SanDisk microSD can now hold 128GB of your music, videos and photos

by: Jonathan FeistFebruary 25, 2014

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC card

SanDisk is best known to Android users for providing the microSD memory cards that faithfully hold all of our photos, videos and music on our devices. Smartphones that support MicroSD usually only do so up to 64GB, so phone manufacturers will now have to design anew to support the new 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I memory card.

Many have been focused on the big smartphone and smartwatch announcements coming out of the 0first day of MWC in Barcelona; SanDisk may not share the same spotlight as the phone manufacturers, but this is certainly an important announcement for many of us. Not only does this new card hold 128GB of your data, but delivers it to device with the fastest UHS-I interface on the SDXC flash memory standard, which means the only thing it can’t really do is 4K video.

Being able to fit this much capacity into a microSD card smaller than a fingernail is a game changer, and expands the possibilities of what people can do with their mobile devices.

SanDisk wants you to use your mobile device without having to worry about storage limitations. Research director Christopher Chute heralds the 128GB microSD a huge success, and indeed it is impressive to think about all of that data on such a small device.

If the $200 price tag for this new 128GB microSD card is a little out of reach, SanDisk is launching several versions down to 8GB capacity for $30. No word on when we can get our hands on these, but they will be available exclusively at and

SanDisk also want to help you manage your Android device storage, not just your memory card storage. The SanDisk Memory Zone app has been available in the Google Play Store for a while now but will soon include a service called OptiMem. OptiMem will automatically transfer your old photos and videos to your microSD card as well as monitor your storage to provide alarms when you reach certain memory levels. These new features are a great addition to Memory Zone’s one-stop-shop approach to viewing and managing all of the files on your Android device, and some connected cloud accounts too.

Have you filled up your current microSD card? Does your device even have a microSD card slot, or have you found ways to manage your storage needs through cloud services or other wireless technologies?

  • Ben

    Wow. 128gb is overkill – like WQHD.

    • Dion Creighton

      Not necessarily. We are talking about memory here. For someone like myself who’s got over 160GB of music collection, this is certainly a boon for me.

      • Ben

        Yeah, that is a good point, but people like me have a hard time filling ~32gb (I’ve used ~10 GB on my Nexus 7)
        I had a hard time filling a folder with 4 GB of music, so in my case, 128gb is overkill.
        If I was a TV show/movie junkie it would be good though.
        Sorry about my blaitant and dumb comment. :)

        • MasterMuffin

          In your case. Don’t buy an SD card if you don’t need one

          • Ben


    • Jonathan Feist

      It really depends on your usage, like you say. I have a big music collection like Dion, but I’ve been running Nexus devices so long that I am using all of the cloud services, like Google Music, to hold all my stuff.

      There is no doubt I could fill 128GB if I wanted, but I think pinning a few GB of tunes is enough for offline use in most cases. Maybe Dion is a DJ though, then having that all offline makes total sense and 1TB cards can’t come soon enough.

      • Ben

        Well said. :)
        Being a DJ and having a phone with the music on it doesn’t seem like a good idea, unless you had OTG and something like a 1-2TB external drive.

      • Sanders

        You don’t have to be a DJ to bring all music on the go :)
        If you travel a lot to place with no internet coverage then it already make sense.

        • Jonathan Feist

          You are correct Sanders. I was just using DJ as an example. Truth told, I travel offline a lot, but I can use Google Music to pin 4-5 GB of music into my device and I am good for a week.

          Totally personal taste, but no doubt if I had 128GB in my phone I’d fill it!

          • Ben

            I am a Nexus user and don’t have SD or music, as I barely fake my Nexus 7 anywhere. Because I really don’t go anywhere. =P

    • Sanders

      Overkill for now but it could be bare minimum on next 3-5 years.

    • sisore

      Capacity-wise, it’s not overkill at all, even a barely-poweruser like me can fill this card pretty quick.
      Rather than focusing on it’s capacity, don’t you think that ‘overprice’ would be more debatable? :v

      • Ben

        Pretty dumb of me, considering a 500gb HDD isn’t enough for me on PC.

    • MrMagoo

      Well these, I think will go hand and hand with the 4k and 1080p(60) that phones are doing now. I’ve taken a few 2 min videos with my G2 at 1080p(60) and they’re 500MB. With 4k you will pretty much quadruple that. Take 5, 4 min, 4k videos and you’d be at 10 gigs. Memory will disappear quickly!!! May not be for everyone… but I know I’d love one… Thinkin about that GPro 2!! mmmmmm love!

    • apianist16

      That’s pretty much what everyone says about technological developments and improvements. “Why do we need a GUI, wasn’t DOS good enough?” ;)

    • truepopo

      How is this overkill? My music collection is 80 gigs. I love having it all everywhere I go and put it on random… My phone is my own radio station… Add to that gigs of movies and photos.. I’ll be able to fill this card in a year.. So no.. Not overkill.. In fact will be obsolete and to small sooner than most think

      • Ben

        That was my personal opinion that we are all entitled to. I am a heavy media consumer, but more of a YouTube person …

  • tim

    Bring on 1tb

  • Juan A C

    I remember when I got my first SD card: 128… MB haha

  • xdapao3

    The way things are going fewer and fewer folks will be taking advantage of these advances in storage tech…
    Sadly, there are very few knowledgeable powerusers around, most people are dumber, dumber and slightly less than dumb users who don’t know much about taking full advantage of the capabilities of modern smartphones/tablets (Android ones first and foremost) and who buy integrated battery/non expandable storage/smaller display useless crap (Apple crap first and foremost)…
    On both my Note II and my G Pad 8.3 (soon to be replaced by a TabPro 10.1) I have 64 GB microSDs and need all of the storage I can get for music, video, photos and, above all (which very tellingly isn’t even mentioned in the title of this article), OTHER FILES!!!! I keep on my smartphone and tablet the very same most used files I keep on my PC because with Android I CAN EASILY USE THEM much like I do on my PC… My smartphone is my “pocket PC” and my tablet is my “more portable PC” (I have a laptop but mostly use it as a destop connected to a ton of peripherals).

    • truepopo

      You seriously copy and paste this drivel across different sites? Jesus man.. Say it once and move on

  • dfg

    MOST PEOPLE ARE DUMBER?you dumbass some people don’t care about it or just don’t wanna buy it because of the price. how much do u think it will cost ? $20,$30,$50 no it will probably be like $90- 130 you dumbass.

    • Ben

      SD cards cost less than you think.

  • An Tran

    My current phone (Nexus 5) unfortunately doesn’t have a microSD card slot, so I’ve had to offload most of my games onto my Xperia Play (with 64 GB microSD). In the future, I’ll be buying an nvidia Shield (will buy it either a 64 GB or 128 GB microSD depending on prices at that time) to offload more games and media from my phone.

  • Balraj

    Damn the cost
    Will wait for price reduction
    Maybe next year o.o

  • Flip Jumpman

    All phone manufacturers should give you a choice for a sd card option.
    What are you supposed to do with a 16gb phone, say w/ 12gb usable storage?