The Samsung versus Apple legal war is almost over, at least in the California trial. Samsung has now rested its case, after letting us know just exactly how much they were seeking if they won their side of the infringement suite. While Apple is asking for a staggering 2.5 billion, Samsung’s claim is a bit smaller in comparison, though still very much a large sum at $421.8 million.

There are several patents that Samsung says Apple infringed upon. The first three are utility patents covering things like email, photo browsing and music playback. When Apple infringed on these patents, they really didn’t cause Samsung any loss of sales, so the amount being asked is simply what they would have charged Apple for licensing the royalties for them. These three come to a total of $22.8 million.

The next two patents are a bit bigger and that’s where the bulk of the money Samsung is asking for comes from. These two UMT patents are standards-essential patents, and therefore Apple argued that they should be offered under fair use.

The bottom line is that both sides are asking for as much as they can in order to “teach the other a lesson.” With how much is at stake, I’d attempt to settle things outside of court if I were Apple or Samsung- then again, I’m clearly not. Who do you think will be the victor, or do you think they will settle at the last moment?

Andrew Grush
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  • Richard

    I am personally sick and tired of all these patent claims and most of all I hate how Apple is being what I consider to be a bully on these matters. I truly hope that prior art is considered in Apple’s patents and the patents on things like pinch to zoom are considered correctly for what they are. That is a slight change to a technique that already existed on other devices.

    To me I see a company like Apple make incremental changes in synchronicity with other companies and then claim they invented something. Maybe if the patent office actually did their job and checked for prior art that is either similar or very close to what is being asked to be patented then just maybe the lawyers wouldn’t be making so much money.

    I want the whole case just thrown out the door, otherwise in my opinion if Apple wins we all will lose as there could be less competition and more cost due to patents that have been obtained in what I deem to be a dubious manner.

    All Apple has done in my opinion is driven customers away in what I describe as disgust with their childish behaviour.

  • rabs

    apple may win this shit but at the end they will loose a lot of customers… now everyone knows that apple doesnt believe in innovation… just ligitation… one shitty ishit after another… apple is doomed to fail… even apple knows it and the very fear of android overtaking ios is what drivng apple go crazy… apple will loose at the end.

    • Fenrig

      I’m a real techie, started using Linux somewhat before Win Vista got released. Been a Linux fanboy ever since, and there is one thing I learned: most customers don’t care about innovation and new features, they care more about brand.
      What bothers me the most is that those customers all talk about justice and freedom in their own life but refuse too see it in their software and devices, let’s be fair most users don’t want a better world where innovation and freedom thrives they just want to look cool so others may like them (more).
      For all those people who believe in freedom and innovation I salute you, you guys are changing the world. Because let’s face it :-) Technology plays a big part in the future of the human race, and so wil freedom in this sector.
      I know one thing it doesn’t matter if android succeeds or fails in overtaking iOS, somewhere in the future well all get smarter and well start appreciate creativity and freedom, we’ll have to if we want to succeed as one race!

  • jadedmonkey23

    awe, you got the big mamma phone on the right and the lil baby phone on the left beside her. How cute is that. LOL These side to side shots always make the iPhone look bad, better watch out apple may sue because of the unfair comparison

  • stdsteve

    Icons are programmer’s choice, it is free enterprise for the same apps with same or darn close icons are available in both stores – any other surprise. Same parts are used in apple,HTC, and are supplied by Samsung, could there be similarities ?

  • xiaoxiaobin746