Samsung’s craziness visualized: 26 screens in one image

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 14, 2013

Samsung devices size infographic

An infographic shows the staggering variety of devices that Samsung has brought to market in the UK over the past year.

It’s no secret that Samsung doesn’t believe in the “one size fits all” principle. The Korean giant prefers to carpet bomb the market with as many devices as possible, in an effort to fill every imaginable niche and put a Samsung device in the hands of, well, everyone. And, for the most part, this somehow inelegant strategy has been paying off nicely.

The folks at the British gadget tech site Which? have come up with an infographic that lets us visualize the staggering variety of displays that Samsung is currently selling. Which? looked at the UK market and rounded up all the devices from Sammy that are on sale there right now. That’s a total of 26 different devices, including smartphones and tablets with displays ranging from the 3-inch Galaxy Y to the 10.1 Galaxy Note 10.1.

samsung devices infographic

From the infographic, it’s easy to see how Samsung is serving all market ranges, from cheap, no-thrills devices like the Ace 2, to high-enders like the Galaxy S4 and the Note 2. As for the dimensions of the screens, the only segment where Sammy appears to have a gap is the 9-inch segment. Knowing them, though, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Koreans fill up the gap with a device in the future.

It’s important to note that, if the infographic had included the entire myriad of devices that Samsung sells across the world, it would have been even more impressive.

While some (cough, Apple) may argue that a company shouldn’t make a device for every taste, no one can deny that pushing out new devices faster than everyone else out there has served the Korean conglomerate well.

Thanks to its huge and ongoing investments in product development, R&D, and perhaps most importantly, marketing, Samsung has become the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut of the mobile world. Over the past month, for example, Samsung has launched one new device every week.

It remains to be seen if this strategy is sustainable in the long term. Consumer electronics is a fickly business, and other giants have crumbled in just a few years in the past.

  • Laborin_HK

    There was also the galaxy tab 8.9

  • Daniel DS

    Where’s the Galaxy S2/ Galaxy W/ Galaxy R/ Nexus 10/ Galaxy Nexus/ Nexus S etc?

    • IulianPeride

      “An infographic shows the staggering variety of devices that Samsung has brought to market in the UK over the past year.”

      gs2 gnexus etc are not from last year. Nexus 10 idk if it arrived in the uk

      • Daniel DS

        The first Tab and Ace are in the list but they’re more than a year old, so I’m not sure you guys are right…

    • MasterMuffin

      First lines of the article have the answer >_<

      • teja

        wow!!! great

  • ពិតជាមានច្រើនប្រភេទមែន សុំខ្លាចហើយចេញនោះចេញមិនញញើត !!!

  • Michael Paul

    Samsung Beam ?

  • 윌 스튜어트

    This list is incorrect. The Galaxy Ace has been available in the UK since May 2011 just like the Galaxy S2.

  • Sky Ang

    come on 9 inches

  • wesleywai

    You at last missed tab 8.9

  • wesleywai

    U may also add galaxy players and galaxy camera