Samsung vs. Apple verdict: Samsung to pay $120 million, Apple $160,000

by: Sean KarpaMay 3, 2014

Samsung Vs Apple Planets collide patent lawsuit

The jury has reached a verdict….

After roughly a full month of testimony, the jury deliberated for 2 days and reached the following conclusion:
Apple is to be rewarded $119.6 million while Samsung has been rewarded $158,400. For Samsung, that’s much lower than the $6 million they had originally sought.

The courts determined that Samsung infringed on the following Apple patents:

  • 5,946,647 – Patent that allows links to open other apps. I.e. if you click on an email link in Facebook and it opens the email application.
  • 8,046,721 – The slide to unlock patent.
  • 8,074,172 – Word completion and autocorrect.

On the other side of the fence, Apple was found to have infringed on the following Samsung patent:

  • 6,226,449 – Camera and photo organization technology.

Neither company got all the patents they wanted. Samsung tried getting patent 5,579,239 (a video transmission patent) and failed while Apple lost out on their background sync and universal search patents.

Apple originally sought an absurd $2.2 billion for Samsung’s “patent infringements.” Luckily the jury decided that these claims were grossly exaggerated. However, the money Apple has been awarded thus far is not finalized. The courts must still determine how much to tack on for damages caused by the Samsung Galaxy S II and that is scheduled for early next week.

As Engadget noted, there will likely be appeals filed on both sides so this may not be the end-all-be-all for this case. Could Apple or Samsung overturn their respective verdicts or is this a fair ruling? Let us know what you think.

  • Rex

    The landscape has changed. Apple is following Android now. They have over one hundred billion in the bank. They do nothing to contribute to the advancement of technology for the everyman. Their demise will be slow but necessary.

    • Andrew T Roach

      Call me crazy but 100 billion dollars could change everything if applied correctly. Samsung only increased its market share because of its media blitz. How many commercials would 100 billion buy?

      • Spankadoodle

        Wrong. Its because Samsung has gone worldwide and sells phones EVERYWHERE for good prices. Apple limits the countries it sells phones to and most phones are too expensive for most people in some countries.

    • sadredas

      I wouldn’t say that Apple is dying. Let’s wait for WWDC and iPhone 6 in September. If Apple fails with iPhone – they’re dead.
      It’s a natural process; What goes up must come down. One day, the same will happen with Samsung and Google.

    • RarestName

      Because they obviously make mobile phones only.


  • ShArQ1

    Such hypocrites. That slide to unlock patent was determined not valid (albeit in Germany). But still US lobby is influencing the result greatly.

    • Luka Mlinar

      Agreed. I wish everyone would pull out of the American market. Let them have their iPhones.

      • Jayfeather787

        Nooooooooooo!!!! Don’t leave me in that horrible world!

        • virginia662

          my Aunty Julia got silver Volkswagen Beetle
          Convertible by working parttime off of a home computer… Look At This C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

      • kg2128

        I love the whole sending a message to the crappy us patent system, but oh man those of us in the U.S. with iphones only? So so miserable, and the iphone is such a crappy product.

  • guidance

    Rex, I agree with you. Even worse, the whole patent thing is already past sanity check, so they should make new rules in them: When a patent gets bought, it is invalid to get lawsuits over to get money.

  • asd

    Wow how ridiculous how are these even considered patents and the fact that they are worth that much…the US patent system is messed up and the fact that they are in favour of apple shows their hypocrisy

    • Guest123

      I’m amazed that Samsung couldn’t prove prior art on most of them.

      Well, at least this time the jury was more reasonable about the amount. I’m sure the lawyers cost more than the awarded amount.

  • Edge of Surreality

    Your Apple bias is showing…WHY not point out at the beginning that Apple wanted 2.2 BILLION and got $120 Million …instead you point out that Samsung wanted 6 Million and got $158,400. The way you start the article makes it seem like Apple is the big winner here when in fact Both companies are losers and the pettiness that Apple,( the company that stole the computer mouse design from Xerox,)has shown is reflective in the fact that so much money and time has been spent on “protecting” past patents, that Samsung, Google and Android have moved way beyond Apple’s past innovation as Apple has been essentially giving us the same old phone since the 3S. Time to put Steve Jobs’ angry ghost to bed and settle these issues…this court action is just making lawyers rich, and the public wary of both companies. They both better watch out as the Chinese are ready to steal their thunder with their flagship killer mentality and lower prices

    • Adam Koueider

      “Apple originally sought an absurd $2.2 billion for Samsung’s “patent infringements.” Luckily the jury decided that these claims were grossly exaggerated.”

