While we focused mostly on the announcements related to Google’s new flagship products during and after Google I/OGoogle Nexus 7 and on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – these weren’t the only new things that came out of the developer conference.

In our initial Google I/O preview, we said we expected Google to unveil its rumored Google Wallet 2.0 mobile payment solution, especially considering that Apple has just announced a new iOS app called Passback, which could the company’s first steps into this business, not to mention that Microsoft unveiled a Wallet Hub of its own for Windows Phone 8, an app that can do more than just safeguarding credit card information needed for mobile payments.

Google did talk about its Google Wallet app, which is yet to become as popular or as widely used as the company would want it to be, but it did not unveil a Google Wallet 2.0 product. Instead, during one of the developer sessions at Google I/O, it introduced a new Google Wallet feature called Save to Wallet.

With Save to Wallet, customers will be able to save special offers and coupons found on various sites right inside the Google Wallet, and use them later, where applicable. The feature will remind Android device users to take advantage of the saved offers before they expire and even pay via NFC in stores, where such payment features are available. Initially, the feature will work only with a limited number of partners, but Google plans to bring more companies in and let them use the new Save to Wallet API.

  • Leif Sikorski

    The biggest news or hint during the IO sessions I watched on YouTube was for me the new Google Play Balance.

    It’s completely new that user can have a balance like the people who buy the new Nexus Tablet and get a free balance for the Store (25$ or what it was?). During the Android App monetization talk they of course also mentioned that this opens the store for many new ways to charge the balance.

    To me this is like a first sign that we’ll see something like Google Play Store Gift Cards – hopefully this year.