Samsung takes LG to court to sue for OLED patents

by: Joe HindyNovember 19, 2012

When Apple starting carpet bombing the mobile industry with patent lawsuits, it left everyone wondering when it would end. Apple is still tied up in a number of court rooms. However, they don’t have the significance of some of the earlier ones. Now, it seems like everyone is suing everyone for patent infringement. Sadly, OEMs friendly to Android are now going after one another as Samsung is scheduled to take LG to court.

The claim is that LG ripped off of Samsung’s OLED patents. This isn’t your typical patent infringement suit. Instead of wanting money or preventing products from being sold, Samsung wants LG Display’s OLED patents invalidated. Samsung is asking that the Korean Intellectual Property Office revoke a total of seven patents from LG.

According to Phandroid, Samsung claims these seven patents aren’t innovative enough to be patents. If Samsung wins, then the patents would be invalidated and LG would no longer have control over that technology. Both Samsung’s Galaxy line up and many LG televisions use OLED screens.

So why doesn’t Samsung want LG to have OLED patents?

This is a subject that is debatable. However, LG did sue Samsung over their user of OLED screens just a couple of months ago. Should these patents become invalid, LG couldn’t sue Samsung, or anyone else, for OLED use again. So while Samsung may claim it’s because they aren’t innovative enough, there is also some personal gain for Samsung if they get a favorable verdict.

In terms of patent lawsuits, this one should be pretty mild. No one is asking for money or damages just yet. This is a trial to see if the patents are allowed to stay or go. Granted, if LG gets to keep their OLED patents, it could mean Samsung will have to pay royalties to use the patents. Is LG’s OLED technology not patent worthy? Or, is Samsung just trying to get out of paying for it? Tell us your opinion.

  • Sincerely, looks fine for me. LG copied the Samsung’s Oled, Samsung gave two beats on LG shoulders saying: Hey mates, stop, I am the owner of Oled technology.
    No money implied, no bans, nothing, which looks like a cool, pacific solution. I respect Samsung for their decision.

    • MasterMuffin

      But we don’t yet know if they really copied

      • Yup, but they will find out in justice. Be sure the justice will be neutral there, not as in Apple-Samsung case, because both companies are from Korean.

    • Apple_Nexus

      So it’s alright for Samsung to copy but not for others to copy Samsung?
      And what does the pacific ocean have to do with anything?

  • Samsung arn’t always good guys.

    • Apple_Nexus

      FIXED: Samsung weren’t ever the good guys.

  • Good job Samsung for being diplomatic here, not money or bans, just having LG return the patents that they should not have created in the first place.

  • I think it¨s about who “patented first” chase