Samsung’s Celox vs Apple’s iPhone 4S: Future Superphone Standoff

by: James Paguyo IIIAugust 28, 2011

Super AMOLED Displays compared to iPhone's SLCD

A new breed of smartphone is soon to coming to market to challenge Apple’s incoming iPhone 5,  and with the arrival of Samsung’s Celox — competition is likely to further intensify against Apple’s darling. After the huge success of the Galaxy S II, Samsung is gearing up for ompetition with Apple in a big way. Most notably, according to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung outperformed Nokia in the second quarter to grab the second spot in total number of smartphone sales after Apple. Now, rumors about Samsung’s Celox suggest that it may pose a great threat to Apple’s iPhone 5. It looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S II, and is said to have many upgraded features which will give serious competition to Apple’s iPhone 5, which is expected to hit the market sometime in October of this year.

Most recently, rumors about Samsung’s Celox started circulating from South Korean news outlets, and the reports suggested that it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 SoC with 4G capabilities. However, while Samsung has not officially announced this particular smartphone in the world market, we have no doubt Apple is feeling the tension building given that Android phones are dominating recent smartphones sales by capturing nearly 50% of global marketshare. Apple’s iPhone 4 was launched a year back and now the things have changed substantially.

Samsung Celox vs. Apple iPhone 4s

This comparison may seem a bit unjustified, but a healthy bit of conjecture always keeps things lively, right? As it stands, there is no official information about both devices but we do have a good idea of what to expect. Read on for more speculative fun.

The Operating Systems

The iPhone 4s will run on an ‘improved’ version of Apple’s latest – iOS 5 – whereas the Samsung Celox will run on the latest Android Gingerbread 2.3.4+, but potentially Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, depending on when it is launched. While there is a great deal known about iOS 5, Ice Cream Sandwich remains shrouded in mystery, that is, until October, with the debut of the highly anticipated Nexus Prime.

The Screen Sizes

Concept design for the iPhone 4s

Apple’s Phone 4s is speculated to have an increased screen size with a smaller bezel. They’ve received some ill-will in the market for maintaining a 3.5 inch display form factor, which many now consider to be a rather small display, while some consider it to still be the perfect size. Either way, Apple must keep the iPhone the same size because their OEM partners, which have sold tens of thousands of peripherals since the iPhone’s launch, and changing the physical size of the phone itself would result in many of these peripherals not functioning properly with the iPhone 4s. Either way, it’s rumored that the iPhone 4s will feature a 4 inch display with 960×540 resolution as opposed to the iPhone 4’s 3.5 inch screen with the same resolution just mentioned. On the other hand, Samsung’s Celox may flaunt an even larger screen at 4.5 inches, with Super AMOLED Plus on board, with a resolution of WVGA 800×480.

The Cameras

The iPhone 4s's camera?

Cameras have become an undeniably important feature for smartphones today, as it is often the sole device that people carry with them at all times. It’s rumored that Apple may offer an 8 MP camera with LED flash, while details about the front camera remain scare at best. The Samsung Celox, on the other hand, is rumored to have an 8MP rear camera with LED flash and a 2MP front camera. The iPhone 4 has rightfully earned an excellent reputation as one of the leading cameras in smartphones available today, but with the debut of Samsung’s Galaxy S II, many have called into question whether Apple will be able to maintain dominance in this area, for the Galaxy S II takes better pictures and does 1080p video, too. If the quality of photos and video from the Galaxy S II are any indication of what to expect in the upcoming Celox, than Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 is likely to face even stiffer competition in this area too. Despite all this though, both will be capable of taking 1080p video and 8MP pictures, which means they are likely to tie in this area as well.

Processing Speed

Apple’s iPhone 4s, with the addition of an A5 chip –which was originally designed for the iPad 2 — is set to offer a whopping speed of 1.5 GHz, while the Samsung Celox will make Apple run for its money with an equally fast Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 processor at 1.5GHz. To make things even more interesting, is the rumor that Apple is likely to under-clock the A5 chip, resulting in slower speeds overall, but likely improved battery life. Either way, it’s too early to call this one, folks.

The Marketing Idea

Apple plans to market the iPhone 4s as a ‘World Phone’ and, according to an online survey by CNN Technology; is the most highly anticipated smartphone in the world. However, Samsung is not going to leave any stone unturned after they tasted success with the original Galaxy S and S II. It is expected that Samsung will market the Celox as the most powerful device in the world, and will likely sell in the millions.


