Samsung now mass-producing wireless charging modules for smartphones, tablets

by: J. Angelo RacomaOctober 24, 2012


When Samsung launched its Galaxy S3 flagship smartphone, accessories for wireless charging were available. However, the idea didn’t exactly fly, given that the wireless charging modules were quite bulky, and that there was no perceived practical advantage.

Now, Samsung is reportedly pursuing mass-production of its wireless charging technologies, with Samsung Electro-Mechanics launching its mass-production of wafer-thin wireless charging modules for mobile devices. With these modules, future devices in the Samsung Galaxy series can already incorporate wireless charging without the bulk.

According to Sammy Hub, the charging module is 40% thinner than previous designs, which makes the prospect of wireless charging more attractive to folks who don’t want bulky pockets or purses. The new design can be attached to the inside of the battery cover. As such, it might be a good idea to have the wireless charging module co-exist with the NFC module, like how some device manufacturers design their smartphones.

Will a wireless charging module come built-into the next Samsung flagship device, such as a future Galaxy S4? We can only speculate at this point. But if Samsung is already investing resources into mass-producing the technology, then perhaps built-in, non-bulky, wireless charging and accessories are not too far ahead into the future.

  • olbp

    First question: Can these be fitted to the Galaxy Note 2?
    Next question: When?
    Next question: How much?
    Next question: Will it charge more than one device at a time?
    Next question: Will there be a car charger version?

    • Kassim

      First question: Only Samsung knows for sure but being a flagship device…’most probably’

      Next question: When it’s ready

      Next question: A lot less than Apple would charge

      Next question: For this charging ‘module’ for a phone’s back cover? I would say no. If you’re talking about the charging ‘station’ for the modules, the most sensible answer is ‘Eventually’

      Next question: It would be mad not to have one…

  • LeDerp

    Best car charger idea ever.
    Hopefully they start selling batteries for my G-nex that has that capability.
    If so i will be throwing my money at them

    • Nicholas

      Let’s the fun begin! can’t wait!

    • cody bratcher

      A battery doesn’t give you the Wireless Charging ability. The Hardware has to be built into the phone which will have two contacts that will connect to this device inside the back cover.

      • I don’t see why it couldn’t be built into the battery too. It would provide more attractive upgrade options to people who already have nice phones, making the technology widespread very fast. Instead of buying a new ~$200-$300 phone, why not just buy a new replacement battery that has the induction coil and a charging circuit built in? I think it would be a smart move to make this popular. However, knowing the industry, they will likely only include it built into new phones in order to increase profit.

        • cody bratcher

          Don’t you think your Battery is Thick/Big enough? The NFC Antenna is already in the Battery, Wrapped around it. There has to be a way to monitor and stop the charge when full etc. All that is Hardware Dependent and it’ll be a while before the Receiving Induction coil can be small enough to have that size copper coil and a Circuit board….All that in a Battery…that’s asking alot…LOL….The copper size will not change, well it hasn’t changed in the last 100 years, so don’t see it changing anytime soon… Duracell Powermat will have a Card about the size of a pack of Matches that will install in Battery area, but phone still needs hardware to accept….

          • I don’t know about you, but my battery is pretty slim. Also, you do have to realize plenty of people buy the extended batteries; you know, the ones that are almost twice as thick and add a bulge to the back of the phone. Plenty of people seem to be okay with that. I don’t see why induction charging should be much different.


          • cody bratcher

            My point by joking don’t u think, i was meaning that if a design was to be made to work with all phones (wireless charging) it will make the Battery alot bigger….you are talking about the extended battery adding thickness, well on any battery size, no matter what, it will have to have hardware attached/made into it which will make all current size batteries bigger…Also right now there isn’t a Induction setup for the charging of the extended Batteries…

          • Yes, I agree it would be a lot bigger. My point is that most people wouldn’t care. There is a market for extended batteries, so there is a market for induction charging batteries, even if they are bulky. I linked to the extended battery to remind you that lots of people don’t mind having a larger battery.

          • cody bratcher

            A standard Battery w/Induction technology built in would be Thicker then the current Extended battery. A extended Battery w/induction technology built in it would be HUGE, plus there isn’t the ability to charge extended batteries with the current design of Induction charging. So it does not exist for extended batteries. So for the market of Extended Battery people, Induction isn’t available.

            People do care if the phone is very thick, so the people that choose not to have a extended battery because of the extra thickness it adds to a phone would NOT be happy with a phone that has the Induction technology in the battery per your thoughts on the Battery having the induction hardware built in it.
            So you see how this doesn’t appeal to the market of slim phones or extended battery phones?
            Extended battery phones w/induction=Don’t and will not be on the market for a while.
            Market for present phones (happy with the size and thickness as they exist right now)=doesn’t and prob will not exist for the market.(the hardware required is at it’s smallest possible)

          • You’re missing the point. I’m not talking about induction enabled extended batteries. I’m talking about regular batteries with inductive charging. They would not be larger than the extended battery. Inductive charging coils are not that thick. Maybe you should do a little research. There have been people who installed inductive coils into their phones with hardly any bulk added. Either way, adding another charging circuit can’t more than double the thickness, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s ridiculous to think people wouldn’t pay for a battery replacement with an induction coil on it.

          • cody bratcher

            Hardware does and will always consist of a coil of copper and the most important part that controls it all and will do even more in the future, communicate with the bluetooth and the NFC (which has to have an antenna as close to outside of the phone as possible to function.
            So YES a plain ole standard battery will be sized as Big as if not Bigger then the size of a Extended Battery. Battery technology right now can not make a paper thin battery…

            There is no way (I own and Run a Huge Business in Atlanta that involves High end technology, so I’m not just guessing at this. It is Facts from Relationships with many Manufactures and have been doing this since 1992….
            Maybe this will Help ya…
            The Goal that Samsung/Qualcomm have with this Technology, (which is currently in use and has been for a while in my Home and My Engineers’ Work Vans is this. (Electricity can be sent thru the Air from point A to point B like Bluetooth/WiFi is sent)

            This will take the Technology to where the devices will no longer need to have a Battery in order to Function.

