Scoble: Moto X a “game changer,” “controversial” like the first iPhone

by: Chris SmithAugust 1, 2013

Rogers Moto X video leak

In anticipation to today’s Moto X announcement, Robert Scoble posted a teaser message on his Google+ profile showing unreserved excitement for the handset.

According to him, “tonight will be a big night” for Motorola, Android and Google, as the Moto X will be a “game changer in the marketplace.”

Furthermore, the device will be “controversial,” even more controversial than the original iPhone was, also a game-changing device for the industry. That’s certainly sounds interesting considering that we think we may have seen everything there is to see about the Moto X. However, Scoble teases the handset like it’s still a major secret, which is perfectly in line with Leo Laporte’s references to existing rumors – Laporte said a few times that not everything has been leaked.

However, Scoble was not able to reveal more details, saying that his embargo will end at 9PM EST, later than other embargoes – other people will be able to reveal more details about 3PM EST.

Scoble has already been able to see the device in action during a private Google event for the press, and he even shared a short video of a musical moment in that meeting, which was enough for us to spot at least one Moto X being used to take pictures at the event.

Responding to comments posted to his Google+ message, Scoble implied that the BlackBerry and Microsoft will have a tough time competing in the mobile business “after tonight.” He later expanded on that note saying that the Moto X “will refocus the world on Google and Apple,” with Microsoft and BlackBerry remaining “out of the game” as a result.

The reporter further admitted to having changed “fanboy” sides, moving from Apple’s corner to Google’s:

[quote qtext=”I was Apple’s #1 fan (quite literally, I was first in line in the Palo Alto Store, which is where Steve Jobs visited, for both the original iPhone and original iPad). I’m no longer an Apple fanboy and the MotoX is yet another reason why. More tonight.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Interestingly, he also hinted that the Moto X announcement will have its own letdowns, which he’ll further explore in his first Moto X article.

That said, we’ll be covering live the Moto X event for you, so stick around for more Moto X news!

  • patstar5

    I love nokia though, how big a game changer is this? Looks like a regular android smartphone with touchscreen and camera choices. We’ll just have to see. Android is where I would go if give up iOS. Use lots of google services on my iPhone, only thing i would miss would be iTunes.

    • MasterMuffin

      Why’d you miss iTunes, it’s one of the things I hate to have to use with my iPad

      • monkeypox69

        Me too. I was THRILLED when I switched from iPhone to Android and could ditch iTunes.

        • ridgeline1234

          Why is it when apple dont use sd cards its like the world stopped but now google dont its no big deal I guess apple was right all along sd cards suck removable battery sucks love apple right agaian

  • MasterMuffin

    Unless it drives a car, I’m not excited

    • pilou

      I’m more interested if this phone can hack some bank accounts :D

  • Ryu

    It could easily be much more than we expect. Moto could surprise us if something awesome is announced that we did not know about from leaks. Chances are that Motorola is responsible for the leaks, anyways.

  • jamesinkorea

    This phone is one big gimmick.

  • Apple_Nexus

    Ironically Apple forums are full of praise for the Moto X but Android forums are not impressed. I don’t get what’s so special?

    The Nexus line are the real game changers.

  • EliasAlucard

    How can it be a “game changer” when it’s just another Android phone? Hell, it’s not even high end. Does it have A.I. or something?