Samsung’s Epic 4G Touch EL29 Update Rolling Out Now

by: AlexanderJanuary 25, 2012
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If you own an Epic 4G Touch on the Now Network, you may want to go into settings and check to see if your system is up-to-date because Sprint is rolling out a new update now. The EL29 update’s source code actually dropped a week ago so we all knew the update was coming soon. The official Changelog is below:

  • Security update
  • Dismissing multiple calendar alerts
  • Commercial Alert System (CMAS) activated

The Epic 4G Touch update — officially to software version S:D710.0.5S.EL29, if you’re a geek that’s into that sort of thing — will be released in stages but all devices scheduled to receive it within the next 10 days or so.

While it wasn’t noted in the changelog, we are expecting Sprint and Samsung to take out the Carrier IQ software from the device with this update. Sprint and HTC have already done it on the EVO family of devices. If you get the update, go into Manage applications and see if you still see Carrier IQ in there, let us know in the comments whether it’s there or not. Also whether the update made your device faster or not.

  • 4g epic tough

    Actually this update changes the look of answering the phone to circles, not squares anymore…and NO MORE WALLPAPER SCROLLING…also if you were a fan of the Microbes wallpaper…better go find the downloadable apk on the webby web…as this update TAKES AWAY a few live wallpaper options, including this one.

    • Mjfsf

      It also changes turning off alarms to circles

  • Yeah

    It did take away carrier iq & the battery last much longer.

  • Chelsea Taylor

    It broke my live wallpaper. It doesn’t scroll when you are tumbing through your screens. Super bummed about that.

    • Motfot

      Broke my live wallpaper also. No more scrolling. I really hope they fix this. Must have been overlooked…

      • sprint_user01

        Also messed up the auto rotate. Can’t turn off the stupid hung anymore with any widget or even the stock settings. Sprint screwed up the last updated for EVO 4G royally and did so with this update for the epic touch 4G again. Guess I won’t be renewing my contract when it’s up for renewal in a few months.

        • Gserve

          way to stick it to the man! sprint execs will be shaking in their shoes.

  • Cdevin0904

    i can still scroll but it unrooted the phone

  • Igetit3g

    Can I update and still keep my phone flashed for boost mobile?