      You’re welcome. :)

  • IDontKnowMyName

    I grabbed my popcorn and drink while reading this. I wish there was a video :P

  • Jermaine Smit

    Honestly Samsung could never win this. It is very clear there is a preference to Apple in America. This was shown when Apple lost a case and some phones could not be sold. But what happend? The president said no we will cancel that. It has to mutch effect. However he did not do this to Samsung… sad…

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Slide to unlock… Really??

    • Leonardo Souza

      Yeah…. Apple created the life… the universe and everything…. pffff

    • flamencoguy

      I know. Pretty lame.patent and technology. Neonode was actually first to patent this. There is already a physical world device called a latch that was being emulated.

  • Anonymousfella

    The lawyers representing these companies are the real winners

  • Bone

    TOLD U SO! The billion dollar demand was always going to fail by Apple, and they played this all absolutely horribly, cause now Samsung looks to be the moral winner as they cut demands down to 5%, so Apple’s lawsuit looks 95% bullsh*t.

    Furthermore, this lawsuit created billions and billions of dollars of free advertisement for Samsung, at certain points all TV channels and news sites all over the world were filled with Samsung this, Galaxy that, images of their products and list of what they can do. No wonder S3 sales hit all-time high around the $1B verdict, and when last year courtroom drama was largely absent, S4 sales weren’t as high. Look at this year: round no2 with Google joining the parties, and the S5 is an absolute winner.

    At some point ppl. criticized Samsung for not taking the lawsuit seriously, but I guess they always knew the Google’s testimony will dismiss most of the damage claims, so they spend the past 2 years mocking Apple to the point of their lawyers crying about it in court. :D

    Let this be a lesson to patent trolls that just because you claim your device is the first to combine touchscreen with icon rows doesn’t mean you invented touchscreen or icon rows, which of course Apple didn’t. SuperAMOLED is technology innovation, Retina Display is just the same things rearranged more tight – by Samsung engineers. :)

  • kcocymkcus

    what did they expect from a US trial they are always biased towards US corporations , if the trial was held in South Korea it would have been the opposite way around

    • Guest123

      sadly, Samsung even lost to apple in S. Korea recently.

      furthermore, anything by apple being presided over by Lucy Koh doesn’t smell right — look up her history.

      • kcocymkcus

        i agree some serious back room deals going on

  • jake

    And Google will pay for some of the damages for samsung

  • Don Gerrard

    Thank god apple did not invent the TV where would we be now, they would be suing all manufacturers, channel changing, volume up and down and screen resolution infringements, then lets not even head towards cars, anti lock brakes, air bags, traction control yadda yadda yadda.

    • Guest123

      good thing apple really doesn’t invent anything, they just “innovate” on other’s inventions and re-patent them as their own work by adding “on a mobile computing device” etc . . . .

      Now for Mobilemann to rage about this comment. . . let’s here it douche!

      • mobilemann

        well, you’re joking if you didn’t say apple innovated in the late 2000’s, but recently, it’s been all google. Again, you assume i want a fight or something. I use a note 3 kid, and i love it (i can control my house lights on with google now, and just my voice, from standby, through autovoice/tasker/ifttt:D)

        i just don’t needlessly bash people who use specific phones because my fragile ego is attached to mobile platform, that’s all:D

        • Guest123

          Your reading comprehension is zero. No wonder you couldn’t figure out that apple never licensed GUI tech from Xerox.

          Reread and try again.

          • mobilemann

            Wow, you’re a child. I did write that by mistake, and immediately owned up to it. (You’ve since brought it up 3 times) You must be desperate, lol. I’m not your enemy kid. Have fun updating facebook! (Since that’s the most hardcore thing you do with your phone)

          • Guest123

            so you go to personal attacks again? Is that all you do, find comment threads and attack people? How about adding something intelligent and useful?

            Just reread the comment and increase your reading comprehension, kid — you are what? 22? 14? Only a young punk calls everyone kid on the web to hide the fact that they themselves are. . . well, a young punk.

            Here’s a hint, I know your are slow and can’t comprehend so I’ll help.

            innovation != invention

          • Kyle Sundberg

            Mobilemann isn’t disagreeing with you….I’m sorry but reading this conversation including the original post makes you sound retarded. And only a “kid” would reply with answers like this. He clearly isn’t saying his word against yours, and you keep answering like some how he’s offended you…. Maybe you should take a moment and re read

          • Guest123

            He starts by saying “you’re joking if you didn’t say apple innovated in the late 2000’s”

            Maybe you can show me where I said apple does NOT innovate????

            I clearly state, apple does NOT invent.
            And I clearly state apple DOES innovate on others inventions.

            Clearly you both went to the same school for reading, as comprehension isn’t a strong suit for either of you.

