-internet-joke-of-the-week phase of their development, Google Maps has been working... on something else. Namely, indoor navigation for various places in France.

Google Maps has done the whole indoors thing before. Floor plans are already available for 20 United States museums a...

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Even with all of the maps and directories now a days, people still manage to get lost- indoors! No pointing fingers, but you know who... you are. And to be fair, some malls, airports, and large stores (take IKEA for example) are near impossible to navigate through. This is why Google Maps for Android now enables you to figure out where...


A certain Apple fail has inspired several YouTube parodies and became the butt of many jokes on the Internet. Adding salt to the wound, Google has been going full throttle with its Google Maps updates in the past couple of weeks. What can the latest update possibly bring to Google Maps? Try 25 million new building footprints.


The Ecoo Aurora E04 is an interesting 5.5 inch, Full HD device, with a nice 64-bit processor and a good GPU. It has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

Elephone P6000 review

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Review of the Elephone P6000, a 64-bit device with a 5 inch display that costs less than $160. It runs Android 4.4, but an upgrade to Android 5.0 is coming.


There’s nothing more annoying than GPS that can’t find you. For users of the Samsung Captivate, the phone’s GPS has often suffered long lock times and inaccuracy in navigation.... For others, it simply doesn’t work. Thanks to both mikel.canovas and h3llstorm, members of XDA Developers, there is now a way to fix that troublesome GPS. The best part is that this fix reportedly w...