Unpacked Episode 2: Samsung to announce the Note 3 on September 4

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 5, 2013

samsung upacked episode 2 2013 note 3 (2)

It’s official: the “next Galaxy”(read, the Note 3) will be formally introduced to the world on September 4 2013. Samsung has just sent out invites for the event, and one of the landed in our inbox. The event will start at 7PM CEST, which is 1PM New York time.

Just like last year, Samsung will hold the Note 3 announcement in Berlin ahead of the IFA 2013 show, which is scheduled to take place on September 6-11.

samsung upacked episode 2 2013 note 3 (1)

According to the invite, the event will be livestreamed for those who can’t attend, while a “live broadcasting event and first hands-on experience” will be held in New York’s Times Square. Samsung held a similar livestreaming party in the Times Square when the Galaxy S4 launched back in Spring.

The Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to come with a 5.7-inch AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and a 13MP camera. Check out our entire coverage here.

  • TournaFlyer

    Yep, Verizon lowered the Note II to $199…

  • MasterMuffin

    Troll Samsung, unveils Galaxy Mini 3 :D What time is the stream (in GMT+- something)?

    • deondraee

      lol if only…. muffin man its been a while, ive updated the list and looks like i was right on some of the features i mentioned a month back like android 4.3 as it has now been released ahead of the note 3 and 3gb ram as sammy has just started manufacturing them

      • MasterMuffin

        It looks better :)

  • deondraee

    Note 3 realistic specs
    1) 3 GB RAM (Sammy just started manufacturing these a week ago)
    2) 2.3 GHz snapdragon 800 or Exynos 5420 8core (Note family uses Exynos)
    3) 13MP & 5MP Front facing FHD with Optical Image Stabilisation with 60f/s
    4) Android 4.3
    5) Improved Touchwiz (No lag and to take up less on board storage)
    6) Bluetooth 4.0 & LTE-Advanced
    7) Super AMOLED 1080p with Gorilla glass 3 or resolution higher than 1080p
    8) 5.7 inch screen (5.7 will fit in the note 2’s body) Slimmer bezels, Weigh less
    9) 802.11ac New Wifi standard (Three times faster than “n” / your phone)
    10) Bigger battery up from 3100(note 2) to 3500mAh OR 4100mAh
    11) Better PPi at 386 (S4 has 441 at 5inch and Mega 6.3 has less than 300 with reviews saying the mega screen is no good!)

    Hopeful specs but quite reasonable
    -4K recording MAYBE (snap800 has 4K encoding)
    -5000mAh battery MAYBE

    • TournaFlyer

      I’m hoping for that angled side of display for notification “crawl”. Could explain the different size leaks…5.7 for the flat area, 5.9 including the angled portion. hmmmmmm…

      Two things for sure, the other “phablets” won’t make dent in the Note III’s success and it WILL be my next phone!

      • deondraee

        Good thinking, possibly but the market isnt ready for such tech neither is it ready for the 4k i mentioned. such things have to be released at the right time. its like the current smartwatches out right now… im from the UK and nobody even knows what the hell that is

        • Javon

          And this will help push 4K sales. If they advertise it like they do now, its over.

          • deondraee

            Yes i agree, i think the marketing needs to get better because its not about showing a great phone like the s4 but its about attracting the customers through advertisements…. abit like apple, they have a shit phone (i have an iphone 5) it has dual core and 8MP camera and 1 GB of ram yet it has higher sales than any other OEM because of its marketing

    • vaghoust

      -16 gb flash storage base model for 799 euros
      as much(money) as a surface pro now

    • William Kister

      They would be better off putting the technology in the size of the sensor of the camera or the quality of it. A 16 MP is to much for a camera phone especially if you will be sharing it and storing it(Takes up to much space and data transfer.) If they put a brighter lens that collected light better for low light pictures it would put them way ahead of the game as well. Everything else I will agree with you on. I don’t think it is necessary to have a screen that is better resolution than 1080 either. Running graphics at a higher resolution will drain battery life quicker, it’s not necessary and people won’t be able to discern the difference on a screen that small anyway.

    • V-Phuc

      How much internal storage is available, in your opinion? Don’t want to see half of it eaten away by the bloatware. Hope Samsung learns its lessons!

    • TournaFlyer

      384 gig with their new memory process!

  • dave

    Hope they release it earlier this year, like right after launch!

  • jhed

    maybe this will be my next phone, sorry Moto X can’t even buy youu because your only available in America. Can’t wait for Note 3. Samsung time to kill HTC One Max, Xperia Ultra, Sony Honami and G2 :))

    • cycad007

      Dream on…Sony is getting better and other manufacturers will be coming on board with their on stylus. The phablet market that Samsung created will be commoditized and the Note will lose marketshare in the next few years. Samsung may still have cutting edge tech…their profit margins will lower and they will eventually lose their edge. Count on it! :)

      I don’t see it as a bad thing either….the consumer wins!

  • Peeyush Malik

    May be the unpacked written 3 times indicates that either there will be 3 new products or 3 variants of the note 3

    • deondraee

      Written 3 times youre right…
      black box = Note 3
      Orange box = SmartWatch
      Pink box = a 10th S4 variant… lol i joke but who knows…

      • Altechi

        Their new Note Tablets

  • deondraee

    Angled side screen for notifications like the MOTO X where it lights up parts of the screen for notifications and important info but on the NOTE 3 it would be on the side like Sammy demoed in its prototype. Perhaps where the confusion comes from where 5.7 is the front facing screen size and an additional 0.2 for the side making it a 5.9inch…. MAYBE IF WE ARE LUCKY, I WOULD DEFINITELY BUY ONE!

    This would make the Note 3 stand out from all other Galaxies because lets face it they all look the same which in the future could be the downfall of sammy