Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse is a real Google Play Store game

March 10, 2013
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    Remember all those Samsung SAFE commercials and their Unicorn Apocalypse-centered stories? Well, it turns out that Samsung did indeed work on such a game, which is what we, and probably others watching the ads, suggested along the way.

    The game appears to be the winner entry for the contest to produce the Unicorn Apocalypse title in Samsung’s TV ads and here is its story:

    The Unicorn Apocalypse has come! As the world crumbles and burns, a lone unicorn wreaks havoc on the last of humanity. Play as the unicorn, the harbinger of the apocalypse. Race across urban rooftops avoiding the deadly unicorn traps and soldiers that the Anti Unicorn Force (AUF) has deployed. Beyond the foot soldiers exist enemies both cunning and strong, so use your magic dash and rainbow lasers to blast through your enemies, avoid your own death, and prolong the Unicorn Apocalypse!

    Linear Difficulty Scaling
    3 Menacing Boss Types
    Epic Metal Soundtrack
    Engaging Apocalyptic Environment

    Bring Forth the Unicorn Apocalypse!

    The Unicorn Apocalypse game is available as a free 28MB download from the Google Play Store and it requires Android 1.6 and up to run. However, don’t expect it to be a best-selling title. The game has an average rating of 2.3 stars out of 133 reviews so far, with the majority of ratings being 1-star reviews.

    Have you tried it out yet?


    • Kamal

      Wow, this looks like a really bad rip off of Adult Swims “Robot Unicorn”

      • MasterMuffin

        Rip off and only in ‘murica, nice >.<

      • Pete

        “Really bad rip off” and Samsung go together like a Galaxy phone and plastic.

    • Bone

      Probably fake, tried to click on “Samsung Telecommunication America” but nothing happens. But it looks so bad it’s actually good, which of course it the whole idea behind Samsung’s over the top marketing in America.

    • kekekekekekekekks

      Not compatible with my Samsung phone. Oh well.

      • MateuszDabrowski

        Same here, not compatible with SGNote2 which is kind of sad considering phones used in commercial…

        • Bone

          It’s only compatible with the Exynos Octa.

          • austin greenlee

            and the nexus 7

    • Wahaab Jalal Bhatti

      The game runs fine on my GS2 :P Seemed like to be a decent game at first but after a minute of gameplay, there’s a problem. After a minute, the unicorn keeps on flying and the helicopter keeps on firing at it! #lame

    • Mikesphoneandtab

      Lol. I am just happy to see they made a game. It does look kind of tacky though. I don’t plan on downloading it. It would just be kind of anti climatic if they never actually put SOMETHING on the Play Store. lol.

    • Nycko Zteven GoEs

      I need a download link….its no available in my country Im from peru =(!

    • Justin McNairy

      This game is compatible with Galaxy Note 2, and it look bad but good gameplay. Why would a company like Samsung make an app look kind of…like a rookie made a first app??? They probably hired a couple of kids to make one smh