            Finally, Mobilemann has been doing this shit for a while, thus the initial poke at him. You can read his comments bashing anyone who says anything about apple, regardless if it is factual or not.

            As for your snide comment, kid. FUCK OFF!

            There, you both have it pointed out to you. I’m sure neither of you can read well enough to get it, but it is there and you can both reread it over and over till you get what stated in my first comment, how that related to the original comment and how Mobilemann tells me I’m joking about something I didn’t say.

            Fuck, I’m sick of stupid retards that fail basic reading comprehension, and then make snide comments as if I said something I never stated!

          • mobilemann

            @kyle_sundberg:disqus @guest123 lol, the emotion response here only shows i was right to target / troll you. The emotional attachment to a single platform is pathetic, and only something done by children. That’s what you don’t get:D fuck apple dude, fuck them and their stupidly small screens in their ass, i don’t care how well they do, i don’t care if they die, I only used one product of theirs. I play devil’s advocate:D

          • mobilemann

            No, I really think you are a child. I’m old, and again I actually use my devices. Oblig have fun on FB. (I only flame for fun kid, god you couldn’t take it more personally; click on my name once in a while.) boring now.

          • Guest123

            I always love how you backtrack yourself. . . you are a bonafide idiot. You get trolled, and think my response to someone else has something to do with you. No, you are just a stupid wannabe know it all that constantly replies to comments saying ignorant shit you read online and then regurgitate it with no facts to back it up — a true fanboy, regardless if it is one platform or many, you are still a true ignorant fanboy regurgitating ignorance. And I fucked with you today because I was bored, and knew full well, because apple was mentioned in the article, you would be here trolling, just as you admitted. . but you say don’t want to fight, etc. . . what a hypocritical douche! Old??? No, being over 20 doesn’t count you as old, son.

            Oh, you have a Note 3 and download NZBssss. . . ah, isn’t that special. Here’s a news flash, No where will you find my comments saying any company is great, or any platform is great, nor me defending any. I bash all of them equally you ignorant hick.

            But now I got shit to do, so thanks for the entertainment, I knew you would be good for some self delusional crap.

          • mobilemann

            Yeah you got shit to do, but time to write a book on your feelings for me. Get trolled harder. I talk about xposed, tasker and ifttt mostly. You’ll get over it, get back to Facebook!

          • mobilemann

            also, (since you double replied about it an hour apart, (that lets me know i get to you, lol, please learn how trolling works) i was specific with my usage of innovate and invention too; you were just to quick to jump on it thinking it was a mistake. Thanks though, this was pretty funny / pathetic

      • Michael Samsara

        It is impossible to understand exactly what Apple is up to until you consider one, which I feel is both a valid as well as totally overlooked fact.

        Apple is not really a technology company. It is a high level, marketing company of services that they design from the ground up to sell to you through the devices they commission others to make to their specifications. They have – some might say with admiration – raised selling the sizzle as opposed to the steak of substance and reality to previously unheard of heights of hype.

        When your business – as crafted so wonderfully craftily by Mr. Jobs – is built upon the perpetuated fantasy that you actually are “the” most revolutionary and people have been blindly accepting your word without question, it is very dangerous to such a house of cards of hype to have them offered arguably finer and better examples of what you consider “your exclusive products” – which you invented solely of course.

        They need to have their names in the news supposedly defending their honor and that of all Appleites, lest people begin to question the great, the powerful Wizard of…

        And seek their solutions from others and thereby damn up their ever flowing river of profits from sales passing through their devices.

        • Guest123

          Totally agree!!! One of apple’s marketing genius gave a talk to some college students and asked them, “what do you think apple sells?” Of course they answered about the products, and he responded, “No, we sell cool.” Pretty much sums it all up.

          After Woz was injured apple was never the same, IMHO — a true genius of an engineer.

  • number29

    Samsung’s reputation really has hit rock bottom and this just cements it. One of the worst companies out there.

    • asfadf

      it seems that with this pyrric “win” for apple it seems that its their reputation that was hit

      • number29

        No, it’s definitely Samsung’s reputation that has been dimished.

        • asfadf

          no it shows that their 2 billion demand was ridiculous and makes them look greedy when they were only awarded 5% of that. read all the opinions about it.

          • Flip Jumpman

            Agreed. To sue for 2.2 billion just makes them look completely foolish and greedy.
            I can’t see how this helps Apple in anyway and only hurts their reputation in the public eye. I’m not a Apple hater or Samsung lover, I don’t favor one over the other personally. I own more Apple products than Samsung but just call it as I see it… I just want/like good products no matter who the manufacturer is.

            Also, the judge Lucy Apple-Koh needs to go! She’s turned this into a circus and definitely has shown a bias towards Apple in previous cases.

