Microsoft is at it again: New Scroogled video ‘leaks’ to the net

by: Andrew GrushMay 16, 2013


Ah… Microsoft, when will you ever learn? The Scroogled campaign hasn’t done a whole lot of good for your rep, and still you continue down this road with yet another new video. This time, Microsoft claims that the latest ad was supposedly “for internal use” only and “accidentally” leaked to the net.

Obviously that’s a little hard to believe given Microsoft’s previous attacks on Google, but let’s say this really is an internal use video. If that’s the case, that means this was used for what, training? Or maybe an attempt by Microsoft to bully/scare its employees into fearing that Big Brother Google is watching them? I suppose it could of also been just for chuckles. Who knows really with Microsoft.

There is also the (STRONG) possibility that this was a controlled leak, timed to coincide with Google I/O – especially since Google just announced it is basically bringing Google Now functionality to the desktop Chrome browser, which doesn’t bode well for competing browsers like Internet Explorer.

We obviously can’t prove it one way or another, but Microsoft hasn’t exactly flooded the web with take down notices for this ad or anything. What’s really interesting is that this latest Scroogled video directly parodies a real Google Chrome ad:

Besides being a direct parody (same Chrome logo, same music, etc), the message is largely the same as always: Google be a’watching you! Duck and cover!

Looking at Microsoft’s latest video, I have to admit that is at least a little funny, but the whole campaign is just getting old. Personally, I don’t mind Microsoft. I have a dual-boot of Ubuntu and Windows 8 on my main PC after all. I just feel that this current tactic is doing the company more harm than good.

Let’s move on Microsoft, find another way to win them customers over, besides fear and bullying.

  • Kwadwo Firempong-Boakye

    Hahahahaha wow. I have to say that was pretty good lol. Sorry Microsoft, but comparing the dependability, coherence, stability, functionality and awesomeness of both companies presently I’d rather be scroogled any day.

  • Zombieman

    Of course, they make no comment about the data they collect, the profiles they build of their users of Bing, app store, music, and all the rest.

  • DoctorWho

    First Microsoft must fix windows 8 and fix bing search engine then he must make this kind of ads, I really hate bing %90 failure of my searches

  • bubblefire

    Microsoft is failing a lot lately. Instead of fixing their issues, they have to sling mud, then lie about doing it. An internal memo, really? Pretty sure this type of camping was addressed during i/o.

  • emanuele_zanetti

    personally, I don’t really care if Google tracks down what I search, what I listen to, etc. and makes profit on these information as long as it offers me services like Google Now (which is based on collecting your personal info to offer you what you are interested in at any time before you search). yes, they also target me with ads, but who cares? this only means that on a page with ads they will be about something I may like, something I may be interested in, and if I’m not I basically just ignore them and I’m done. forthermore, why don’t Microsoft make a scroogled-like campaign against Facebook? it does the same things, it offers you a service and in exchange it collects your info and sells them to other companies, so why Google is doing it wrong and Facebook doesn’t? I just think Microsft is criticizing too much when it is just “jealous” and, moreover, it sees only other’s flaws, but not its own.. criticize less and work more on competitive products, that’s the way you should work, Microsoft..

  • Lol thatwas entertaining. Except money does not leave mmy wallet while I surf. The advertisers pay Google.

  • Ollie Gilbey

    This is in my opinion a very weak marketing strategy from Windows, it didn’t impress me in the slightest and went against what Larry was saying in the keynote. What was beautiful however was that Nokia Lumia 920 advert – best advert I have seen in a long time, and this is coming from a huge Android fan who wouldn’t dare get a Nokia.

    • Zero0

      Wow. Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

      Microsoft’s smear campaign on Google means nothing when MS owns Skype, also under fire for privacy concerns.

      And I love the Lumia ad as well. Wouldn’t buy a Windows Phone, but the ad is absolutely genius.

  • Oli72

    sad microsoft.

  • RaptorOO7

    Let me see if I understand what MS is saying here. I get the awesome web experience, email, social, photo management, mobile OS and all of that for FREE, or in exchange for my informaton. Ok, so what is wrong with that.

    As life stands today every website tracks you, knows you and monetizes you and they give you NOTHING for it. MS is just angry that no one wants to use their tired ass crap.

    • Valkaneer

      What is wrong with that is Google does not give you the option to pay for there service without tracking your information.

      Now why is it they would not offer you that? Think about it for a min? I would pay for a Google membership that did not track my data, yet they do not offer it. That would be because there goal is to get your data, that is their number one goal. Not to get you to use there product, but to get your personal information. So they will not offer you an option to opt out of there number one goal.

