Samsung Working on iPhone 5 Rival

by: Elmer MontejoJune 28, 2011
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Samsung is currently working double time on a new high-end smartphone intended to challenge Apple’s iPhone 5 head to head. Tech and social media news site PopHerald received “credible” information from Asian sources saying that a new Samsung superphone is due to be released either in August or September this year.

Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will be released some time in September. If true, Apple’s latest iPhone will clash directly with Samsung’s upcoming superphone. But, there’s no surprise there, as iPhone 5 rivals are already starting to pop up here and there.

The upcoming iPhone 5 competitor from Samsung is said to carry similar specs to the Samsung Galaxy S II and may be branded as the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus. Though, another source mentioned that Samsung might deviate from the Galaxy brand. Regardless, the sources of the rumor say that Samsung’s upcoming superphone may include the following specs:

  • Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread (which already includes support for Google Talk with Video)
  • dual-core Samsung Exynos SoC processor (1.4 GHz)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Samsung TouchWiz UI

Granting that the upcoming smartphone does not deviate much from the specs of the current Samsung Galaxy S II, it can carry over several of the Galaxy S II’s high-end design features such as its 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen (with Super AMOLED Plus), its Near Field Communication (NFC) chip, 32 GB of internal storage, microSD expansion up to 32 GB, and its ultra-slim build.

And, since the Samsung Galaxy S II comes with an unlocked bootloader, the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus may also come with an unlocked bootloader, which makes it easy to hack and mod with CyanogenMod. Who knows? Samsung may send CyanogenMod developers free handsets again.

What’s your take on this rumored iPhone 5 rival from Samsung?

  • If its true, there is gonna be some hard competition between the two.

    • Darcy Alexander

      The Samsung Galaxy S II already blows whatever the iPhone 5 will be, out of the water. Sure it will have a higher resolution screen, but it will never look as good as the Super AMOLED Plus screen of the Galaxy S II.

      Samsung is really taking its phones to another level!

  • Darcy man I’m with you on this, I am holding out to see what the Galaxy S II brings to the table once it officially releases in the US to Verizon. It will most definitely kick some serious ass!

    • Darcy Alexander

      I predict it will be the best selling Android phone of 2011 – hands down! Plus, it’s going to raise the bar in a huge way for all phones going forward!

      Thanks for the awesome comment.

      • Welcome ;) I have just recently started coming to this site for daily updates!

        I am also part of an Android Project called MIUI ROM aka ( so for me this phone being unlocked will be a no brainer. Plus with Koush (The CM6/7 Dev) having his own Galaxy S II given to him by Samsung!!… That makes me want it that much more knowing custom ROM’s as being encouraged by Samsung. So awesome!


    • Darcy Alexander

      Oh and you can expect it to be launched sometime around July 14 :). Hang on!!

  • Matt

    The only thing about the iPhone 5 rumors that I really like, and would maybe like to see on the GSII+ would be an edge to edge screen…. although I wonder if that would be a PITA to hold without obstructing the screen with fingers or accidentally touching icons and stuff…..

    Otherwise, GSII for the world! Awesome phone, can’t wait for it to land on Sprint.

  • ryann

    So there SGS 2 isnt even in us yet and theres gonna be a new one? i wass gonna get this phone, but shud i wait.?

  • The REAL Joe Blow

    I wish they would quit with all of the vapour-ware announcements and get their bloody shit to market. It’s been nearly half a year since the Galaxy S II was “announced” and proclaimed by most reviewers to be *the* phone of 2011; yet it’s still unavailable to most who have wanted it since that announcement, and here they are doing the same crap again.

    There should be some marketing law that restricts manufacturer’s from “announcing” any product until it is physically available in the mass market worldwide.

    This kind of crap is just annoying.

    • Ali

      It’s been out in the UK since May (maybe before, can’t remember!)

      Agreed it is very frustrating waiting months for products, on this side of the Atlantic we’re used to it.

      The reality is that a global release on the same day just isn’t possible without mass shortages, and this really is the only way :(