Samsung vs. Apple: Peace talks have failed

by: nathanAugust 21, 2012
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The best news we could give you about the latest developments in the ongoing Samsung-Apple trial is: It’s almost over. The CEO’s from both companies have met but have not yielded anything worthwhile to present to the court. The court-mandated meeting was a valiant effort but nonetheless, closing arguments start tomorrow.

Most of today consisted of bickering over verdict forms and what instructions will be given to the jury to decide their fate in the courtroom. I wonder if anyone was snapping photos of the proceedings with their cheap new iPhone or if it’s a closed house? I kid, I kid.

In contrast to the unfruitful scene played out behind closed doors, Samsung did 1-up Apple on the issue of ‘adverse inference’. It’s a long explanation but what it boils down to is, Samsung previously got handed a ruling (Judge Grewal) stating their evidence had been improperly handled and the jury had to know this fact. In a similar fashion, Judge Koh, who is presiding over this trial, agreed but also added Apple to the list of “improper handling”. This news strikes me as interesting considering what William’s retort was the other day.

All in all, Koh has determined to give both sides a ruling of negligence; the two companies have said if that ruling is indeed handed down, it would be better  the jury hear nothing at all on the matter.


  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Apple cannot win. If the goal is to let justice prevail, then the jury should say “Samsung is innocent, Apple is innocent. They should both keep producing products and stop suing eachother”.
    On every samsung phone it says CLEARLY “SAMSUNG”. If you confuse that with the iPhone, you need help when you buy phones or other products. You don’t buy orange juice when you look for appel juice (pun intended).

    • tehjoker

      Yep and the kicker – the head juror has a patent apple licenced… no wonder apple won…