Samsung, It’s Your Move. Where’s Your Answer to the New iPad?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 9, 2012
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In both the smartphones and the tablets market, Samsung is the de facto leader of the Android pack. Moreover, if you count out Amazon, with its Kindle Fire (which does run on Android, but in a heavily modified form), Samsung is the only manufacturer holding up the flag for Android in the tablet market. ASUS is making an impact too, which is likely to be more significant when the MeMo 370T is upon us, but, for now, its market share is still in single-digit territory.

So, now, when the Apple hype machine is spewing up countless articles, analyses, and posts that proclaim the everlasting supremacy of the iPad 3 (ugh, I mean, the new iPad), it’s time for Samsung to stand up for Android and show the Apple crowd how it’s done.

And no, it’s not enough to come up with a side-by-side comparison or a snarky ad. We want a real competitor to the iPad 3, something like the elusive Galaxy Tab 11.6 in all its 4 million pixels glory. Where is your champion, oh Samsung?

The Galaxy Note 10.1-inch is Nice, but we Need Something Better (and Bigger)

We know, Samsung, you’ve got your nice Galaxy Note 10.1 out, which is a respectable effort, but not enough to beat the iPad 3. Not in the benchmarks, not in mindshare, and, probably, not in the stores. The problem is there isn’t anything spectacular about the Note 10.1 to catch the eye of the buyer. Yes, it’s got a pen, but how many customers are really interested in doodling or handwriting on their tablets?

The iPad 3, on the other side, has a couple of advantages that give it the upper hand over any other device in the high-end and mid-range tablet market. The first and most visible (pun intended) advantage is the “resolutionary” (again, pun intended, although, I am not sure about its quality) display of the iPad 3. All grudges aside, Apple really raised the bar with the 2048 x 1536 resolution of the new iPad. While the other specs, except perhaps the claimed graphic performance, are unimpressive, the ultra-high resolution screen of the iPad will both differentiate Apple’s slate from the competition and give Apple’s marketing machine the ultimate selling point.

So, whatever Samsung‘s got in store for Apple should at least match the impressive visual performance of the iPad. If only Samsung was the largest display manufacturer in the world… Oh, wait!

The Galaxy Tab 11.6 – More Resolutionary than the iPad?

If the rumors that circulated last winter are based on any truth, Samsung has a device on its hands that can stand by the iPad 3 without a shade of embarrassment. AndroidAndMe’s Taylor Wimberley claimed that he saw this fabled device at CES, in January, in a prototype stage. Corroborated with BGR’s previous reports sketching a tablet, Wimberley’s report led the blogosphere to believe that an 11.6-inch 2560×1600 resolution tablet was coming from Samsung at MWC.

MWC had passed with no news about the 11.6 Tab, so the next favorable occasion for a huge announcement seemed to be the SXSW festival, taking place these days in Austin, TX. Today, Samsung was supposed to reveal its ground-breaking new tablet. Again, disappointment; it’s only Angry Birds.

Regardless when Sammy will eventually announce its 2560 × 1600 supertablet, it’s important for Samsung to deliver a product that can match the iPad 3 and beat it at its own game. Released in a timely manner, a 2560 x 1600 resolution tablet would be devastating to Apple’s marketing efforts. But it’s all a matter of time. If customers have enough time to associate the iPad 3 with the impressive new retina display, Samsung will find it very difficult to gain mindshare when it eventually launches its own super-high-res tablet.

What do you think? Can Samsung deliver a real answer to the iPad 3 anytime soon? What would that answer be?

  • Qbancelli

    Hell Yes!

  • Leif Sikorski

    I’m also curious about new devices, but I’m also skeptical about the use of such high resolutions on such small devices. There are already some speculations that most games won’t use the full resolution of the new iPad because then it could be slower than the iPad 2. So most games will scale up by 2x which doesn’t look that much better than before.

    Then video content – most people use 720p I guess since the internet access is often way to slow to stream 1080p without any problem (not all have LTE). So again…720p content on a high res device.

    Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime on such a display? Hey, that must be pixelporn – especially with the crappy VGA FrontCamera they kept in the new iPad.

    The only little advantage I see there is about texts, but for long reading nothing will beat a good e-Ink like the Kindle.

    And Apple talked about a better saturation than the iPad 2 had (which wasn’t good), but they didn’t said anything about a better brightness. Compared 1:1 to the IPS+ of a Transformer Prime the brightness of the iPad 2 was bad – especially when you used it outside or train with sunlight.

  • alex2792

    The writer of this article is either delusional, clueless or both. Samsung tablet won’t come close to touching the iPad because it can’t compete when it comes to software. Stretched out phone apps will still look like crap compared to iPad versions regardless of resolution. A turd in HD is still a turd.

