Samsung vs. Apple in social networking

by: Costea LestocSeptember 14, 2012

While all hope seems lost for Samsung in its legal battles against Apple, the company is making its comeback against the company that has so far cost them billions of dollars in legal charges. In fact, the company is now taking a defensive stance, putting the phrase “defense is the best offense” into play. This is rather important, considering that Samsung is growing in market share especially in its smartphone products. In fact, its flagship product is one of the best phones in the world with features far outmatching Apple’s own.

While the company did not manage to win its biggest legal battle so far, Samsung’s marketing department has been going into overdrive. Samsung most probably spent top dollar in marketing this year, because they are making use of social networks to battle Apple. Users on Twitter and Facebook have probably seen the promotional material from Samsung.

Take Google for instance. A quick search for the iPhone 5 would definitely reveal the device among the top searches. Look a little higher, and you’ll see a familiar looking advertising. Yes, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S3 advertisement right next to Apple iPhone search results. In fact, search just about anything involving the iPhone 5 and you will see an advertisement of the Galaxy S3 alongside it.

It makes much sense for the Korean company to promote the Galaxy S3.  After all, just a week ago, Samsung announced selling 20 million units so far, making it one of the most profitable products of the company.

What do you think of this heavy promotion? Will this benefit Samsung to Apple’s detriment? While we don’t think so, we definitely think that the Galaxy S3 will getting some of the spotlight from the iPhone 5, especially with side-by-side ads. But is there a need to do a hard sell?

  • popomano

    More useless articles… are you that desperate for clicks

  • societyofosiris

    “While all hope seems lost for Samsung in its legal battles against Apple”

    This is a poor analysis of the IP war. Apple has only one major victory from an Apple-friendly court in Apple’s own backyard by a jury of peers who were convinced from day one that Samsung had copied and the question now was one of how much. In the real world these matters are handled by a panel of experts and judges who actually know something about IP, which might be why Samsung has either not been found to infringe or has been found guilty alongside Apple.

  • societyofosiris

    Perhaps you may want to write about what is to come in the IP war as it pertains to 4G LTE in Samsung vs Apple. Although 4G is FRAND, LTE or Long Term Evolution is not and this time the tables are turned. Why? Because the very companies that Apple has been going thermo-nuclear war on are the very same companies that collectively own 66% of all LTE patents. Samsung alone owns 12.8% of that pie so guess who won’t be getting the iPhone 5 LTE due to a ban? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, introducing the all new and most advanced iPhone in Apple history… the iPhone 4S2 (or 4S squared for all you geeks)

  • SamsaraGuru

    Good article; interesting tidbit!

    Go Samsung!