Samsung’s latest selfie stunt involves Barack Obama

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 3, 2014

ortiz obama selfie samsung

Getty Images via Washington Post

How do you top the most retweeted tweet ever, the “selfie” that Ellen DeGeneres and an ensemble of giddy Hollywood stars took on the Oscars night? I don’t know, maybe get the President of the United States involved?

That’s right, Samsung scored again in the marketing game with another spectacular selfie of Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz and Mr. Barack Obama itself. The camera? Again, it’s a Note 3, and this time good lighting conditions made for a very nice picture.

If you’re wondering what’s with this Note 3-mediated selfie trend, the answer is Samsung’s deep pockets. How deep? $11.5 billion in 2013 deep. Just like with Ellen and basketball god LeBron James, Samsung is paying for Ortiz’s eagerness to whip out the Note 3 and grab a selfie. These deals are generally confidential, but in the case of the Oscar extravaganza, Samsung reportedly shelled out 20 million.

With Samsung spending so lavishly on marketing, smaller players have a hard time competing with the Galaxy line. It’s probably why HTC (through Gary Oldman) suggested you should ask the Internet about the HTC One (M8), rather than rely on some random celebrity to guide your buying decisions.

  • Brandon Power

    Lol and yet M8 has better front camera. HTC marketing sucks.

    • Jesus

      Did you just come here to troll?

      We know that the m8 has a better front camera – it’s probably got the best front camera, with an oddly high MP. but the back camera… lowest resolution, by a very big margin – pitiful.

      • Brandon Power

        no i really didn’t, M8 has a better front facing camera but a unacceptable rear camera

      • MasterMuffin

        It definitely isn’t the best, especially if we count Oppo N1 :)

        • Brandon Power


  • The-Sailor-Man

    Again manipulation, against Samsung.
    This 20mill are not for the Ellen selfie, as it’s sounds from this “un-bias” article. This 20 mill was for sponsoring the Oskars. So Samung is sponsoring cultural and sport events with their budged, so this events to nappen, but not like Apple and the others to fill fat-a.. pockets and feed joutnalist to manipulate the media.

  • Dimitar Gospodinov

    Maybe if “smaller players” start making their devices with current year hardware it wouldn’t be so difficult to compete…

  • Chico

    technically samsung paid over a 120million dollars for Ellen degenerates selfie because they do donated a dollar for every retweet

  • Rabota Elena

    Is it legal to put obama face in google app like this one

    • MasterMuffin

      Clever spamming, I like it. Wait, I don’t like it, please stop it moron. If it’s your app, it deserves the 1 star rating, seriously stop…

      • Rabota Elena

        Legal or not ?, I need help, I do not want to get banned if I post something that is illegal in US. I do not know the law in that country

        • MasterMuffin

          Do believe the answer is not

          • Rabota Elena

            thank you

          • Box215

            This is the United States. You can do whatever you damn well please with a picture of the president. It’s protected by our bill of rights.

  • The fact that companies can pay celebrities huge sums of money just because they know people will buy a product simply because a celebrity’s name is associated with it proves that the majority of consumers are brain dead and cannot make their own decisions.

  • cycad007

    To use the POTUS in any ad campaign to promote your products is BEYOND RIDICULOUS. Samsung…really….you have no ethics.

  • Bryan Z

    There goes Samsung’s chance to win that lawsuit with Apple. lol!

  • bt-03

    Wefie! Not a Selfie lol.

    • THatch

      Haha, what happened to calling it a picture? It was multiple people in a picture, then we had solo shots taken by yourself, selfie. Now this is multiple people taken by one, wefie?