          • number29

            Samsung are the ones paying the biggest fine here, it’s their reputation that has been severely tarnished as they’ve been shown to be repeatedly in violation of Apple’s IP. Here’s hoping for an end to Samsung’s reign of lying, cheating and stealing before long.

        • Guest123

          The average person doesn’t know about his stuff or care one iota.

        • SimonC

          Yet even after this verdict the phones keep selling, simply because 95% of the public are blissfully unaware of this.

    • Will S.

      I really don’t see this verdict changing anyones view of Samsung or Apple. People made up their minds about both these companies years ago.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Actually this court punished Google US($120 million) and Apple US($160,000) for stealing.

      Samsung haven’t been stealing here, even if the smart(US)asses put it on Samsung. Only thing about Samsung’s name here is, that Apple steal from Samsung.

  • Bambang Hermanto

    “5,946,647 – Patent that allows links to open other apps. I.e. if you click on an email link in Facebook and it opens the email application.”

    Hadn’t we got this even before tablets and smartphones existed? IE/Firefox/Opera email links open up Outlook Express on Windows? I mean, WTF?!

    • Guest123

      Yes, I believe it’s a patent apple had back on Mac OS. I would have to read the patent again, but I know they were using some patents from way back to sue — they are desperate. Why Samsung didn’t re-patent the same thing and add “on a mobile computing device” like apple does all the time is beyond me.

  • Chirag Jain

    5,946,647 – Patent that allows links to open other apps. I.e. if you click on an email link in Facebook and it opens the email application.
    Android uses Intents, suing Samsung for this? seriously Apple?
    8,046,721 – The slide to unlock patent.
    so what should we do , dig a keyhole on our screens and keep a physical key to unlock?
    i don’t love Samsung, but Samsung alone didn’t copy them,a generic Android device has these both.

    • samsung4ever

      i realy cant see my self using a chines phone will stick with samsung all the way

  • Will S.

    I can’t believe there are even patents for simple stuff like opening a link from one app to another.

    • Guest123

      and that’s the problem with the patent system, especially when it comes to software.

      Software patent shouldn’t even be allowed, they weren’t when MS and apple first got going or they would have been driven out of business by IBM.

  • suprafly

    Another reason why I never will go buy an rotten Apple device. If you can win in the market place just sue the hell out of them to get your profit.

  • TheWay

    Way to much support for crappy Samsung from Android comunity
    Android comunity your forcing people to just love Apple, this my last comment on AA

    F55k nexus..Samsung will fall and Google will follow them mark my words

  • Richard Borkovec

    This is my problem with any and all cases like this: suing over stupid, basically standards essential patents only does one thing: it stifles innovation. If all of these companies didn’t have to worry about being sued for having the simplest thing on their phone, imagine where we’d be now. All of this money and time wasted could have went into R&D, and we’d have those “future” phones people wish we had by now.

  • filaos

    So Samsung pays 120 and Apple 160 000 ?

    Oh sorry, it’s millions vs dollars.
    Seriously, what kind of a title is that ?

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Even if Google(US) pay it instead of Samsung, the stain will on Samsung, not on Google(US). Right?
    This is what Apple(US) want. Not the money. Samsung must be punished by the US court, because they smash Apple(US) little by little every day.
    Google(US) is free to go , though.
    Actually from both – Apple and Samsung, the one who was punished for stealing, was Apple US(and Google US, too). NOT SAMSUNG. But the menial media will not stress on that.

  • Milton

    Ok thieves, now you have to pay again, that’s your karma for stealing other’s ideas

    • SimonC

      So explain why Apple is also having to pay?

      • Milton

        They stole other’s ideas too, who cares

  • SimonC

    The result looks bad on paper for Apple. If all they get for their so called patents is $119 million based on the quantity of phones Samsung actually sold in the US then it essentially downgrades Apples patent dollar value to almost junk status. The fact Apple was found to infringe on Samsung held patents also damages Apples argument that Samsung copied them. They may as well enter into a patent sharing deal and just offer each over $1 per handset and be done with. It’s plainly clear from the documents presented that Apple is losing ground because they no longer offer what the majority want right now. Apple is now the one in a time of design crisis simply because it’s sat around getting fat, lazy and greedy.

  • MeanDroid

    And this is the reason why the price of the devices keeps increasing and not much innovation coming out.

    Rotten Apples are just thieves of technology.
    And now stalling innovation with their fony pathents.

  • kcocymkcus

    they just need to get a room together and have babies.

  • Cal Rankin

    Another victory for the “Litigation over Innovation” business model.

  • god, this is so fckn stupid!!

  • JJ

    Bullshit…What happened to Apple losing credit for false claims. American judicial system sucks ass for equality and fair.