    • thepeddle

      You Apple Fanboys really do drink the Koolaid don’t you……you always have the same answer amd comeback for everything….”Apple is awesome” no real specs or hard proof…… think it has the best hardware and software because you are told so……it just keeps getting more pathetic…There will be an android tablet out soon enough that beats the “New IPAD” in every area within this year, but there’s no way you will ever admit it….stick to the apple sites Koolaid….

    • Rexball

      Instead of attacking the writer, why don’t you bring a bit more to the discussion? Whether or not you like it – competition is a good thing. And, at the end of the day, the iPad is actually comprised of a lot of Samsung components, including that display you rave about.

      Obviously you haven’t time to check out Ice Cream Sandwich. It blows away that glorified app drawer you call a tablet – “Retina” or not.

      And yes, please stick to the Apple sites. You belong there.

      • alex2792

        Wrong! I’ve owned Android tablets before and also used Galaxy Nexus as my daily phone for about a week before going back to iPhone 4S. Specs don’t mean shit, and even if they did iPad’s hardware is better than any Android tablet on the market. ICS is still nothing more than a third rate iOS clone, and there was still lag especially when closing the app drawer on the Gnex. I won’t even get into apps tablet apps where the iPad leaves Android in the dust. Get back to me when Android gets exclusive apps like iMovie,iPhoto and Infinity Blade.

        • iMovie and iPhoto on Android, huh?

        • cpc464freak

          Those are the best iPad apps you can think of? Well Android has no real worries then.

        • Kookas Mail

          You owned an iPhone, then tried out a Gnex for a week, no doubt to make yourself seem bigger in silly arguments like this. Thus your argument is invalid; people are naturally stubborn and no one likes rapid change. Also, as you have stood by iOS for a while, you’d be reluctant to be proven wrong and would pick out every possible flaw, even if that flaw is present in the iphone too. Accustomed to my Galaxy Nexus, I would hate to suddenly switch to the iPhone. It’s bad enough trying to use a Wildfire S, and that’s another Android phone.

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  • icedhot

    yeah…i notice lately article here & other site dont make much sense!!

    comparing pc sold to smartphone sold? what the hell is that.

  • Darktanone

    There are now two iPad models on the market. The $399 iPad 2 and The New iPad starting at $499. Where exactly would this Samsung tab fit? Think ahead to the next New iPad in 2013. If we go by Apple’s pattern, the iPad 2’s price would drop to $299, The New iPad to $399 and Next New iPad would start at $499. It wouldn’t matter what the competition brought out, Apple owns the market. Just like they did with the iPod.

  • joey

    apple is iCrap.
    apple crap is for idiots who like to carry the crap around like drama queens and has no idea how brain wash they are by the dumb ass steve jobs (RIP you M*THER F**KER).
    this site is not for iFags so go visit cnet.
    ios is like a toy, for kids and little girls.

  • mohdamr1

    I need to buy a tablet and I prefer to buy the tab 11.6 with the rumoured specifications rather than buy the I pad (new I pad). The I pad has lots of disadvantages for me such as no flash or sd card as well as the jail break thing, drm protection on most media in I tunes and being limited to the applications that apple wants us to use, for example the vlc was removed from the I pad 2 list of applications which can open virtually any media.

  • mohdamr1

    The galaxy note 10.1 can not be compared to the I pad especially in terms of resolution, processing power, camera and exterior materials. The stylus and drawing applications are not that important but they are a step in the right direction of creating better applications. The galaxy note 10.1 is an incremental improvement from the tab 10.1 or just another size from the galaxy note tablets. (tablet size variety is good but there should be differentiated specifications). If Samsung does not join the tablet race at the right time with the right devices, they will lose the race again and Apple’s I pad wins this year again.

  • cpc464freak

    Samsung is not a name I look to as an alternative to iPads, there tech is good but like Apple it’s overpriced, Acer should be a better bet.

  • Pnarcisse

    The key here is a timely response. If Samsung does not responed quickly and I don’t mean a rushed product but a well crafted product that can be release before the strat of the summer season then the will eventually lose their momentum. If indeed they have been working on a product since january then they should be ready by now to go into full production.

  • Sguy

    i would buy an ipad if i was only surfing on net, facebook,chatting… but im going to wait to get galaxy note 10.1 because i need a tablet in which i can use beneficial software like for example geogebra – not only viewing material but also creating. unfortunately ipad seems to be only for fun (abit provocating!), not for beneficial use. i was going to buy the tab2 10.1 but i think the pen would be great addition for writing scientific formulas or drawing molecules in chemistry or sketching reactions etc. the pen would help alot when drawing and making notes – it would be “impossible” to do same with the finger.

    somebody askes who needs a pen. well, i do if im going to do something else than surfing on net or playing games…