Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 Mini to get more colorful in 2013

by: Bams SadewoNovember 19, 2012

Even though Samsung manages to sell over 3 million units of the Galaxy Note 2 without breaking a sweat, introducing the phone in more colors helps open a whole new audience and is a great way to maintain its sales momentum. It’s apparently what the Korean phone maker is planning to do.

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung will unveil more colorful variants of the Galaxy Note 2, as well as the Galaxy S3 Mini, during the Mobile World Congress 2013.

The new coat of paints for the flagship Note 2 includes Amber Brown, Ruby Wine, and Topaz Blue. As for the Galaxy S3 Mini, in addition to the regular blue and white variants, it will soon be available in Titanium Grey, Onyx Back, and Garnet Red as well.

We’ve seen this MO before from Sammy. At first, the Galaxy S3 only came in two color options, Marble White and Pebble Blue. It didn’t take long for Samsung to start offering the phone in Garnet Red, Amber Brown, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey. And let’s not forget the pink variant of the S3, which is only available in South Korea.

So, which of the new colors of the Galaxy Note 2 are you most interested in seeing and getting?

  • ratatattata

    What happened to the Titanuim Grey version of international GT-I9300 Galaxy SIII?
    Been waiting for that quite some time now.

    • i think they are going to have a lot of customers mad if they dont hurry and get there phones here, and get them in what we want them in and black being one of them!

  • Google

    Perphaps I will consider titanium grey S3 or higher model for my next new phone

  • Quryous


    Why do the dummies wait months to bring out their colors?

    And, worse yet, where are the 32GB and 64GB versions of the Note 2?


    • I would get topaz blue note but can’t wait any longer i’ll stick with my titanium grey

    • duff60901

      Exactly. So tired of great phones coming to the US but being slightly changed to SUCK. S3 over seas is quad core but only dual here. N2 has 16GB , 32GB, and 64Gb international versions but only 16GB US limited here. It’s BS.

      • yeah and nother thing,maybe we as customers should start telling samsung that we want our phones shiped to the usa first and we want them in 32gb and 64 gb and we want them now, right now, why should we have to wait for ours? come on samsung get off your butts and give us OUR 32GB/64GB ph now! and we should have our pick if we want international gn2 when we are in to get our renewal of our contracts also, i think we needd to start getting on them for making it harder on us, because we have to pay such a high price for these dam phones to begin with!!

    • GraenMog

      I’m with you. Where is the 32/64GB versions??? I very hesitantly returned my white note2 since I wanted the 32GB, and I didn’t want to regret it in the long run. But now after almost a month, there is no news of anything other than 16GB here in the US. They falsely advertise that it comes 16/32/64 but no one from Samsung or from my phone provider can give me an answer if they will even come out with a 32/64 GB variant.

  • Helen Z

    God! I really hope that the Galaxy Note 2 will also come in BLACK! Who would get Amber Brown?? Yuk! Please Galaxy Note 2 in Black! I want it in Black! Please!!!!!

    • yeah really ,,, how hard is it for them to make a black case? i mean really! verizons site say this ph comes in quad core on the gn2 right? is the gn2 quad core?

  • Black.

  • Cool! But I personally like the Marble White, so I’ll stick with it. But the colours looks beautiful indeed.

  • JT

    this is why i waited!?!? i figured they would do this and maybe by then they’ll have the newest jellybean for it when i buy it.

  • Nadeem Akhtar
  • yea thats BS no 32GB or 64GB, its still overpriced as well for the unlocked version in USA. They try to sucker you in to a contract…..

  • mahdi khalil

    go west go est samsung galaxy / iphone are the best i hope to make an ammazing samsung pone