According to the above comparisons, it looks like Apple is going to face some real competition. Apple’s iPhone 4 has been dethroned in nearly every virtually respect since its debut, and rightly so; the phone is over a year old. It’s consistently managed to stay atop best seller lists the world over. However, slowly but surely, the Android juggernaut is winning the hearts and minds of millions, and by latest count is activating nearly 600,000 devices per day. Either way, it all boils down to personal choice, and while many have opted for Apple’s iPhone in the past, more people than ever are opting for the Android experience. Samsung’s Celox, as an LTE device, represents the latest and greatest from Samsung, and will likely be a very strong competitor to the iPhone 4s. It is still not known whether Apple’s next will feature 4G connectivity, as their are still conflicting reports from legitimate news sources, but it would certainly be a shame if it did not. Either way, both will undoubtedly be excellent smartphones, and, like any major purchase, will be left up to the consumer to choose which is better for them. Remember folks, competition benefits us all, and the development of better, faster, and more advanced mobile technology is not going to slow down any time soon.

What’s your pick? Celox with Ice Cream Sandwhich or Apple’s latest iPhone?

  • AndroidPIMP

    Forget the iPhone. Sure it’ll be beautifully designed, sure it’ll be nice to look at, but I want FREEDOM, and i want HORSEPOWER. Samsung is cleaning up this year, and with ICS on board its gonna fly!

  • Anonymous

    I guess that explains why Apple is going all out to hinder Samsung with patent lawsuits. They clearly are scared.

  • Phone lover

    I am sure Apple will come out with something stunning as they did last year and even now iphone 4 stands face to face against samsung galaxy s2. Now the competition is fierce and if Apple don’t excell samsung will be all over them!!

    • Kosiara

      Iphone cannot be compared with samsung galaxy s2. It doesn’t have flash is so slow compared to samsung and does not have a real graphics card.come on.who would want to buy an iphone?

      • Phone lover

        If that was the case internet would not be rampant with their comparisons; Galaxy s2 is the real rival of iphone 4 althoughg iphone 4 is a lot older and galaxy s2 definitely comes on top in some areas but my point was with iphone 5 at least i expect that it will trump every other phone as usual…Because of iphone 4’s high resolution, graphics and pictures still look stunning on it.

    • Tooquic

      have you lost your mind?? i’m an apple lover and i even i know the iphone 4 was outdated on its release date. the fact is apple will need to do something great with the iphone 5, if not their sells for the iphone will drop. you’ll still have the idiots out there buying them just because its apple.

      BTW, Android owns the phone OS market, not Apple. That’s a fact!

      • Phone lover

        ”…i know the iphone 4 was outdated on its release date.”

        Could you explain how/why it was outdated? Now don’t pick on a couple of things; look at it as a whole: camera, design, resolution, facetime, itunes, app store, battery etc.

      • Robg112

        Im a fan of apple and do have some apple products but thank you!!! Finally someone who makes sense!! Apple is cool and i do get enjoyment from some of there products…but to compare to android is like comparing your corvette to a ferrari. Im glad somebody else also has knowledge that android is destroying apple right now for a reason. Apple has a very strange following of very simple minded people…and im not saying all apple fans im only speaking of the ones who truly think Apple comes out with the best products. They had there time and did very well but they are not very close to the big dogs anymore. Im a tech fan…nothing in specific but just frustrates me that theres so many uneducated simple minded ignorant people in this world

      • Leonard Holland

        Yes Android owns the OS market. But you can’t really compare 4 iphones to 100+ android phones.

  • Iphone cannot be compared with samsung galaxy s2…. it is like you copare water with J&B:)

  • Genius

    The iPhone is for chumps. Even the Galaxy S II will be better than the iPhone 5

  • Anonymous

    Iphone will outsell the Samsung by at least 5 to 1 margin.

  • SteveJobsaQuitter

    iPhone no 4G fail
    iPhone no expandable memory FAIL
    iPhone cannot play emulators like n64 or Psx Fail
    iPhone has iPrison/iTunes FAILLLLL

    Android is going to fucking CLEAN UP people are waking UP

    • falcondan95705

      who cares? Fail? Old school, Awesome…. Shoot, no wonder third world countries are kicking butt on our youth.

  • Powermickaz

    Ice cream fickin sandwich ? They get a think tank of four year olds to come up with that…