            Power can also be sent from A to B by line of Sight with IR (Infrared) .Please read and Learn from these sites I’m sending you to.
            A 21 year old college Girl has invented the Technology of sending power thru Air with Sound Waves.
            So in the Smart Business Sense, No Reason to Waste time, Waste Funds etc etc to Develop a battery with NFC and Induction and so on, to be Built into the part of that Device (battery) that is planned to be no longer required to function.
            These Billion Dollar companies didn’t get to the Billions by making decisions like that.

          • Exactly. They get to billions of dollars by conning users into unnecessarily buying new phones instead of serving the customers by making sensible upgrade options. Everyone knows they could easily make induction enabled batteries, but they don’t want to. I guess you should know this right? It’s all about conning the customers so the CEOs can buy their hundred dollar cigars. It doesn’t surprise me that they’ve been fooling customers since 1992.

          • cody bratcher

            Bless your heart. There is no Mob, there is no Hit man to send out to Kill inventors, startup companies, manufactures, or even the Patent office, to Kill anyone who comes up with a way to stop Companies from making money.

            Here is something to think how it works and how other things similar to it all work kinda the same: now think hard..
            Do you own a Battery Charger for D, C, AA, AAA or like?
            Why can you charge Rechargeable Batteries in that charger But Can NOT charge Regular Batteries in it? SAFELY

            (Before you respond, I can do it, Yes it is possible, but only if it’s Monitored by you)
            Answer this and then Think about what you are so upset about why Induction isn’t inside a Battery…

          • Oh im not upset. I’m just trying to get you to see the reality of the situation. Of course the companies don’t want you to think they can do it. They want the only upgrade option to be a whole new phone. Sure they would make loads of money off induction batteries, but not quite as much as induction phones. This is why they tell these tales so they can squeeze every last dollar out of the customers. It’s not surprising your view is all twisted; you believe everything the marketers say.

          • cody bratcher

            So how does a Company Con people into buying things they don’t don’t have to have or not needed to continue using a phone they have? Do you really see that way, that a company cons you into buying something that is unnecessary to have?

            Do you Own Samsung Galaxy SIII? Is the design too Big, too Thick for you? Well that phone has Induction Hardware built right into it. Just Like the Palm Pre phones where, you exchange out the Battery cover with one that looks exactly like it and no changes in appearance, all while it had the induction coil in it.
            So this was and is the way the Galaxy is and will be as soon as the Manufacturing of the Back becomes available for sale.

          • cody bratcher
        • cody bratcher

          With the Wireless charging Technology that Samsung and Qualcomm have and working on, will aloow us to be able to charge our phones by just walking into the room that has the charger setup. We can leave phone in pocket,purchase, duffle and still charge, car charger will be the same

        • cody bratcher

          Check this out. It is a Company that has designed their own charging solution. You will see on the site that they will show how small batteries like AA, AAA etc can be charged while still in the device, like a TV remote etc. The battery, their battery you buy, can be charged with their charger. Yes it is a printed receiving wrap. The link will take you to smart phone charging and as you will see and read, it says that the manufacturing will integrate this into their phone, that means Manufacture the hardware to work as a wireless charger. Now, if this company had the chance to make millions from making a battery to put in phones and it be wireless charging without hardware buit in the phone, don’t you think they would make the phone batteries the same way they make the AA batteries? Answer? YES….you will also read from them, Company which has engineers and designers etc, you will hear them say that it isn’t possible to get Wireless charging into such a small package (the way you are talking about). So you will see and hear this from the People who know exactly what they are talking about and understand that it’s not my opinion you are hearing, it’s just plain facts.

  • IncCo

    pretty cool stuff

  • cody bratcher

    Hello, Who wrote this Misinformed story? First, Wireless accessories were NOT available, Only Verizon had the back covers and only had what was first shipped befor release. That’s because Verizon wants to make money off this by being able to sell charging pads they already have. Qi standard pads. Samsung will NOT be Qi standard.
    Second, The idea didn’t FLY???? Do you even read about S3 customers??
    Third, The induction is built into the S3 already, it just needs the back cover that has the contacts. Please don’t make people who are already a little unsure or new to this even more confused or dumb to this Technology. thank you

  • US Marine 1 Daddy

    Sounds like this journalist needs to go to xda developers to get the true facts-
    Mr. Cody Bratcher is spot on with his facts, sorry dude at least it started out good.

    • cody bratcher

      Thanks for Backing me up Marine Daddy…. :-)

  • philnolan3d

    That LED pic appears to be my mouse.

  • hanmilo

    am i late ?sumsung already have built-in wireless charging receiver , which sell at 20 usd per pc , and dual transmitter make it realistic to charge two devices at the same time .

    • cody bratcher

      That have the Hardware in the phone, Contacts to carry the Power ….But they still have not supplied what they Promised, A battery Cover that has the Copper Coil receiver that takes power to the contacts…..This is Low Down Wrong to act like we (S3 Owners ) have just forgot,,,,Esp as they Push the Ads that the S4 will have it…..As long as customers buy the new, they Tell Samsung it’s OK to Screw the S3 owners and deliver what we paid for….Would be Fun/Cool to see people stand up for their Rights and show a Company that it’s not OK to Just Act as if there was no such thing as Wireless charging abilities in the S3….