  • NexusKoolaid

    Accidental leak?? ROFL Microsoft – if you can’t control your internal data, how can I trust you to keep my personal data safe?

  • FortTech101

    If I was still using IE, this would make me stop.

  • juan lopez

    I got scroogled and I love it. reminds me of the days ms and apple tried to out do the other. this time I think ms is loosing the battle and no one is listening

  • Microsoftjunkie

    Wow, so many haters!

    • flamencoguy

      People weren’t haters to begin with. It’s abouting people seeing through MS’ bs tactics. Can’t you see that?
      “Scroogles Scroogles yea yea yea. I love Scroogles”

      • Microsoftjunkie

        what should i be seeing? i see a company that’s transparent and also a company that’s informing the public of Googles shady tactics. i understand that Microsoft does the same with its users, to a certain degree, but Microsoft is waay more transparent to its users about privacy.

        • flamencoguy

          MS informs on a company only if it suits them. And they are not doing it for the good of the public. They have their own ulterior motives. I don’t see it as a public service from MS.
          Most people already know about data collection.
          And MS isn’t being completely truthful by singling out one company. Why not tell us about every company that does it?

          There is a pattern that is hard to miss if you have been following all of MS’ tactics: “removing Youtube ads”,
          “scroogled campaign”, “Switch to Wp8 Android app”,

          badmouthing Android. Do you see them doing the same to iOS/Apple. No! Even I know they have their guns pointed at Google and will use any dirty trick to get what they want if they can’t beat them by bringing out better competing products.

          If you don’t like Google services then don’t use them. Use Microsoft’s.

          MS isn’t as transparent and as fair as you would like to believe. They have been taken to court in the EU many times and investigated for non-competitive practices.

          And I don’t own any Google stocks!

          • Microsoftjunkie

            the beginning of your reply is true for ALL companies. Every companys purpose is to make money, “ulterior motive”. I pretty much know as the world knows Microsoft is doing all of this to gain marketshare, money, but the difference from what I’m seeing and reading is that Microsoft had been more forthcoming about its practices than any other company I’ve read in recent times.

            Yes they have been sues and scrutinized by tge public for their “old” monopolistic ways, but that’s not the Microsoft you see today.

            They have been forthcoming with their products and services cross platform, minus Office. Apple and Google doesn’t do anything for Microaoft, at least from what I’ve read.

            Google also dropped EAS support, which is understandable from a business perspective, but now Microsoft has to support Googles “dropped” syncing solutions.

            Google also at the very least spams the hell out of me and that’s enough.

  • Brenden Keene

    Hmmm… I don’t remember Google ever taking money from me. And synchronized search sure sounds a whole lot better than 4x the malware I would get with Bing.

  • Harley22x

    There’s a lot of Google fanboys here :p

  • There will be people who will take action after watching this video. And they will stop using Google and Google Chrome. So Firefox should thanks Microsoft for increasing their user base.

  • JuanK

    Wow, then we should only use Micro$oft because Micros$oft doesn’t care about money (sarcasm off)

  • Wait you can call people through chrome? Personally as long as it doesn’t affect my everyday life I don’t care what google does with my frequent visits to the minecraft forums or other video game sites.

  • IulianPeride

    and then they cry because google doesn’t want to make an youtube app for them ehhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  • Valkaneer

    Amazing that is probably the best commercial I have ever seen about Google. it’s 100% completely true.

    My question is what is Microsoft saying they don’t track? How are they different? I am tired of companies like Google tracking every thing I do. I am looking to give my money to the company that is looking out for my privacy.

  • Scroogle me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care what they track seeing maybe something I could be interested in…… Microsoft just wants a piece of the pie.

  • CzajekDC

    There is just one thing missing at the end:
    “Try Internet Explorer – fast browser from Micro$oft… Don’t get scroogled” XD

  • Marcel Younes

    I Rather have google scoogling me, than any other company. Google just feels “less evil”.

  • kunal

    only one option left for Google,, block all google services used by Microsoft mobile os… and release an ad requesting ms mobile user to switch to android openness.. personally speaking I never liked ms mobile os.. worst experience I had with windows 7 mobile os.. my phone restarted after every phone call I received.. it’s a war between Democratic vs Communist

  • APai

    microsoft is desperate! …and I’m loving it! I can remember clearly the years of FUD microsoft carried out against any company that competed against it. It still thinks the negative tactics will work.

    ironically , they seem like they are showing it internally – because the only people buying their phones are themselves!!