Samsung Wireless charging S-View flip cover now available for the Note 3, priced at $70

by: Andrew GrushDecember 27, 2013


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners can now wirelessly charge their handset and protect it to, thanks to the newly introduced wireless charging S-View Flip cover. As you might guess, this accessory combines a typical S-View flip cover case with an official wireless charging cover.

Up until now, you’ve either had to settle for one or the other we products like the Note 2 and Galaxy S4, so this new combo case is a welcome accessory. Of course the wireless charging S-View cover doesn’t come cheap at $69.99. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include the charging pad, which will generally cost you around $30-$40 extra — making for an extra investment of $100 or more.

Is paying an additional $100 worth it for the added pleasure of wireless charging? If you find yourself using your phone for hardcore gaming and intense battery-sucking activities, it could certainly be worth the money to have the luxury of being able to throw the Note 3 on a charging pad quickly without hassle of a USB cable. Then again, not everyone is bothered by the idea of using a traditional USB cord.

For those that are interested in picking up the cover, you can get your hands on it directly from Samsung in your choice of black or white.

  • TechGuy

    I could buy a cheap phone for $70! Rather pricey for a bit of plastic and metal that enables you to charge your phone far more slowly than with the USB3 connection assuming you also pay for a charger pad.

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Have you not seen the commercials? This is obviously targeted to precessional basketball players that can afford it.

  • AndroidBoss

    I have this Flip Cover. It sucks because it doesn’t close on the device as good as the one for the S4. It kind of opens and my phone is turned on. Therefore, I place my phone with the screen facing down. The only good thing about it is that you can do more than check the time on your phone, you can play music or take a picture. Otherwise I hate it and don’t buy this thing, it’s a waste of money. Just buy an Otterbox case, at least that thing is useful.

  • Karze

    I wonder why most cellphone cover cost so much some of which are nothing but small piece of plastic.

    Moreover, why we need to protect it like a precious thing as it will be trashed after a year or two with newer ones in the market.

  • Jayfeather787

    Nice, but overpriced. Get a real case and a cheap wireless charger. You can get a much better case for under 30 bucks, and a cheaper wireless charger for maybe 20 bucks(?).

  • Tran Nguyen

    That’s ridiculous expensive S-VIEW Flip Cover.

  • NoelEmerald

    Why oh why must everything Samsung make be prefixed with an ‘S’? I get the feeling their employees go in for a hard days worth of S-Programming or S-Marketing, go for some S-Lunch in the S-Cafeteria, and some more S-Work before going home to the S-Wife and S-Kids. LG is now starting to prefix everything with a ‘G’ now. I blame Apple for this. They began by prefixing everything with an ‘i’, so now it’s a case of every major tech company picking a letter and going with it full-bore… Jesus, I hate it /rant

  • Ahmet C.

    Considering how slow my Note 3 charges over regular USB, I dread to think how long it would take with wireless charging. It would probably take 7-8 hours.

  • Jeff Herd

    Get the more cheaper full wireless charging wireless kit for galaxy note 3 just in £23.99 from